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It’s more than submission. It’s complete surrender. It’s giving yourself over to me for my pleasure. It’s subsuming your desires in favor of mine. It’s understanding that I’m going to make you do things most men would never consider. There will be plenty of pleasure for you, of course. Would you like to know what being my cuckold slave would be like?

You’ll live in chastity. There will be no release. If you orgasm, it will be because you’ve got my strapon in your ass, a vibrator against your clit, or a man’s cock buried in your ass. You’re a cuckold slave, which means you have no right to an erection, let alone an orgasm.

You will worship my pussy without a thought to your own pleasure. You will go down on my whenever and wherever I desire it. You will stay between my legs for as long as I desire. You will find pleasure in this, even knowing that there will be no release from your cage.

If you’re oral skills are lacking, you will improve them or suffer punishments. If they don’t get better, you will no longer be my cuckold slave.

Ass worship will become a significant part of your life. You’ll spend a great deal of time with your face between my cheeks, showing me that you know your place. You’ll lick my asshole. You’ll massage it with your tongue. You’ll push your tongue inside and taste my ass. You’ll beg me for the privilege of licking my pretty brown hole.

You’ll worship my feet. You’ll suck my toes whenever I tell you. You’ll suck on them when they’re sweaty from a long run. You’ll suck on them when they’re filthy because I’ve been walking around barefoot. You’ll use your talented sub tongue to clean them up because that’s what slaves do when their mistress demands it.

You’ll accept my fluids. I’ll spit in your mouth regularly. I’ll spit on your face. I’ll spit on your locked up cock. You’ll submit to it all and enjoy the simple humiliation of your mistress treating you like a receptacle for her bodily fluids.

You’ll open wide and drink my piss when I demand it. You’ll get on your back and beg me for it. You’ll beg for the privilege of drinking my nectar. You’ll relish the opportunity to drink my waste. You’ll enjoy it when I piss on your body and make you wear it all day long. You’ll enjoy the way it smells coming off of you. You’ll soak your underwear in my piss and then put them on and wear them all day long.

You’ll be my toilet when I want it, and you’ll be my toilet paper when I prefer that. You’ll lick my pussy clean after I’ve urinated. You’ll thank me for the privilege of doing so.

You’ll find bulls for me. You’ll spend hours looking at pictures of big cocks and interviewing guys. You’ll make sure that they’re safe, sane, skilled, and willing to fuck your mistress the way she requires. You’ll make sure they have big cocks that dwarf your tiny, locked up dick. You’ll relish the chance to find someone that can fuck me better than you ever could.

You’ll be a good fluffer for me. You’ll eagerly get on your knees and suck my bull’s big cocks. You’ll offer them your mouths and you’ll make sure they’re stiff. You’ll let them fuck your face. You’ll gag on their big dicks if that’s what they want.

You’ll bask in the beautiful humiliation of sucking dick because your mistress demands it. You’ll thank my bulls for the chance to worship their cocks and then you’ll step aside.

You’ll watch as I get fucked by a superior cock. You’ll watch as I enjoy a real man’s big dick inside me. You’ll feel your worthless little cock strain against its cage as someone else pounds my tight pussy. You’ll listen to me moan and see me cum with someone else’s big dick fucking me.

You’ll learn to accept your place as a cuckold. You will never fuck me. You will never be given the chance. You will never come close to fucking me. You will watch.

You will clean his cum out of my pussy. You will do so without complaint. You will devour another man’s seed because that’s what a cuckold does. You will be a good little bitch and lick it all up because that’s your place.

You will consume his cum in countless other ways, as well. He will cum in your mouth and you will swallow it. You will lick his cum off my body. You will share cum kisses with me if I decide to suck my bull to completion.

You will be feminized at my discretion. If I want to dress you in a pair of pretty pink stockings, I will do so and you will not complain. You are a cuckold slave. You have no gender and you have no sexuality. You are simply a slave. You are my property and you will do as you’re told.

If I want you to wear a pair of pretty pink panties over a pretty pink chastity device before going to work, that’s what you’ll do.

You will fluff his cock while feminized. You will watch him fuck me while dressed up as a pretty girl. We will both verbally humiliate you for being such a pathetic cuckold slave. You will accept the humiliation because you know it’s all true.

You will take my strapon cock in your ass. You will submit to regular doggystyle fucking from your mistress. I will take your manhood with my cock. I will turn your ass into my personal pussy. I will use you hard and fast. I will make you beg for it. I will make you moan as I savage your tight little asshole, and then I will do it all over again.

You will beg me to fuck you. You will bend over, spread your ass cheeks, and beg your mistress to use your ass pussy. You will tell me how badly you miss having my cock in your ass. You will tell me what a good little cock slut you want to be for me.

You will submit to bisexual anal penetration. I will find a man with a nice big cock to fuck your tight ass. Your locked cock will bounce and drip precum as he pounds you. You will submit to it. Remember, I own your sexuality. I will do anything I want with you, slave.

There’s more, of course. There are so many ways for a mistress to use her slave, and I will explore them all with you.

So, will you be my cuckold slave?

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