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“I brought you something, cuck,” she says while reaching into her purse.

When her hand emerges she’s holding a condom filled with her bull’s cum. You know what’s expected of you. You know your place.

“Do you want to eat his cum, cuck?” she asks.

“Yes, dear,” you say while falling to your knees. That’s where you belong, after all.

You tilt your head backwards and she dips the tip of the condom into your mouth. You suck on it like a good boy. You taste the latex and the remnants of her juices. That condom was inside her. It was wrapped around someone else’s big cock and it was pumping in and out of her pussy. Now you get to taste it. You get to suck it clean.

“You’re such a good little slut for me,” she says.

The cum is no longer warm. It’s been in her purse for a while. It’s room temperature at best. You know it’s not going to taste as good. It’s going to be a little harder to swallow it. You don’t care. You want to be a good boy and eat her bull’s load.

“Are you ready to be a cum slut for me? Are you ready to devour a real man’s cum, cuck?” she asks.

“Yes, dear,” you say.

She deftly unties the condom and you tilt your head back and open your mouth. She places the open end of it in your mouth and turns it upside down. You watch as his cum slowly moves towards your mouth.

“Eat it, slut,” she says as his cum reaches your tongue.

You let the cum slide down your tongue and into your throat. You swallow quickly and take it into your stomach. Your cock throbs. You love when your wife feeds you another man’s cum. You love that she gives you this privilege.

When you’ve swallowed all of her bull’s cum, your wife smiles. “Are you ready to orgasm, cuck?” she asks.

“Yes, dear,” you say.

She lifts her skirt, pulls aside her panties, and says, “Worship my pussy while you play with your dicklet.”

You press your lips against her cunt and lick her feverishly while you masturbate. You taste the latex again. You taste her juices. You taste his sweat.

Your orgasm arrives quickly. You cum in your hand, just as she’s trained you.

“Clean up your mess,” your wife says.

You lift your hand to your mouth and swallow your load. You always clean up your mess.

“You’re such a good slut,” she says with a smile before kissing your forehead.

She’s trained you well.

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