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Her bull has never met you, but he knows you’re a cuckold. He knows you’re the kind of man that wants to hear about his wife’s extramarital dalliances. He knows you want to be taunted, teased, and humiliated. He knows you want to see what a naughty slut your wife is being for him. That’s why he sent you this.

Hey cuck. I thought you might like to see a picture of your beautiful wife sucking my big cock. You’re already getting stiff, aren’t you? You’re not the kind of husband that feels rage at seeing something like this. You’re the kind of husband that pulls out his dick and masturbates when he sees his wife eagerly sucking on someone else’s big dick.

You know what I love about your wife, cuckold? I love that she’s such an eager cocksucker. You wouldn’t believe how quickly she gets on her knees when she gets to my place. She just can’t wait to take my big dick into her mouth to get me nice and hard.

I love the excited sounds she makes while her cocksucking lips are around my dick. I love how she plays with her pussy because she’s so turned on to finally have a real man’s dick in her mouth.

She told me she doesn’t suck your dick anymore. Why would she, right? If you’re not capable of giving her even the littlest bit of pleasure with your dick, why would she take you into her mouth?

It’s not just about getting me hard, either. Sometimes your beautiful cheating wife loves to get on her knees and worship my cock until I feed her a hot load.

I’ll be that turns you on, doesn’t it? You like the idea of your wife swallowing my cum. Every cuckold husband does. They love that their wives are so eager to please another man that they’ll swallow his cum.

She does love to fuck, though. Damn does your wife love to fuck. I’m sure she’s not crazy about fucking your cock, of course, but when she comes to see me your beautiful wife can’t get enough of my dick.

Just look at that. When was the last time you enjoyed that view? When was the last time your wife straddled you, grabbed your cock, and took it into her wet cunt?

That moment is always so perfect, cuckold. That moment when she sinks down onto my dick and her wet, slippery, steamy pussy takes everything I have is just perfect.

She loves it even more than I do. Every time we fuck it’s like she remembers what it’s like to have a real man fill her pussy, instead of your worthless little dick that can’t come close to offering her any semblance of pleasure.

I’ll bet you’ve noticed the lack of a condom in these pics. That’s right, cuckold, your wife doesn’t make me glove up. She wants to feel my bare cock inside her. She says it’s better. She says it feels naughty to cheat on you without protection.

She lets me cum inside her, too. In fact, she begs for it. It really seems to turn her on to take my load in her cheating pussy. I know you’re stiff right now just thinking about it. I know it, cuckold. There’s no point in denying it. You fucking love that your wife lets me cum inside her.

It’s never hard to get her talking about how much she loves my dick and how much she prefers it over yours. I love to ask her about you.

“Does your husband fuck you like this?” I ask.

“No, never. His dick isn’t big enough to fuck me like this. He can’t fuck me like you do,” she says back.

You know what’s craziest? I can tell it turns her on. It drives your wife absolutely crazy to talk about how small your dick is and how much better I fuck her. I think you’d really enjoy watching. You probably think so too, don’t you?

Did you know that your wife cums multiple times when I fuck her? Did you know that she was multi-orgasmic? You probably didn’t even know that she could cum once, at least if what she says is true.

When was the last time she fucked you, cuckold? When was the last time your wife spread her legs and let you crawl between them? When was the last time she took pity on her little dicked husband and said you could put your pecker inside her?

I’ll bet it’s been a while. I’ll bet I’ve fucked your wife more recently than you have. That’s kind of pathetic, isn’t it? Or does that turn you on? Is your dick hard right now thinking about it?

How about that one, cuckold? Does your beautiful wife eat your ass? Does she run her tongue all over your asshole, then suck on your balls, then give you head, then climb on top and take you into her shaved pussy?

I’ll bet she doesn’t. You know why she does that for me? It’s because I make her cum. It’s because I blow her mind when I put my cock inside her. It’s because I make her scream with pleasure and then she cums again and again. When you make a woman feel like that, she’s willing to do almost anything for you.

Case in point. I know for a fact your wife has never let you have her ass. It didn’t take long for me to get up there, though. Again, it’s amazing the things a woman will let you do when you’re giving her mind-bending orgasms.

You like that way that looks, don’t you? Admit it, you love that your wife bends over and lets me fuck her in the ass. You like that she begs me for it. She does, cuckold. She begs me to take her ass. She begs me to fuck her tight, married asshole with my big cock.

She begs me for this, too. She begs me to cum in her pussy. Think about that. Your wife begs another man to cum inside her. Now I know you’re rock hard, cuckold. I know you’re jerking off.

Why don’t you wait a little. You see, your wife is on her way home. She’ll probably be there in a few minutes. I want you to go down on her when she gets there. Insist on it.

I want you to taste my cum in her pussy, cuckold. I want you to go down on your beautiful wife and lick my seed out of her. Will you do that for me?

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