Extreme Cuckolding Ideas

Cuckolding is a rich sexual lifestyle with all manners of practice, from the simple joys of your wife dating and having sex with another man to the wilder, kinkier explorations of deep, thrilling humiliation. Extreme cuckolding lies on the far end of the lifestyle and should be practiced only by men and women with a great deal of experience and a deep understanding of kink and aftercare (seriously, take great care if you put any of the ideas below into practice).

That being said, if you crave the deeper kind of humiliation only available in the extreme practice of cuckolding and you take great care when indulging in it, you’ll find it can be enormously rewarding, assuming you’re both into it.

Below you’ll find a list of extreme cuckolding ideas that might spur ideas of your own or give you a start to your practice in this part of the lifestyle. They might also make for thrilling masturbation material as you read and let your imagination run wild. I’m happy with however you enjoy the ideas, and please add any ideas of your own in the comments.

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Extreme Cuckolding Ideas:

Permanent/Longterm Chastity – Your cuckold’s cock is worthless to you. He’s completely unable to satisfy you with it. Because of that, there’s very little reason his cock should ever be free of its chastity cage. His erections and orgasms are purely selfish, after all. When your bull gets hard he can use his cock to satisfy you. When your cuck gets hard he can’t use his cock to do anything useful for a woman. For that reason, he should be in permanent chastity.

That’s right. Lock his cock up forever. He’ll need to be released to be cleaned, of course, but that can be done under your supervision so he doesn’t masturbate and cum selfishly. If permanent chastity seems too scary, opt for long term imprisonment. Make him go weeks or even months at a time before you let him out for an erection and perhaps an orgasm. His cock serves no purpose other than to void urine from his body and therefore it’s not worthy of anything other than being locked in a cage.

Spitroasting Your Cuckold – Get yourself a strapon. Make it a good size, but not huge. Get your bull on board with fucking your cuckold. Get him on his hands and knees. One of you fucks his mouth and the other fucks his ass. Do it hard, fast, and deep. If he can’t suck cock particularly well, it doesn’t matter. Make him gag on it.

Be sure to switch positions, too. Start with the strapon up his ass while he blows your bull. Halfway through, switch so your bull is pounding his ass while you use his mouth. Make sure you shower him in humiliating dirty talk, too. Call him a whore. Call him a faggot. Call him a slut. Call him a little bitch. Use him like girls are used in porn videos. Use him like he’s nothing more than a fuck toy for your pleasure. Do it as a means of foreplay. Get each other all worked up humiliating your pathetic cuckold and then have wild sex with your bull while your cuck watches as his asshole and jaw ache.

Throat Fucking – His mouth is a hole. A hole to be used for the pleasure of his superiors. Use it. Use your strapon to fuck his face. Make him take it deep. Make him gag on it. Call him a faggot while you do it. Call him a cocksucker. Make his eyes water. Make him drool. Make him suffer.

Have your bull fuck his throat, too. Make him look up at the man that satisfies your sexual desires and take the cock deep. Make him gag on it. Make him take a good hard dick slap across his face. Make him beg to be throat fucked. Make him humiliate himself while his little dick throbs in its tiny cage. If you want to get really fucking nasty, make your cuckold vomit from the throat fucking.

Plugged, Chastised, and Pantied – Your cuckold is not a real man. Not even close. He’s a little bitch who gets off on watching his wife have sex with real men. Because of that, he should always be chastised, plugged, and pantied when you play with a real man. This should be the case whether your cuckold is invited to watch or made to stay home while you get fucked.

He should be in chastity at all times, so that part should be taken care of. Get him a set of butt plugs and start him small. Work your way up to the bigger ones, though. Make sure he understands that you own his ass even if you’re not in the house. Get him several pairs of feminine panties. The more feminine the better. Their purpose is to reinforce that he’s not a real man. That he’s a pantied cuck. That he’s a little bitch. That a real man fucks you while your cuck prances around the house in his panties, cage, and butt plug.

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This second person cuckold tale (it’s about “you”) begins on Monday and features a story for each day of the week. Immerse yourself in a world of submissive pleasures as you serve your wife’s every need. You’ve already been exceptionally well-trained and now you get to experience the thrills of working hard to make your wife happy.

Spanking – Find excuses to spank your cuckold on nights when you’re with your bull. Even the smallest mistake can be a reason to smack his ass repeatedly. Did he hesitate when you told him to suck your bull’s cock? Then bend him over and beat his ass until he’s begging you to stop.

You can also make the spanking something to do simply because it turns you on. Both you and your bull can deliver the ass beatings, though it’s far more humiliating if your bull does it. You can deepen that suffering by masturbating as you watch the real man in your life spank your cuck’s ass. Make him look into your eyes. Make him count off the strokes as he gets spanked. Make him thank you and your bull for disciplining him. Make him thank your bull with his mouth, either by sucking cock or balls.

Deep Ass WorshipAss worship is a commonplace activity for cucks. If you want it to be extreme, he needs to go deeper. He can’t just kiss and lick your asshole. He needs to probe it. He needs to get inside you. He needs to taste your shithole. He needs to understand just how nasty it is. It needs to be taken to a place where it’s no longer kinky or thrilling, where it’s just gross.

Make him do the same with your bull. Make him put his cuck tongue up your bull’s ass and remind him what a disgusting little ass eating faggot he is while he does it. Hell, spank him while he does it to really reinforce his place.

Making Him Drink Your Piss – Your cuckold can and should be used as a receptacle for your bladder’s waste. It’s most effective if you limit use of him as a urinal to days when you’re going to see your bull. You can assert your dominance and his submission by making him drink your piss while you’re getting ready for your bull. If he can’t manage to drink your piss, at the very least he can be used as your toilet paper by cleaning your pussy after you’ve urinated.

Your bull can do the same thing. He can piss down your cuck’s throat and make him swallow it. He can also make your cuck hold his cock while he pisses into the toilet and then have the cuck lick any droplets from the tip. If he spilled anything on the toilet seat the cuck can be made to lick it up, affirming his place as far beneath the man you’ve chosen to satisfy your sexual desires.

Furniture – Imagine you and your bull are sitting on the couch enjoying a drink, lively conversation, and a bit of sensual kissing. You’re struck by a desire to put your feet up. This is where your cuckold comes in. Order him to get on his hands and knees in front of the couch and keep his back straight. Put your feet up on him. Both of you. Use him as your furniture while he remains on his hands and knees like a good boy.

If your cuckold complains or talks in any way, lean forward and give his pantied ass a hard smack while reminding him that it’s his place to do whatever the fuck he’s told. If he keeps complaining you can punish him with a more painful spanking.

Vicious Verbal Humiliation – There are levels of verbal humiliation. It can be as simple as telling your cuckold that you prefer your bull’s cock or that you want him to admit that you deserve to fuck someone superior to you. That’s not extreme, though. If you want to go extreme, you need to up the ante on the verbal humiliation.

Call him a faggot while he’s sucking your bull’s cock or your strapon. Call him a pathetic little bitch. Call him a whore. Call him a fuck toy. Call him worthless over and over again. Verbalize any frustrations you’ve ever had with him and watch as his sad little cuck dick strains in the tiny cage you’ve confined him in. Watch as the extreme verbal humiliation leads to his pretty panties getting soaked with desire as he drips precum. Then you can humiliate him about how much it turns him on.

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Wearing Hoods – A latex, leather, or spandex hood is delightfully dehumanizing. Find one with just one hole for his mouth – covering his eyes – and you’ve reduced him to nothing more than that hole. Cuff his hands behind his back and you’ve reduced and dehumanized him further. Now he’s just an orifice your fingers, your strapon, or your bull’s cock to enjoy.

Plus, putting him in a hood ensures that he can’t witness his cuckolding. He can’t see you getting fucked, which is what he loves more than anything. Punish him for being so pathetic by making him wear the hood. Use his mouth aggressively and relentlessly and remind him that his fucking mouth hole is the only good thing about him. When you’re not using it, spit in it. Piss in it if you’d like. You can even have your bull cum on the hood and then scoop it up with your fingers and feed it to your cuck.

Cuckold Tattoo on His Ass – Brand your cuckold with a nice tattoo on his ass. The cuck horns are a good option. It’s a perfect reminder of what he is. You could also tattoo him with a “Property of YourName” to make sure that he knows who he belongs to. The tattoo is permanent, and that’s the extreme pleasure of it. Even if you move on from cuckolding him your husband will always be reminded of the time that he was a fucking cuck that got off on his wife taking the dicks of other men for her satisfaction.

Plus, getting a tattoo is rather painful and your cuck will always remember that pain.

Aggressive Anal Sex from Your Bull – This isn’t just your bull fucking your cuck. This is your bull using him. This is your bull fucking your cuck with power and aggression. This is your bull using your cuck’s asshole like it’s just a hole for his pleasure. This is humiliating. This is devastating. This is painful. This is destructive to your cuck’s ego. This is perfect.

Doggystyle is ideal for this. Hair pulling and ass spanking is to be encouraged, as is verbal humiliation. Fish hooking is humiliating as hell, too. It’s best if your cuckold is made to look at you, to stare into your eyes as your bull destroys whatever remains of your cuck’s ego by pounding his ass like he’s nothing more than a faggot fuck toy.

Click here to listen to the full audio.

Make the Cuckold Suck Off a Stranger – This should be someone you or your bull knows that your cuckold hasn’t met. Someone you trust to play along and to be free of disease. Order your cuckold to suck the stranger’s cock and make him cum. Do it while you and your bull watch and verbally humiliate him. You could also fool around with your bull while the blowjob is happening as there’s something powerful about largely ignoring your cuck while he’s being used as a cock and cum receptacle for a man he’s never met.

The location of this blowjob can be extra humiliating. Making him do it in the back of a car while you and your bull drive is a good idea. A movie theater comes with the risk of public exposure and can be thrilling (and terrifying for your cuck).

Make sure the guy face fucks your cuck, too. Make sure he uses his mouth like it’s just a hole for pleasure, like your cuck isn’t even a person. If you want, the guy can give your cuck a facial for even more humiliation.

Disposal of the Cuckold’s Cum – Normally a man’s cum is the essence of life. That’s why it’s such delightful form of extreme play to make it perfectly clear that your cuckold’s cum is trash. Completely and utterly worthless trash.

Make a ritual out of disposing of it. You can jerk him off into a literal trash can or the toilet. You can make him jerk himself off into the trash can or a toilet. You can make him jerk off into a condom and then follow him into the bathroom as he tosses the condom into the trash while you harshly remind him that his cum will never, ever end up inside you, that his cum is genuinely worthless garbage. Make sure to contrast it with your bull’s cum, which deserves to be inside you and eventually inside your cuckold after he cleans your pussy.

Micro Chastity Device – There are chastity devices of all sizes, including some that are so small it seems impossible that a cock could fit in them. A cock can, though. It might need a little training and he might be uncomfortable while he wears it, but it’s absolutely worth working on your cuck’s ability to fit in a tiny cage for some extreme pleasure.

While you’re with your bull, put your cuckold’s dick in a micro chastity device and it will be like he’s got nothing more than a clit. Put him in panties and plug his ass and you’ll effectively have robbed him of even a hint of his manhood while you give your pussy and your mouth to someone that’s actually capable of satisfying you.

Golden Showers – This is different than piss drinking. This is pissing all over your cuckold. This is showering him in your urine – and your bull’s urine – so he has to smell it while you get fucked, so he has to stink of your waste all night long like he’s some fucking gutter pig.

Make sure you piss on him in the shower. Make sure he stays there while the piss dries a little. Make sure he cleans off whatever part of him is going to touch the bed or the carpet (it’s best to do this in a hotel room, honestly) and then invite him to come and join you as a piss soaked little cuck bitch. Make sure he takes a quick shower before you invite him between your legs to clean your pussy after your bull has fucked you.

Long Term Bondage – This is about keeping your cuckold bound for hours. Tie or cuff him to a chair in your bedroom before your bull arrives (do so carefully for your cuck’s safety). Then make him wait in that chair while you have dinner with your bull, while you have after dinner drinks, while you watch a TV show or movie, while you fool around on the couch. Keep him in that chair while you bring your bull into the marital bedroom and have sex with him. You can leave him there after you’ve finished fucking, too. Take a shower with your bull while your cuck is tied up.

If you want you can tie him up in the bed or cuff him to the bed posts. You can fuck on top of him and act like he’s not there. You can sleep on either side of him and leave him bound. Being unable to participate in your evening of pleasure will be painful, as will the bondage, which is just part of the pleasure for you.

Wife Gets Pregnant – There is nothing more extreme than letting your bull get you pregnant. It’s a decision that will forever be a reminder of your cuckold’s inadequacy. It’s a decision that lets your cuckold know that his DNA isn’t worthy of your womb, that another man is far better to seed your pussy and help a life grow inside you.

Chances are good your cuck will be a tremendous father. He’s just not the sperm donor you’d pick if you had your choice, and you do have your choice because you’re a cuckoldress and he’s a cuck and he needs to do whatever the fuck you tell him to do.

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Cuckold in a Cage – You can buy a cage big enough to fit a person. Bondage specialty shops sell them. You can also buy a cage meant for a very large dog. You can set it up in your bedroom. You can put a nice little dog bed in there. Then you can put your cuckold in there while you fuck your bull. You can put him in a fucking cage and make him listen as another man fucks you, as he fucks you in the bed you share with your cuckold.

You can rattle the cage if you like. You can sit on the cage, spread your legs, and let your bull fuck you as he looks down at your cuck and tells him what a pathetic little bitch he is. You can put a water bowl in the cage and make your cuck lick it up at your command. You can have your bull shower your caged cuckold in cum if you like.

Collared and Leashed – This pairs very nice with the cage idea. Put your cuckold in a collar. Attach a leash to that collar. Keep him on his hands and knees and lead him around the house like he’s your little pet. Put him to use, though. Pull on the leash to guide him between your legs. Give the leash to your bull and have him guide your cuck to his cock so he can fluff. Have your bull pull the leash and guide your cuck between his ass cheeks to give a rimjob, perhaps doing so while you’re on your knees giving your bull a blowjob like a good hotwife.

Pair it with the cage idea by leading your cuckold to said cage and guiding him inside. Then unhook the leash, pat him on the head, and call him a good boy before closing the cage. When you let him out again, put the leash on once more and lead him through the house. If you want to go truly extreme with your cuckold, have him drink your piss or your bull’s piss out of a bowl on the ground and call him a good boy while he does it.

Full Feminization – Yes, you have him wear panties with his little chastity device. You can go further, though. You can fully feminize him. Buy him a cute skirt. Buy him a cropped top or a fuzzy, soft pink sweater. Buy him a wig. Make him put on makeup. Fully and completely feminize him. Rob him of any hint of masculinity and make it clear that you’re doing so because he’s not a man.

He’ll look and feel ridiculous, but that’s the point. He’s not supposed to be passable. He’s supposed to look like a pathetic man dressed up like a little bitch. Even better, have your bull fuck him once he’s feminized. Have your bull bend him over and fuck him from behind. That will completely remove any masculinity your cuck might have had left and put him completely in his place.

Shaved Cuckold – Men have hair. Women tend to shave. Should your cuckold have hair? Not if you’re into this extreme idea. Make him shave everything off on the night your bull is coming over. Make him shave his legs, his pubic hair, his ass, his chest, his back. Make him smooth all over.

This works quite nicely when combined with feminizing him, plus when he’s shaved there’s a very good chance that people will notice when he’s out in public. They’ll look. They might stare. They might ask questions. Questions that would be embarrassing for him to answer. That makes shaving him the gift that keeps on giving.

Fuck a One of His Family Members – Perhaps your cuckold husband is competitive with his brothers. Perhaps he grew up jealous of them. Perhaps they’re better looking than he is. Perhaps they’re fitter than he is. Wanna go extreme? Fuck one of his brothers. Fuck the one you know will pound you good. Fuck one of your cuck’s brothers and then tell him how much better it was. Tell him over and over and over again. Make every single family event massively awkward for your cuckold.

If he doesn’t have brothers, you could fuck a cousin. You could fuck a brother-in-law, too. If you’re truly wild and extreme you could fuck his father, but that will probably destroy your marriage, so be careful with that one.

Licking the Gusset of Your Soaked Panties – Your bull turns you on, and when you get turned on your pussy gets wet, and when your pussy gets wet your panties get wet, especially if your bull has a habit of rubbing them to turn you on. That provides you with a lovely opportunity to hand your panties to your cuckold and make him lick the gusset clean while you’re getting fucked by a superior man. This is so much hotter if your pussy happens to gush that thick, creamy white stuff that sometimes comes out of some women when they’re really turned on.

You can also make your cuckold do this after you’ve fucked your bull and leaked his cum into your panties. Pull them off the moment you get home, push your cuckold to his knees, and make him lick your underwear clean while you tell him that his cock couldn’t satisfy any woman and that he’ll never, ever fuck you again because he’s such a worthless little bitch. I mean, you’re being extreme, right? Afterwards, make your cuck wear the panties he just licked clean.

Sucking on Your Bull’s Toes – Your cuckold does not want to suck on your bull’s toes. He’ll find it disgusting and humiliating. Which is precisely why you should make him. Have him do it while you and your bull are relaxing on the couch or fooling around a little. Pair it with him having to give your bull a foot massage.

You can make it even naughtier by having him suck on your bull’s toes while you’re getting fucked. That will put your cuck in his place, especially if those toes are a little bit dirty.

Pussy Free Cuckold – No more pussy for your cuckold. Ever. He’s pussy free from now on. He doesn’t get to fuck you because his dick isn’t worthy of your pussy. You’ve found someone better. Someone far better. Someone that can actually satisfy you and now your cuckold is going to have to get used to going without sex for the rest of his fucking life.

Hammer it home by letting him fuck you one last time. The entire time he’s inside you, remind him that it will be his last time, that he will never, ever get to fuck you again, that he will never get to experience pussy – which every straight man craves – ever again. Do it after he’s gone without an orgasm for a few weeks. He’ll cum so quickly and he’ll feel both pleasure and complete and utter agony at knowing that he just fucked a woman for the last time.

The Cuck Fucks a Toy While You Get Fucked – Give your cuckold a nice, long, thick dildo and some lube. Make sure his ass is cleaned out and empty of the butt plug. Then, make him fuck himself in whatever position you’re getting fucked in. Make him do it at the same rhythm your bull is using. Make him do it with the same strength. Make him watch you as he fucks himself. Make him pound himself like the fuck toy that he is.

You can surprise him by having your bull give him a quick pounding after he’s loosened himself up with the toy. That will deepen his humiliation and then you can go back to getting fucked by the cock you love while your cuck goes back to pounding himself.

Make Your Cuck Wear Your Wet Panties on His Face – Your panties can be worn on your cuck’s face with relative ease. The gusset can fit right over his mouth and nose, which is precisely where it should go after you’ve peeled them off. Make sure they’re nice and wet and make sure he keeps them on while you get fucked by your bull. With any luck, his nose will be filled with the scent of your cunt while he watches and listens to you getting fucked by a real man while he’s on his knees wearing a cage, panties, a butt plug, and a pair of your soaked underwear on his face.

I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface where extreme cuckolding ideas are concerned. If you have more, please share them below. I’d love to read your naughty notions about how to take cuckolding to its furthest limits.

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