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What am I doing? You know what I’m doing, baby. I’m getting ready for my date.

I know that most married women don’t date, but I’m not like most married women.

You know I’m not, baby. You know I need more than most women, married or not. You know that you’re not quite up to providing me with what I need. You’ve always known that.

What’s changed? I’ve changed. I need more than you can offer me, so I’m going to cuckold you.

I know it’s a scary word, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a good word. It can be something for you to be proud of. It can be something that arouses you in ways you never imagined possible.

How? Honey, I think we both know that you’re a little naughtier than you like to admit. It’s cute that you’re trying to get all upset about this, but I think we both know you’d be lying if you tried to claim that you’re not at least a little bit aroused at the idea of me going on a date with another man tonight.

Really? It doesn’t arouse you at all? Not even a little bit?

So you’re saying the idea of another man flirting with me at a bar doesn’t turn you on a little? No?

What if he did a little more than flirt with me? What if he ran his fingers over my knee and up my thigh? What if I spread my legs just a little bit for him and allowed him between them? What if I moaned as he rubbed my pussy through my panties?

No? That still doesn’t do it for you?

What if I let him kiss me? What if I let his tongue into my mouth? What if I was a naughty girl and I sucked on his tongue? What if I moaned for him as he kissed me?

No? Still nothing?

What if I left the bar with him and we went to his car? What if I kissed him again? What if I let him slip his hand into my dress to play with my tits? Would that turn you on?

You can deny it all you want, honey, but your cock is telling the truth. Do you think I can’t see that? Did you think you were hiding it from me somehow?

You’re so cute, you know that? Did you really think you could hide your naughty desires from me? I know you, honey. I know that you’re a cuckold at heart. I know that you’re excited about me seeing another man tonight.

You can say it. I promise, you’ll feel better if you do. No, you still don’t want to admit it?

Well, I know you love my breasts, baby. Do you think he’s going to love them too? Do you think he’s going to love sucking on your wife’s breasts and playing with my nipples?

Can you hear me moaning for him? Can you hear those lusty moans I’m making as he plays with my perky tits?

What about my pussy? I’m already wet, and I’m only going to get more excited when I’m with my date. I’m going to get so wet when he kisses me and plays with my tits. I’m going to get so wet when he fingers me.

What’s the matter, baby? Cat got your tongue?

Or have you just given up on pretending? You don’t need to pretend with me, baby. You can admit your desire to be a cuckold. You can admit that you’re thinking about me being a naughty wife with another man.

You can admit that you’re thinking about his cock inside me. You are, aren’t you?

I know I am. Does that turn you on?

It does, I can see it. It turns you on that I’m thinking about another man’s cock inside me. I’m thinking about sucking his big cock, baby. I’m thinking about sucking his big cock and it’s making my pussy all wet.

I’m thinking about fucking him, too. I’m going to, baby. I’m going to fuck him tonight.

I can see your cock growing. You can take it out, you know. You can stroke while you think about him fucking me.

This is happening, honey, and we both know you’re into it. There’s no point in denying it. You want me to cuckold you. Your cock is as stiff as I’ve ever seen it.

If you want, you can wait up for me. I’ll let you lick my pussy. Would you like that? Would you like to lick your wife’s pussy after another man’s given her a good pounding? I’ll bet you would. I’ll see you later, honey!

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