A Cuckold Christmas – Part 1

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Shawn arrived home from work at 5:30 exactly, just as he did every Monday thru Friday. He turned off the house alarm, hung his keys on the hook by the door, and headed for the kitchen where he would grab a piece of fruit to stave off his encroaching hunger before going for a thirty minute jog. It was the same work day routine he’d stuck to for the better portion of five years and it always helped him relax from what was inevitably a stressful day on the job.

This day was different though. Sitting in the exact spot where Shawn usually left his briefcase was a red envelope with small, sparkly silver snowflakes on it. It said, “Merry Christmas” in Haley’s handwriting.

Shawn smiled at he picked up the envelope and pulled out a note from his wife. It was handwritten on thick paper and said: “Go to your office. There’s a Christmas surprise waiting for you.” He thought it was a little strange to offer a Christmas surprise on December 14th, but he did as the note suggested, momentarily forgetting about his snack and jog.

With an anticipatory smile on his face Shawn made his way down the hall to the den they’d converted to his office. He saw a red post-it on the computer screen. Haley had left another note, this time in sparkly silver ink: “Check your email. I sent you something I think you’re going to like.”

Shawn sat and turned on the computer. He felt genuinely excited. His wife had unlocked a sense of youthful Christmas delight. He couldn’t even fathom what sort of surprise she might have cooked up that could be discovered via his email.

Shawn opened his Gmail account and saw an email from Haley. The subject line read: “A Christmas surprise.” He clicked the email and saw just one line of linked text. It read: “Click here for a truly unexpected (and hopefully delightful) surprise.” Underneath it was a second, unlinked line that read: “Password: Christmas”

As he clicked the link, Shawn felt a rush of nerves. He had no idea what was waiting for him, which is why he was genuinely shocked when the link took him to a password-protected xHamster video. Shawn entered the password and clicked the play button.

Haley stood in front of the camera in a sheer red baby doll, a red thong, and red fishnet stockings. She was in their bedroom. Shawn couldn’t believe his eyes. His wife had always been a little wild in bed, but she’d never done this kind of thing before.

“Hey honey!” Haley said to the camera. “I wanted to do something really special for you this Christmas and I came up with something I think you’re really going to like.” Haley sat on the edge of the bed as she spoke and spread her legs. She pulled the baby doll up over her red panties, revealing a wet spot in the fabric that pressed against her crotch.

Haley pushed a hand into her panties and rubbed her clit as she continued. “I’m sorry if this comes as a surprise, but I know about your fantasy,” she said.

Shawn experienced a moment of panic. He knew what Haley was talking about. He harbored only one fantasy that he hadn’t told her about.

“I know you want to be my cuckold. I’ve known for a long time. You’re not as good about covering your tracks as you think you are,” she said with a big smile on her face.

Shawn relaxed. Some wives would have been angry at discovering a dirty little secret like that. Haley seemed to be hugely turned on, judging by the wet spot in her underwear and the way she was masturbating.

“I’m not angry, in case you’re wondering,” Haley said as she continued to masturbate. “Though I bet you guessed that already.” She smiled at the camera. “The only reason I didn’t say anything earlier is that I wanted to surprise you. I was trying to think of a good way to do it. I’m pretty sure you’re going to like what I came up with.”

Haley pulled her hand out of her panties and walked closer to the camera. She leaned forward, showing off her C cup breasts in the red baby doll.

“I call it the 12 Day of Cuckold Christmas. What do you think? Not bad, right? Today is December 14th and every day from now until the 25th you’re going to enjoy a naughty cuckold surprise of some kind.”

Shawn could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he watched his lingerie-clad wife explain the Christmas gift she’d come up with for him. He couldn’t believe his ears.

“So, I have to confess something before we get started,” Haley said as she climbed into the bed. She laid on her side with her legs spread, giving Shawn a beautiful view of her body. “You’re already a cuckold. You’ve been one for a month.”

Shawn’s cock stiffened at her confession. Most men would have been enraged, but he wasn’t. He couldn’t be. His wife had just told him she’d already made his fantasy come true. To be angry would have been foolish.

“I decided in early November that I was going to cuckold you for your Christmas gift. I hope you don’t mind that I got started before telling you,” she said with a naughty smile. “To be honest, I wanted to make sure I had enough time to find someone worthy. Once I found him I couldn’t wait. Plus, I think you’ll see that it’s going to be hotter for you this way.”

Again Haley pushed a hand into her panties and began to play with her pussy. “Your first gift, my sweet cuckold husband, is to watch me get fucked right here in our bedroom.”

Shawn was stunned. Was his wife really going to star in a sex tape made just for him?

“If you haven’t already, I want you to take your cock out, Shawn. I want you to masturbate while you watch me fuck another man in our bed. You can cum, but only when I give you permission. If you feel yourself getting close, you need to stop masturbating and wait. I don’t want you cumming until he and I are finished,” Haley said before stepping out of the room for a few moments.

When she returned there was a tall, handsome, muscular man wearing only a pair of briefs behind her. “Shawn, this is Drew. This is the man that’s been fucking your wife for a month now. This is the man that’s been helping me cuckold you. This is also the man that’s given me the most incredible orgasms of my life.”

Haley’s comment caught Shawn off guard, yet it was exactly what he wanted to hear. It was what he’d fantasized about her saying so many times. He got his first taste of the push and pull of being a cuckold and it made his cock stiff.

Shawn watched his wife caress Drew’s cock through his briefs. He watched the bulge grow larger as his Haley kissed another man in their bedroom. He listened to his wife’s moans as Drew’s strong hands moved over her body.

Shawn’s heart pounded harder when Haley fell to her knees in front of Drew and pulled down his briefs. A big cock sprang free. Shawn looked down at his dick, comparing it to the other man’s. There’s no question he was smaller.

Haley, as if anticipating what her husband would do when Drew’s cock appeared, said, “Of course he’s bigger, honey. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right. Plus, that’s what you want, right? You want your wife fucking someone with a much bigger cock than yours, right? You want me experiencing something you can’t offer, right?” Haley smiled into the camera as she stroked Drew’s cock. “He definitely gives me what you can’t, Shawn,” she said.

Shawn watched his wife stroke and lick her lover’s big cock while looking up at him. She wrapped her lips around the thick head and Drew moaned. Shawn knew what her mouth felt like. He knew exactly the kind of sexual pleasure Drew was experiencing in that moment.

He had his first flash of jealousy as he watched Haley give an incredible blowjob to another man. He wondered if she was enjoying it more and if she’d still want to give him blowjobs. It made him stiffer. He moaned as the sensations of pleasure built in his loins.

“Do you want to watch him fuck me, Shawn? Do you want to witness your cuckolding?” Haley asked as Drew’s cock popped out of her mouth. She looked into the camera and said, “Do you want to see this big cock stretch your wife’s pussy?”

Shawn nodded furiously in his office. He stroked his stiff cock and stared at the screen as his wife ran her tongue over Drew’s balls, something she hadn’t done for him in years.

Haley stood and moved to her back in bed. The position of the camera gave Shawn a perfect view of her pussy. Her arousal was obvious as Drew pulled off her panties and revealed the shiny slickness of her labia.

Haley took her bull’s enormously thick cock in her hand and pulled him between her legs. “Fuck me,” she said while guiding him inside her.

With one long, slow thrust Drew filled Haley’s pussy. Shawn had to stop stroking or he would have cum. For years he’d fantasized about being Haley’s cuckold and it was happening in front of him. He felt pure, unadulterated bliss as his lingerie-clad wife had sex with someone else while he watched.

“Oh fuck!” Haley said. “Your cock feels so fucking good inside me. Fill me. Fuck me. Fuck me, Drew,” she urged him.

Shawn was hypnotized by the beauty of his cuckolding. Drew fucked his wife slowly at first, picking up the pace as she opened up around the thickness of his cock. It wasn’t long before he’d found his rhythm and had seemingly taken Haley to a place of perfect sexual pleasure.

Shawn turned up the volume. He wanted his wife’s moans of pleasure to fill the house. He’d never heard her make noises like that when he’d fucked her. She moaned in rhythm to the thrusts of Drew’s big cock. Her hands moved over his back and down to his ass. Her legs closed around him and then spread open. It seemed as though she was completely lost in getting fucked by another man, as if she’d temporarily forgotten about the camera filming a hardcore show for her husband.

“Oh God, I love your cock,” Haley said as she wrapped her legs tightly around Drew. “Give it to me.”

Shawn knew his wife well enough to tell she was close to cumming. He slowly stroked his cock as another man pushed Haley over the edge and into what seemed to be a powerful climax.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She was loud enough that the neighbors could have heard.

Drew pulled out when Haley’s legs finally relaxed after the waves of orgasmic pleasure had spread through her body. She slipped off the bed and brought her bull’s cock towards the camera. It was slick with her juices and there were little bits of white cream it had picked up from inside her.

Haley looked into the camera as she said, “I love this cock, Shawn. As you just saw, it makes me cum harder than you do. It fills me in a way no man ever has.” She stroked Drew as she talked to her husband. “I need this cock, Shawn. I hope you’re enjoying this video because I don’t know if I can give up this cock.”

Shawn watched his wife take Drew’s cock into her mouth and quickly swallow most of it. She sucked vigorously and with lusty determination in her eyes. When his dick slipped from between her lips Haley looked at the camera and said, “Do you want to see him cum in my mouth, Shawn? Do you want me to be a slutty little pornstar for him and open wide so he can feed me his cum?”

Haley took her bull’s cock back into her mouth and wrapped both hands around his shaft. Shawn noted that Drew was big enough that the head of his dick could be in her mouth and she could still fit both hands around him. For a few moments he marveled at the man’s exceptional size.

When Drew groaned Haley held the tip of his cock in her mouth and looked up at him. Shawn could tell another man was cumming on his wife’s tongue. He was astounded at the sight. It was a cuckold dream coming true right in front of him.

When Drew finished he pulled his cock away and Haley once again turned to the camera. She opened her mouth and Shawn saw a thick load of sticky cum. She closed her lips and swallowed it all.

“You can cum now, honey. Let your load loose. Cum while you think about Drew’s big cock pounding my pussy. Cum while you think about him emptying his balls into my mouth. Do you like that I swallowed for him? Can you remember the last time I did that for you? Cum for me, honey,” Haley urged him.

Shawn did as he was told. He stroked his cock furiously and groaned as he unleashed an irresistibly powerful orgasm. His body shook with pleasure as he ejaculated. He caught the cum in a handful of tissues as his wife spoke once again.

“I hope you enjoyed the first day of cuckold Christmas, honey. I’ll be home a little after eight. Can you guess what I’ll be doing until then?” she asked.

Shawn figured she was fucking Drew as he was watching a video of her getting fucked. He couldn’t wait for her to get home.

As she’d promised, Haley arrived home just after eight o’clock. She looked beautiful in a soft white sweater and a pair of tight jeans with high-heeled leather boots. She greeted Shawn with a joyful smile and a long, passionate kiss as her body pressed tightly against his.

Shawn felt a wild sort of passion as he kissed his wife. It was akin to the kind of sexual energy they shared when they first got together. It was irresistible.

Haley’s eyes were wild with desire when Shawn finally released her from his grip. “I guess it’s safe to say you liked your present,” she said.

“Yes,” Shawn said as he ran his hands over his wife’s lithe body.

“I was just with him, you know,” Haley said as she suggestively bit her lower lip.

“I know,” Shawn said.

“Do you want to be a good cuckold and taste my pussy after my bull has been inside me?” she asked.

“God yes,” he replied.

Haley took Shawn’s hand and led him to the bedroom. She pulled him on top of her and offered another eager kiss. “Take my pants off,” she said.

Shawn quickly pulled off her pants and the astoundingly sexy leather boots, leaving only her black lace panties on. He could see they were damp with the evidence of her liaison with Drew.

Haley pulled them aside as Shawn took his place between her legs. Her pussy lips were pink and slippery. There was no doubt she’d been fucked recently.

“Taste him, my sweet cuckold,” Haley said. “Taste Drew’s cum.”

For years Shawn had fantasized about this very thing. He’d masturbated hundreds of times to the idea of tasting another man’s cum in her pussy. He knew most of Drew’s seed had leaked out of her by that point, but his cock throbbed nonetheless.

Shawn licked his wife’s freshly-fucked pussy and lust surged through his body as he tasted a mixture of Drew’s cum and Haley’s familiar juices on his tongue. She moaned and pulled on Shawn’s hair to bring him closer.

“Get used to this, honey. You’re going to be doing it a lot more often. You’re going to be a good cuckold for me, aren’t you?” she said through a loud moan.

Shawn couldn’t answer. He was too busy licking his wife’s slick, messy, delicious pussy to say anything. He was too busy embracing being her cuckold husband. He couldn’t wait to experience what she had prepared for the next 11 days of cuckold Christmas.

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