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I wrote my first cuckold story for an audience of one: My husband. We’d been reading stories to each other (and fooling around afterwards) from a book of Penthouse Letters and I was inspired to try crafting a dirty tale.

As you might imagine, he loved it. His reaction and the thrill I felt writing the story inspired me to continue, which led us all the way to my pursuit of a career writing cuckold stories.

You’ll find some of my work below (and I suspect you’ll enjoy it a great deal).

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There’s plenty of hot content below too, so feel free to browse the site and find what works for you. Enjoy the stories:


A Heavy Dose of Cuckold Degradation

This post was also recorded as an audio file for my Patreon supporters. You’ll find a 2-minute sample below if you want a taste of just how erotic it can be to hear a beautiful woman offer you a heavy dose of cuckold degradation. Become a Patreon supporter to listen to the entire audio file…


A Dutiful Cuckold

Victoria has decided she’s willing to cuckold her husband Matt, but he’s going to have to prove he really wants it. He’ll have to follow her rules to show that he can embrace a cuckold’s duties as she sees them. If he does, she’ll make his fantasy come true. A Dutiful Cuckold is a 6-part,…

Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold

Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold – Part 1

Scarlett is a beautiful cuckoldress with a very particular desire: She wants to see her husband submit to her bisexual desires. She needs it, in fact. In this bi cuckold story, she sets out on a mission to seduce him into opening up his holes for her bull.

In this first part you get to see how eager Andrew is to please his wife, and how once he’s locked in chastity he’ll do just about anything. It’s just the beginning of his training.

A bisexual cuckold story

Do As You’re Told, Cuckold – A Bisexual Cuckold Story

You’re on your knees in front of your beautiful naked wife and her bull. She has her fingers wrapped around his big cock. She’s stroking him as you watch. She wants you to be a good boy for her. She wants you to suck dick like a cuckold should.

Will you be a good boy? Will you suck his cock? You’ll be rewarded if you do as she asks, cuckold. Be her little bisexual cocksucker and she’ll give you exactly what you crave. Read the story…


Valentine’s Day Cuckold Creampie Cleanup

It’s Valentine’s Day and Steve is waiting for his beautiful wife Jenna to come home. She left the house in a stunning red dress and high heels to meet her bull for an evening of wild, unprotected sex. When she comes home, Steve’s naughty wife has a delicious load inside her for her cuckold hubby to clean up.

Jenna lures her naughty, cum-loving husband to the bedroom and teases him before letting Steve clean her messy pussy. Fans of cuckold creampie cleanup, dirty talk, and pussy worship will love this thrilling tale of a wife giving her husband the hottest Valentine’s Day present imaginable. Read the story…


Training for BBC – An Interracial Cuckold Story

This interracial cuckold story begins innocently, with Brooke hiring a personal trainer for in home sessions. She wants to get in shape and her husband is on board with her hiring Terrell, a skilled and exceptionally muscular trainer recommended by a friend.

Things heat up during the first session when Terrell makes it perfectly clear he’s willing to offer an entirely different kind of training that involves rigorous physical activity. Will Brooke succumb to her desires and enjoy her first BBC? Read the story…


The Making of a Cuckold Marriage – Part 1

Do you dream of being married to a naughty, imaginative woman that finds the idea of cuckolding you thrilling? If so, you’ll enjoy this first person cuckold story that details the beginnings of a marriage that’s about to open up to bigger, more interesting sexual adventures.

The first part explores how the idea of cuckolding came up and how a long, thick, dildo opened their eyes to the pleasures of someone else fucking her. I promise, you’ll love it. Read the story…


Size Matters – A Cuckold Story

Olivia and Carter are young, newly married, and madly in love. They’re also inexperienced, and on a New Year’s trip to NYC their marriage changes in a way they never saw coming. It’s the sight of a massive dildo in the window of a sex shop that upends their sheltered life.

Olivia’s never seen a cock that big before and she can’t stop thinking about it. Carter isn’t blessed with that kind of size between his legs, but he finds the idea of his wife enjoying a nice big cock to be oddly arousing. That’s when the cuckold story really gets rolling. Read the story…


A Cuckold Christmas – Part 1

Haley wants to give Shawn the hottest Christmas gift imaginable, so she decides to cuckold him. She’s seen his browser history and watched some of the videos he loves, so she knows he desperately wants to see her fuck someone else.

Read this naughty cuckold story to find out how Haley reveals that she’s been cuckolding her husband. Hopefully you’ll be aroused right along with the lucky husband. This is the first of 12 parts, making it a truly thrilling cuck experience. Read the story…


The Training of a Cuckold Cum Slut

When Mitchell meets the irresistibly dominant Mistress Isabella at a coffee shop he can’t say no to the chance to serve her. He ends up at her roomy loft for a lesson in the pleasures of being a submissive cuckold and an eager cum slut.

Thanks to her skillful domination, Mitchell finds himself eagerly cleaning another man’s cum off Mistress Isabella’s breasts before his first session comes to an end. The story is filled with dirty talk, domination, and cum cleanup play, so if that sounds like your thing, you should read the story…

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