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You can feel the warmth of her fingers against your balls as your wife holds your locked genitals. It’s a small thing, but it’s a perfect reminder of the predicament you’re in. She’s got someone else’s cock in her mouth and you’re locked in a cage that you won’t be set free from until the other man is finished pleasuring the woman you married.

You’re both on your knees in the bedroom. The sound of her bull’s groans and the wet blowjob your wife is giving fill the room. She seems determined to take every inch of his cock into her mouth as she keeps pushing deeper. You can’t get enough of watching her hair bounce around as her lips stretch around the erection filling her mouth. It’s absolutely perfect.

Her fingers release your locked cock and testicles when your wife’s bull lifts her from the floor. He wants to fuck her and he can’t wait any longer.

You watch as she bends over the bed to be taken from behind. You’ve never enjoyed a standing doggystyle fuck with her, and yet she lets him have her that way whenever he wants. You’ve seen him bend her over the kitchen counter, in the bathroom; even over your desk.

He slides into her with ease and your wife throws her head back and moans. She loves that moment when he fills her. She can’t help it. It makes her moan in joy every time. His cock brings her such intense pleasure.

They move into the bed and he grabs a handful of her hair before pounding his cock into her pussy. You’re still on your knees on the bedroom floor and your cock aches. This is a show unlike any other and you want more.

The harder he fucks your wife’s wet pussy, the louder she gets. She can’t get enough.

“Fuck me harder,” she urges him. “Pound that tight little pussy.” That part is for you. She knows you love hearing her beg for it.

He pounds her harder and faster. He makes your beautiful wife cry out in pleasure. He makes her tits swing with every thrust. He makes her cum, which is something you’ve never done in doggystyle. She closes her eyes and you watch as her whole body trembles from the pure joy of having such a deeply satisfying orgasm.

He stops and slips out of her pussy. Your wife instinctively rolls onto her back. She knows he wants more. She wants it too. One orgasm isn’t enough.

He wordlessly slides into her pussy and again she moans. Again she makes that face of pleasure at being filled with his big cock.

As he starts to fuck her, your wife moans in pleasure. It feels so good to have his big dick inside her. It feels so good to have someone other than you fucking her.

You can see they’re both getting close now. He’s going to cum inside her. She’s going to cum on his cock once more. Your time is almost here, cuckold.

There you go, cuckold. A nice creampie for you to clean up. He enjoyed her pussy. She enjoyed his cock. Now you get to enjoy cleaning another man’s cum from your wife’s pussy.

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