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Hello, my dear sweet cuckolds. I hope you’re ready to have a little fun. I want you to eat your cum today. I want you to be a good boy for me and swallow your sticky, yummy, naughty load and I’m going to help you do it.

Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to show you lots of sexy creampie pics and talk to you about how yummy eating cum is. I’m going to get you all hot and bothered and then, at the end, you’re going to cum in your hand (or a shot glass, condom, etc) and eat it as quickly as possible. Sound good?

I know you like the way that looks. I’ll bet you love it, in fact. I want you to think about what came before this moment, though. Think about your wife sucking on his stiff dick. Think about her begging him to fuck her. Think about her moaning and cumming on his cock. Think about how he satisfied her in ways you’ve never been able to.

Then think about him cumming inside her. Think about her urging him to fill her with his load. “Give me your cum!” she begs. He groans and injects his seed into her perfect pussy. He fills her with his cum.

“Clean me, cuckold,” she says. You know you’d do it. You wouldn’t hesitate to lick up his hot cum as it drips out of her pussy. You wouldn’t hesitate to push your tongue inside her and fish the rest out of her. You know it’s true, so it can’t be that much worse to eat your own cum for me, right?

Look at how big his cock is, cuckold. Look at how he leaves her pussy lips gaping when he pulls out. Look at the huge load he puts inside her. That’s not even all of it dripping out of her.

You understand why she’d prefer to have him fuck her, right? I mean, how can you look at that and not understand it? You get it, which is why your dick is so hard right now.

You want someone with a big dick like that to fuck your wife. You want him to pound her pussy and cum inside her. You want him to make her scream as she has a huge orgasm.

Then you want her to tell you to clean her messy, cum-filled pussy, right? You want her to demand it. You want her to compel you to get on your knees and suck his load out of her.

It’s not that different from me telling you to eat your own cum, is it? That turns you on, doesn’t it? You want me to make you eat your cum, don’t you?

Can you imagine your cute girlfriend standing over you with another man’s cum dripping from her pussy? Can you imagine it sliding out of her and landing on your face or in your mouth?

Do it for me. Imagine it. Imagine you just watched someone fuck this tight shaved pussy. Imagine you’re on your back as she walks over to you. Do you want her to sit on your face? Do you want her to feed you that big load?

You know there’s so much cum inside her. You know his big cock always plants the load nice and deep. Beg her to sit on your face. Let me hear it. Let me hear you beg her to feed you another man’s load.

Good boy. Now I want you to try something different. Beg me to make you eat your cum. Tell me how badly you want to swallow your sticky seed. Tell me how badly you want to be a cum eating cuckold for me. Good boy!

That’s another man cumming in your wife’s pussy. That turns you on, doesn’t it? You can see his shaft pulsing a little bit as he’s injecting his cream into her cunt. You can see how tight his balls are as he pumps his spunk up into her.

Now imagine you’re right beneath her watching. Imagine that his cum drips right into your mouth when he pulls out. You like that, don’t you? You fucking love it, you nasty little cum slut. Don’t deny it. If you’ve made it this far I think we both know exactly what you are.

It’s time to embrace that. You want to eat cum. You want to swallow spunk. You want to have a hot load of jizz sitting in your stomach. You want to feel like a nasty little cum slut. You want to eat your cum. Say it. Say “I want to eat my cum” out loud.

Of course you’d rather be this girl. You’d rather be underneath your wife’s perfect pussy right after another man pumped his load inside her. You’d rather be a creampie eating cuckold, but right now you don’t have that luxury. Right now you only have your own load to eat and you’re going to do it for me.

Look at her. Imagine you’re her. Imagine someone else’s cum running onto your tongue. Imagine a thick, creamy load like that landing on your tongue. It tastes good, doesn’t it?

It’s time to taste your precum. Let’s get you warmed up for the main event. Lick it off your fingers. Savor the taste. It’s sweet, isn’t it? It’s delicious!

Let’s imagine that’s your cum dripping out of your wife. She just gave you a pity fuck. She let you pump her full of your seed and now she wants you to clean it out of her. She wants you to get between her legs and lick up your load.

You’d do it, wouldn’t you? You’d lick your seed out of your wife’s freshly fucked pussy. You’d definitely do it if that was the only way she’d let you fuck her, right? Of course you would

Eat more of your precum. We’re getting close. You’re going to have to eat your cum soon. You’re going to have to embrace being the cum slut you are. You’re going to have to swallow your spunk for me.

Keep stroking. Get yourself nice and close to orgasm. Get really turned on for me while you imagine being a cum cleaner for your wife. Imagine begging to lick another man’s load out of her. Imagine humiliating yourself by desperately licking someone else’s load from her freshly-fucked cunt.

Will you humiliate yourself for me? Will you do it because it turns me on to know that you’re a cum eater? Will you cum in your hand and eat it because I want you to?

Do it. Do it for me. Cum in your hand and imagine you’re this beautiful creampie eating girl. Cum in your hand and lift it to your mouth. Run your tongue through your puddle of semen. Get a taste for it. See, it’s not so bad?

Now imagine you’re this girl and your hand is your wife’s cum-filled pussy. Hold the side of your hand against your lips. Tilt it and let the cum pour into your mouth. Let it drip onto your eager tongue. Swallow your cum. Eat your cum for me. Be a good little cum eating cuckold.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? You’re such a good little cum slut for me. Next time you’re feeling horny I want you to come back and do it again.

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