You were the one that brought up your wife being with a black guy. You’d watched interracial porn for years and you always imagined your wife in the place of the pretty white girl getting pounded by a big black cock. Finally, after years of fantasizing about it, you shared your fantasy with your wife.

Nothing much came of it, at least at first. You thought your wife had completely forgotten about your fantasy. You thought she’d decided it wasn’t for her. You were wrong.

You thought you were going out for a night of drinking, dancing, and fun between the two of you. Your wife had other plans though.

It began the moment you brought your drinks to the table she’d commandeered in the club. She took a sip and her gaze drifted away from yours. “He looks delicious, doesn’t he?” she said.

You turned and saw a tall black guy in jeans and a white shirt. “Who?” you said.

“You know who,” your wife replied before taking another long sip of her drink.

“The black guy?” you said.

Your wife smiled. “I remember your little fantasy,” she said. “I’m going to make it reality tonight.”

She threw back the rest of her drink and stood up. You watched her cross the room. You saw her start to dance with the black guy. You saw him smile and put his hands on her waist. You saw him pull her closer. You saw him seemingly take possession of your wife.

You watched them kiss. You watched his strong hand move up the milky white skin of her thigh. You saw his hand move to her lower back. You saw your fantasy come to life before your eyes.

“We’re going home,” your wife said as she walked past you holding the black man’s hand.

You went home. He stripped your wife naked in the living room.

“You really want me to fuck your wife?” he asked.

“Yes,” you replied.

She moaned as his hand grasped her white ass. His fingers moved between her pussy lips. You heard the wetness.

He smiled and looked at you. “Your wife definitely wants me to fuck her. You hear that wetness?”

You nodded. He led your wife to the bedroom and had her lay on the bed.

“Eat her pussy,” he said.

You stripped and dutifully climbed between your wife’s legs to eat her pussy. You did as her new lover instructed. She moaned and ran her fingers through your hair.

“That’s good, honey,” she said. “Get me nice and wet for him.”

Your cock throbbed as your wife indulged in a bit of dirty talk. You felt an overwhelming kind of love for her. You were deeply grateful she was about to make your fantasy come true.

“He’s big, honey. Much bigger than you. I need you to make sure I’m soaking wet before he fucks me.”

You licked faster. You pushed your tongue inside her. You added your saliva to her juices.

“That’s good,” he said.

The black man got in your bed. He was naked. His cock was hard and he was bigger than you. Of course he was.

Your wife immediately wrapped her luscious lips around him. She sucked black cock in your bed. She gave good head to the man that would fuck her. She gave good head to the man she’d just met that evening.

You ran your fingers over her. You touched her breasts. You kissed her lower back. You played with her pussy. You did everything you could to heighten her pleasure as she was on the verge of making your deepest, naughtiest fantasy come to life.

“Do you want me to fuck your wife?” he asked again.

“Yes, please,” you said.

“Get on your back,” he said to your wife.

He moved between her legs. He slid his big black cock into her pussy. They kissed as he bottomed out inside her.

“Oh fuck!” she said. “He’s so fucking big!”

He fucked your wife. He pulled out everything but the head of his big black cock and plunged it back inside her. He did it over and over again. He stretched her pussy. He reached places inside her that your cock had never gone before. He showed her what it felt like to get fucked by someone with a genuinely big cock. He showed her what it felt like to be taken by a black man.

“He’s better!” she cried out. “He’s so much better!”

She seemed completely lost in the pleasure of getting dicked down by a black man. Her fingernails dug into his back. She spread her legs wide. She wanted him to have her body. She wanted him to have all of her.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed.

He kept pounding her through the orgasm. He kept pounding her afterwards. A few minutes later, she came again.

That was just the beginning. He spent the night in your bed. He fucked your wife multiple times. He showed her what it was like to be with a man that possessed a big cock and more than enough energy to relentlessly assault her pussy.

Now you’re truly a cuckold.