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The Joys of Cuckold Creampie Cleanup

Let me share with you the many joys of cuckold creampie cleanup, for both the eager cuck husbands and the women married to them. Read about how intensely arousing it can be to participate in this beautifully kinky ritual between husband and wife.

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Do As You’re Told, Cuckold – A Bisexual Cuckold Story

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Valentine’s Day Cuckold Creampie Cleanup

It’s Valentine’s Day and Steve is waiting for his beautiful wife Jenna to come home. She left the house in a stunning red dress and high heels to meet her bull for an evening of wild, unprotected sex. When she comes home, Steve’s naughty wife has a delicious load inside her for her cuckold hubby to clean up.

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Training for BBC – An Interracial Cuckold Story

This interracial cuckold story begins innocently, with Brooke hiring a personal trainer for in home sessions. She wants to get in shape and her husband is on board with her hiring Terrell, a skilled and exceptionally muscular trainer recommended by a friend.

Things heat up during the first session when Terrell makes it perfectly clear he’s willing to offer an entirely different kind of training that involves rigorous physical activity. Will Brooke succumb to her desires and enjoy her first BBC? Read the story…

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