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“I know the idea makes you nervous, honey,” your wife says as she runs her soft fingers over your chest.

You’re in bed and she’s trying to convince you to take the next step with her and her bull. She’s right that it makes you nervous. It’s downright scary, but you know she has a way of wearing you down.

“But you don’t have to be nervous or scared. I promise it won’t be bad. It will feel good. Plus, it will make me so happy,” she says. “Horny, too. Feel this.” She takes your hand and guides it between her legs. Your fingers find her wetness. It does arouse you.

She kisses you softly and her fingers encircle your cock and stroke you slowly to an erection. “Please, baby. Tell me you’ll suck cock for me.”

“I…I can’t,” you say. You can’t bring yourself to do it.

She’s undeterred. You sense no frustration in her voice as she says, “I know, baby, I know.” She continues to stroke your cock and soon you’re rock hard.

“Just think about it,” she whispers. “Think about being on your knees in front of my bull. Feel my hand on the back of your head, guiding you to his cock. Feel his throbbing head against your lips. Feel its eagerness to be in your mouth.”

You do as you’re told and picture it. You groan. You can’t help it. She’s an expert at manipulating your desires.

“Think about me being right next to you. Think about my hand around the base of his cock as I guide it to your mouth. Think about me whispering into your ear,” she says.

“Suck his cock for me, cuckold,” she whispers. She wants to put you right there. Your mind comes alive with the fantasy. “That’s it, baby. Suck that big dick for me. Show me how much you love me. Show me that you’re willing to do anything for your wife.”

You can practically feel his cock between your lips. You can nearly taste his precum on your tongue.

“You’re such a good boy,” she whispers before her tongue darts into your ear. It makes you shiver with pleasure. “You’re such a good cocksucker for me. That’s it. Get him nice and hard for your wife’s pussy.”

Again you groan. Now she’s using your precum as lube. She’s stroking your cock and taking you to a fantasy world where you’re an eager cuckold cocksucker.

“It makes me so wet to see your lips around my bull’s dick, baby. It turns me on so much to see that you’re such an eager cocksucker for me. Does it turn you on?” she asks.

She stops stroking you. She wants to hear your answer. You know she’ll keep jerking you off if you just say yes.

“Yes, it turns me on” you say. You need her to keep stroking you.

“We could suck his cock together, you know. You could suck on the thick, throbbing head and I could suck on his balls. We could kiss over the head of his cock. We could both be on your knees worshiping his big dick,” she says while working your cock with her talented fingers. “Would you like that?”

This time she doesn’t stop stroking and you don’t hesitate to answer. You’ve come this far. It’s time to commit.

“Yes, I’d like that,” you say.

“Yeah, you’d like sucking cock with me?” she says.

“Yes, I’d like sucking cock with you,” you answer. Her hand feels so good on your dick. She knows exactly how to drive you crazy with lust.

“You’re going to be such a good cocksucker. I can tell. You have such perfect lips and I know you’re going to do such a good job making my bull feel good,” she says.

You know she’s right. Once you commit to it, you’re going to do a good job. You can’t resist. You have to. You have to please her and him. You can’t let her down.

“Will you suck him clean after he fucks me? If he pulls out and feeds you his cock, will you take it in your eager mouth?” your wife asks.

“Yes, I’ll suck him clean,” you say. You can picture it. You’re on your back in a cuckold 69 and he pulls his slick cock from her pussy and shoves it down your throat. You take it with ease. You take it because that’s what a cuckold does.

“Good boy,” she says. Her grip tightens. She strokes you faster. You’re so close to cumming.

“Will you take his load?” she asks. “If he wants to cum in your cuckold mouth, will you open up and take it? Will you be a good boy and take a cumshot directly from my bull’s cock?”

“Yes!” you cry out. You’ve never been so turned on. She’s broken down your resistance. You can’t resist her. You can’t say no. You want to be a cocksucker for her. You want to suck her bull’s dick, clean her pussy juices off of it, and take loads from him. You want to do it all.

“You’re such a good little slut for me,” she says.

A slut. You’re a slut for her, or at least you’re willing to be. She’s right. You’ll do almost anything. The realization makes you cum. It’s so overwhelmingly arousing that you can’t stop it. You orgasm hard. Your cum sprays onto your stomach. Your wife giggles in pure delight. She knows that you’re that much closer to being the cuckold of her dreams.

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