How to Enjoy Being Married to a Submissive Cuckold

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I feel confident in saying that most women do not dream of being married to a submissive cuckold. However, a small percentage of women find themselves in that particular situation, sometimes unwittingly.

In some cases, the man doesn’t know he’s a submissive cuckold until he begins to uncover his desires as he ages. In other cases, the man is simply unwilling to be vulnerable enough to confess to a fantasy that most of society deems too humiliating to give voice to.

Whatever the case, being married to a submissive cuckold doesn’t have to be a curse. In fact, your marriage can be happier than almost any other. The daily joy you can feel will put your friend’s marriages to shame and can last forever provided you’re willing to utilize your husband’s desires to keep things fresh and fun between the two of you.

Thankfully, I can help you with that.

Understanding Your Submissive Cuckold

If you’re with a true sub cuck then you possess a superpower you never knew about. You have the ability to make your husband feel happier and more excited than almost every other man on the planet. I know it sounds outlandish, but it’s true.

You see, a genuine submissive man finds the most intense pleasure in serving you. All you have to do to unlock that pleasure is to offer him the rewards he seeks and to do so at irregular intervals to keep him on his toes.

Those rewards are largely sexual, but that doesn’t mean you need to give lots of handjobs or blowjobs or fuck him constantly. In fact, for a submissive cuckold, sometimes a sexual reward doesn’t involve an orgasm at all. In many cases it involves you having an orgasm while he is denied the pleasure of cumming (some of the time, at least). That sexual reward can also involve you having sex with someone else. Isn’t that incredible? Can you imagine being married to a man who’d find it sexually satisfying if you were to fuck other men while he was denied the pleasure of your pussy?

You’re beginning to see what I mean about you having a superpower, aren’t you? If all you have to do to pleasure your husband – to thrill him beyond words, in fact – is order him to give you a full body massage followed up by a long session of pussy worship – something most men would find burdensome – you really are in possession of a power that few women ever get to wield. It would be a shame not to wield it, wouldn’t it?

He Wants to Feel Submissive

The thing that arouses him – that provides him with an otherworldly sense of satisfaction – is feeling submissive. Unfortunately, I can’t provide an exact roadmap on how to make him feel that sense of submission because it’s different for every guy with this particular kink. However, I will say that it’s usually not that hard to discover what makes him feel that way.

In general, he will feel submissive if you act in a dominant manner, especially in the bedroom. In fact, your dominance should start in the bedroom as you’ll find it much easier to radiate it outwards from there. Essentially, if you dominate him in the bedroom it’s entirely possible it will bring him pleasure to take out the trash for you or do the dishes because doing so will – in his mind – tie back to his acts of sexual submission in the bedroom.

Think about that for a moment. Think about a man feeling a twinge of sexual excitement at the idea of taking out the trash or doing the dishes. What was once a chore shifts into an act of submission and just like that you’re suddenly part of a much happier household.

An Example of Dominating Your Submissive Cuckold in the Bedroom

I can’t guarantee this will work for every submissive cuckold, but I do think it’s a good place to start your experimentation:

Let your husband express his amorous desires in whatever way he does that. Perhaps it’s a kiss on the back of the neck as you’re going through the mail. Perhaps his fingers dance over your thigh as you’re watching House Hunters. Every man has a few moves they go to in an attempt to make their intentions clear. Once your man makes his intentions clear, express your interest in whatever manner you traditionally do so.

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Eventually you’ll end up in the bedroom. You probably have a general routine. You kiss. You undress each other. Maybe you get out your vibrator while he gets out his lube. Whatever the routine, tonight is the night you interrupt it.

First, though, get to the point where you’re both worked up. Where his dick is hard. Where your pussy is wet. Where you’re eager. Then you can try your hand at being a little bit dominant.

Let’s assume that you normally take him inside you at some point. You welcome him between your legs. You guide his cock into your pussy. You moan as he enters you. Tonight you’re going to do it differently.

Let him get between your legs. Let him rub his cock around your pussy. Guide him towards you. Maybe even guide the head inside you. Then say ‘no.’

Take a moment to enjoy the look of shock and confusion. Then inform him that you want to be rubbed. That you want him to concentrate on your pleasure first. If he doesn’t say anything – he might be dumbfounded at your sudden dominant turn – roll over and tell him that you want him to rub your legs and ass (or whatever part of your body you enjoy getting rubbed).

Moan while he’s rubbing you. Pepper in a bit of dirty talk, too. Tell him that your pleasure should be his focus. Tell him that making you feel good is what he should be most interested in. Tell him that it makes your pussy wet when he focuses on your pleasure.

At some point, flip over. Let him rub your thighs. Let him gently rub your breasts. Let him touch the parts of your body that arouse both of you.

What comes next is up to you. What’s important, though, is that you make it very clear that he’s not allowed to cum until after you’ve had your orgasm. You can let him fuck you to a climax, but I think it’s hotter to masturbate. If he can maintain control of himself, you can let him masturbate as he watches you pleasure yourself. Just be sure to remind him – multiple times if you’d like – that he’s not allowed to cum until you cum, that your pleasure comes first.

Once you cum, give him permission to have his orgasm. You can even tell him “cum for me, baby.” If you think he’d like to hear it, you can say something like, “Be a good boy and cum for me.” Some submissive men will love that, others will find it weird, so it’s by no means a surefire way to thrill him (unless of course he loves it, in which case he will love you forever for saying it).

Other Ideas for Domination in the Bedroom

Ultimately, a lot of skillful sexual domination is a matter of shifting the way you think about certain things. Take this simple A and B example:

  1. A) “Honey, would you be willing to give me a foot massage?”
  2. B) “Honey, I’d like a foot massage, and if you do a good job I’ll consider letting you worship my pussy afterwards.”

Ultimately, you’re asking for the same thing and it’s a fairly small difference in how you approach the request for a foot massage. The second version of that request, though, will fill your submissive cuckold with an intense kind of excitement that will make him utterly gleeful about giving you a foot massage. Plus, that version ends with you having an orgasm via your husband’s tongue and you’re under no obligation to provide him with an orgasm in return. As you’ve learned, sometimes that real pleasure for a submissive is in the submissive act, not in the pursuit of an orgasm.

To help spur your imagination with regards to acts of domination in the bedroom, I’ve come up with a list of ideas for you. Try them out or use them as inspiration. You could even show them to your submissive cuckold and see which ones appeal to him, though often the element of surprise is half of what makes submission so exciting.

  • Have him get you off – with his tongue, fingers, or a toy – and then tease his cock a little as you ask him if he’d like to cum. He’ll almost certainly say yes. When he does, tell him that you want a foot massage before he’s allowed to cum. Place your foot in his lap and spread your legs a little so that he has a view of your pussy. While he’s giving a massage, tease him a little. Ask him if he wants your pussy. Ask him if he wants to be inside you, if he wants to feel the pleasure of your wet cunt. Tell him he’ll have to give a great foot massage if he wants to earn that pleasure.
  • Get on top and take him inside you. Ask him if your pussy feels good. Ride him a little. Then, stop and tell him to make you cum with his fingers. Have him rub your clit while he’s inside you. Tell him that your pleasure is what matters, is what he should care about. If you want, use a vibrator as he sits there and watches with his dick buried deep in your pussy. You can make him cum afterwards if you like. I promise, he won’t mind that he didn’t get to fuck you because he loves being dominated.
  • Invite him into the bedroom. Be naked, or perhaps wearing a pair of stockings or sexy leather boots. Spread your legs. Tell him to strip and wait at the foot of the bed. Masturbate while he watches. Tell him he’s not allowed to masturbate, that he needs to keep his hands by his sides and do nothing more than watch. Then, invite him to crawl into bed and between your legs. Let him get closer. Tell him he can kiss your thighs, but that he’s only allowed to watch as you masturbate. Ask him if your pussy looks good, if it turns him on to see it all wet. If you want, let him taste your finger or even the toy you’re masturbating with. Cum while he watches. Again, you choose if he gets to have an orgasm.
  • Get on top and take his cock inside you. Ride him a little. Watch his face. Enjoy the pleasure you’re making him feel. Then, pull your pussy off his cock, drag it over his chest and sit over his face. Tell him that you’re going to sit on his mouth and you want him to make you cum. Tell him he’s not allowed to masturbate, but that he can touch you. Tell him that your pleasure should be his only concern.
  • If he’s done something outside the bedroom that you like – gotten you flowers, taken care of chores without being asked, booked a reservation for a restaurant, a romantic act of some kind – ask him if he’d like the opportunity to worship your body. Make sure you say it like you’re offering a reward. If he craves that opportunity, tell him that you expect an excellent massage, that you expect him to work hard to make you feel good. Tell him that he’ll only get to pleasure your pussy if he works hard at the massage. Watch his eyes light up with desire and delight as you dominate him.
  • Control his masturbation. Get naked with him. Arouse each other. Get worked up until you’re eager to cum. Then, crawl to the opposite end of the bed. Spread your legs and let your cuckold stare at your tits and pussy. Tell him he can masturbate. Tell him how fast he can stroke his cock. Tell him what he’s allowed to look at. Tell him when he has to close his eyes and when he can open them. Do so while you pleasure yourself. Tell him that he’s not allowed to cum until you’ve had your orgasm, that your pleasure is more important than his. Once you cum, give your cuckold permission to have his orgasm.
  • Sit astride his chest or on your knees next to him. Masturbate with a toy. Get wet. Fuck yourself with the toy just a little. Ask him if he likes watching you fuck the toy. Ask him if the toy looks wet with your juices. Then ask him if he wants to taste it. He might hesitate. He might be embarrassed at the idea of wanting to lick or suck on the dildo that was just inside you. Tell him you’d like to see him taste it. Push just a little of it into his mouth and moan while he sucks it clean. Tell him it’s hot. Then, if you’re in the mood, sit on his face until he makes you cum.

Now, most of what I listed above is ideas that would work for me. To really make this work, you need to find what works for you, which is why those ideas are intended mostly to get your imagination going. Ultimately, do what turns you on, what brings you pleasure. You’re providing your husband with the pleasure of submission, but you need to get something out of it or the whole thing will crumble like a house of cards.

Wait, What About the Cuckolding Part of This?

Ah, yes. Up to now I’ve really only been talking about the submissive part of your husband’s sexual makeup. He’s a cuckold, though. Or he wants to be. Chances are he desperately wants to be. Thankfully, that desperate desire can be used to make both of you very happy.

The truth is, in most cases you don’t have to cuckold him to play into the part of his desire. You don’t even have to come close to it, to be honest. You can trigger and nurture that fantasy with just a little bit of dirty talk and then you’re free to take it as far as you desire.

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Let’s extend one of the scenarios above. Your husband has just given you a wonderful full body massage. He’s tended to you from head to toe and you’ve had an orgasm or two. He’s excited. Submissive pleasure is coursing through his body. He wants to cum and you want to reward him with an orgasm.

Think of what’s written below as a little look into your bedroom:

“Stroke your cock for me, baby,” you say.

He takes his dick in his hand and strokes it slowly as he stares at your naked body. You roll towards him, press your body against his, and kiss his neck. He moans softly and you run your fingers over his chest and stomach as you listen to the sound of his hand moving up and down his slick, stiff shaft.

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“I want you think about me in bed with another man,” you say.

If it’s the first time you’ve said something like that, expect to see excitement on his face. There’s a chance he might even cum from the mere suggestion. If not, carry on with your sensual dirty talk.

“You’re sitting next to the bed and watching. You’re not allowed to touch yourself, though. You just have to watch another man pleasure me while your dick remains untouched,” you say between soft kisses on his neck.

He groans. He maybe even cums. If he doesn’t, he’s close. He’s hugely aroused. He’s excited. Maybe more than he’s ever been.

“Another man’s cock is inside me, baby. He’s fucking me so hard and so deep. He’s making me moan. He’s making me feel so good and you just have to sit there and watch. You can’t touch yourself because my pleasure is what matters. My pleasure is all that matters. You just have to watch this gorgeous man fuck your wife while your stiff dick drips precum.”

He’s probably already cum. If not, you can finish him off with a few choice words.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum for me while you think about him fucking me. Cum for me while you think about his big dick so deep inside my pussy, so deep inside your wife’s tight, wet cunt.”

That’ll get him off. That’ll make him cum so hard his head will spin. Plus, your willingness to indulge in his cuckold fantasy will fill him with a deep sense of gratitude. You’ll likely notice him feeling happier over the next few days as he experiences the kind of sexual satisfaction that is truly rare.

You don’t have to indulge in the cuckold part of his submissive fantasy, but it pays dividends if you manage it correctly. If he’s pushy and annoying and always begging for it then I wouldn’t necessarily do it, but if he’s a good submissive – if he cares about your pleasure and happiness above all else – chances are good that playing into his fantasy will be a good thing for both of you.

If you’d like to explore his fantasy a little without actually dating or fucking other men, here are a few suggestions for how to do so:

  • Sit naked on opposite ends of the bed from your submissive cuckold. Let him masturbate while you use a toy. This time, though, talk to him about his fantasy. Ask him if he likes watching you fuck yourself with the toy. When he nods, ask him if he’d like it if it was another man’s cock instead of a toy. Remind him that he’s not allowed to cum until you do, despite his arousal. Ask him if he’d like to watch as another man fucked you. Enjoy his intense pleasure as you conjure that imagery.
  • If someone flirts with you while you’re out and about in the world, tell your cuckold about it in the bedroom. Tell him while you’re fooling around. Definitely tell him while you have him in a submissive headspace. Feel free to embellish a little. Tell him the guy was hot. Tell him you got a little turned on when he flirted with you. Tell him that you kind of wish he’d asked for your number. Tell him that you probably would have given him your number. If you want to go a little further, tell him that you could have imagined yourself fucking the guy that flirted with you.
  • Fuck yourself with a toy while your cuckold watches. Refuse to let him masturbate. Make him concentrate on your pleasure as you fuck yourself. Tell him to think about you having sex with someone else and how he wouldn’t be allowed to masturbate if that was happening. If you like, have your cuckold rub your feet or suck on your toes or even crawl closer and pleasure your breasts while you masturbate.
  • After he’s served you in some way – massage, body worship, doing chores – and is in a submissive headspace, arouse him and ask him to share a specific cuckold fantasy with you. With any luck he’ll share something you could see yourself enjoying. Let’s say he’s fantasized about going down on you while you have phone sex with another man. After he shares his fantasy, play with it a little. Maybe say some of what you’d actually say to someone if you were having phone sex. Let your cuckold masturbate while you talk dirty about wanting to fuck someone else. Or, if you want, have him actually go down on you while you engage in that dirty talk and let him masturbate while he’s doing so. Just make sure he doesn’t cum until you do.
  • If you have an especially good sexual memory from your past, ask your cuckold if he’d like to hear it. Tell him about the time your boyfriend fucked you on a hotel balcony, or the time you had really hot sex in a shower, or the time you rode your ex’s big cock to a mind-bending orgasm. Feel free to embellish a little for your cuckold’s benefit. Depending on his state of mind, you could say that you miss getting fucked like that. Be careful, though, as some cuckolds can be quite fragile and might be adversely impacted by a comment like that.
  • If you’re feeling bold, make a Tinder account. Browse through profiles while naked in bed with your husband. Tell him about which guys you think are hot while he masturbates. Ask him which guys he thinks would fuck you best. Indulge in a bit of fantasy and if you’re in the mood, masturbate together as you do so. You could also have your cuckold go down on you while you look at profile pictures. Make sure to emphasize that your pleasure is what matters, for hearing that will always arouse a submissive cuckold.
  • Get a lifelike dildo. After a particularly impressive session of body worship – maybe a lengthy full body massage from your cuckold – get out the toy. Get him good and aroused. In fact, you should both be that way. Then, ask him if he wants to watch you get fucked. If you’re feeling bold, tell him that the dildo looks exactly like an ex-boyfriend of yours. Ask him if he wants to watch you get fucked by that ex-boyfriend. Then, give yourself a good fucking. Play with your clit while you do. Make sure it’s clear that your cuckold is not allowed to masturbate. Use your ex’s name while you fuck yourself. If you want, have your cuckold play with your breasts to enhance your pleasure. Cum on the dildo. Tell him you’re going to cum all over your ex’s big cock.
  • While out with your husband, comment on some of the guys you see. Tell him which ones you think are hot. Ask him if he thinks one of the hot guys would fuck you good. When you get home, inform your husband that you’d like him to tend to your needs. If you want, demand a massage. Let him worship your body. Let him make you feel good. Then tell him that you want to masturbate while you fantasize about the guy you saw, the hot one that you thought would fuck you good. Talk dirty about him with your husband. Ask him if he’d like to watch as that guy fucked you. Ask him if he’d like to sit by the bed not being able to touch his stiff dick while another man satisfied you. Eventually, let him cum, perhaps while you do the same thing.

Again, those are just suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Ultimately, the point is to find something that works for you and your husband and to be imaginative about it, to mix things up so it stays fresh and fun.

As I mentioned above, the upside here is that a bit of domination in the bedroom can have incredible benefits through the rest of your life. That’s because the domination – especially when infused with cuckolding – will provide your husband with a level of sexual satisfaction he’s likely never experienced. For a man with a fetish, there is no pleasure quite like the pleasure derived from that fetish being catered to.

If you’re married to a good man, he will repay your kindness in the bedroom with kindness – of whatever sort he understands will make you happiest – throughout the non-sexual part of your life. The benefits might surprise you. He might get promoted at work. He might decide to take some of the domestic responsibilities off your shoulders. He might become a great deal more romantic. All of it is good, though, which is why it’s absolutely worthy learning to be a bit dominant and to make your submissive cuckold’s fantasies come to life, at least in some small way.

Trust me. Give it a try. It might just change your life.

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