“On your stomach,” she says while pulling on the harness with a long, lifelike strapon dildo attached. You look at the cock now protruding from her pelvis. You know what’s going to happen. You’re about to get fucked.

You lie on your stomach like you’ve been ordered. You hear her pop the top of the bottle of lube. She squirts it onto her cock. You look back to see her stroking it and soon the shaft is glistening.

She squirts more lube onto her fingers and you feel them gently press against your asshole. “Relax, baby,” she says softly. You try your best to relax, and soon enough your ass opens up and two fingers slip inside.

“There you go,” she says. “Just relax and let me do this.”

Her fingers feel better than you thought they would. It’s the in and out sensation that you like. She’s gentle and sensual and you kind of like it.

“Are you ready?” she asks.

“Yes,” you reply.

You feel her body on top of yours. The soft material of her lingerie is intoxicating as it rubs against your bare skin.

The head of her cock rubs against your lubed up asshole. “Open up for me, baby,” she whispers before kissing your neck.

She pushes forward and the head of your wife’s cock slides into your ass. You groan. It hurts a little, but not nearly as bad as you thought.

“That’s it, baby. Take it for me. Take my cock,” she whispers as the weight of her body presses down on you.

She begins to thrust deeper. She’s taking your ass. She’s making love to you.

You like it. You’re not sure why, but you like it.

It’s so much more than being anally penetrated. It’s feeling her body on top of yours. It’s feeling her lingerie and stockings against your skin. It’s feeling her breath on your neck as she exerts herself to make love to your ass. It’s her moans of pleasure. It’s everything.

“That feels so good,” you say.

“Good boy,” she whispers. She starts to fuck you a little faster. She wants you to feel the pleasure of her strapon hitting your prostate. She wants you to experience the bliss of being taken.

You want her to spend as much time as she needs back there. You want her to fuck you for as long as she desires. You never want it to stop.