College Cuckold

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“Wait, you’re saying you want me to fuck another guy?” Cecilia asked incredulously.

“Yeah,” Chad said with a smile on his face.

“Why? I don’t get it.”

He didn’t get it either. Chad had no idea why the idea of his girlfriend fucking another guy turned him on. He just knew it did. The notion first took hold a month ago at a party. He watched from across the room as a guy flirted with Cecilia and he couldn’t help but get turned on. When the guy leaned close to whisper in her ear, Chad’s cock stiffened. The whole thing was baffling, but it’d been on his mind constantly since then.

“I wish I could tell you why,” he began, “but I don’t know. I really don’t. I just know that when I saw that guy flirting with you a month ago it drove me crazy, in a good way. My dick got half hard just standing there watching. I’ve been thinking about it constantly. It’s not like you have to do it, I just think it would be really hot if you did.”

Cecilia took a moment to decide if her boyfriend was telling the truth or if he had some ulterior motive before saying, “You’re not just saying this because you want to fuck some other girl, are you?”

Chad sat up in his bed and leaned forward, taking her hands in his, “Absolutely not. You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever been with. I wouldn’t dream of fucking someone else. You’re the only one I want, honestly. I just can’t stop thinking about you fucking another guy.”

She smiled. It was definitely strange to hear him say he wanted her to sleep with another guy, but she wasn’t repulsed by the idea.

Cecilia leaned forward and kissed him before saying, “The guy at the party was kind of hot. Michael was his name.”

They laid down together and Cecilia played with his half hard cock through his pants as she whispered into his ear, “Would it have turned you on if I had left the party with him?”

Chad’s heart rate sped up as he answered, “Yes.”

“What if we had made out? Would you have liked it if I kissed him?” She whispered in a sultry tone.

“Yes,” he responded, his voice quivering.

“What if he wanted me to suck his cock? Would you have wanted your girlfriend on her knees for another man? Would you have wanted his cock in my mouth?”

She pulled down his pants and freed his cock, which was as stiff as she’d ever seen it as she stroked him gently. A drop of precum glistened on the tip before she ran her fingers over it and lubed the tip of his erection.

“Should I have sucked his cock that night? Should I have taken his dick down my throat and made him cum, Chad? Should I have let Michael cum in my mouth?”

Chad couldn’t speak at that point. All he could do was close his eyes and cum. His body shook as the semen spilled from his cock and onto his stomach. Cecilia smiled brightly, pleased with herself for giving her boyfriend such a spectacular orgasm.

“Thank you,” he said quietly after his breathing had slowed down.

Chad’s phone vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out to find a text message from Cecilia:

Cecilia: I’m with him. Library. Top floor. Left corner from the stairs. Be quiet and you can watch.

He shot up, stuffed his phone back in his pocket, and ran to the library. He bumped into people, got dirty looks and even a few nasty shouts, but he didn’t care. All he could think about was seeing his girlfriend have some naughty fun in the library.

Chad burst through the door so loudly he got an immediate “shush” from the woman at the front desk. Undeterred, he quickly oriented himself and made a beeline for the stairs that would take him to the Promised Land, or at least his version of it.

As he reached the top floor Chad slowed his steps and caught his breath. He tiptoed to the left corner, as Cecilia had directed him. They’d chosen well, as this section of the library was rarely busy. As he slowly walked past each stack of books he looked and listened, hoping he wasn’t too late.

Then, at the end of the last stack, he saw two people kissing. It was her. Cecilia was in a white sweater and a pleated skirt that ended just above her knee and she very clearly has her tongue in Michael’s mouth. Chad could only see the back of his head, offering him a perfect view of his girlfriend fooling around with another man. It seemed obvious to him that she was into it, which is why his cock was so stiff. His heart pumped hard in his chest, leaving him weak in the knees.

Chad watched as Michael slipped hand under Cecilia’s sweater and moved past her belly button to just under her breasts, testing her willingness to be groped. She didn’t move to stop him, so he proceeded. As the soft material of her shirt pulled up with his hand her taut stomach was revealed and Chad couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. Normally he was the one that got to touch her like that.

Now another guy had his hand on her breasts and was no doubt trying to work his way into her bra. Cecilia pressed her body against his, seemingly in response to his skilled fingers playing with her nipples. A moan loud enough for Chad to hear escaped her lips and she broke the kiss.

She moved to whisper into Michael’s ear and that’s when she saw her boyfriend standing at the end of the stack of books, watching her. Chad couldn’t hear what she said to her new friend, but when they started kissing again his hand slipped out of her shirt and moved between her legs. Cecilia moved to her left to give her boyfriend a better view of what was going on and that’s when that hand disappeared into her panties.

This time Cecilia couldn’t keep quiet as a loud moan escaped her lips as Michael found her clit. Chad’s girlfriend was being fingered by another man and all he could do was watch. He wanted so badly to masturbate, but he didn’t dare. He’d have his dick out the moment he got back to his dorm room though.

He couldn’t be sure, but it looked like Cecilia had announced her impending orgasm to her new friend and the way her body began to shake as she pressed against him confirmed it. Someone else had just made her cum. It wasn’t a difficult thing to do – she’d been an easy orgasm since Chad had first hooked up with her – but that didn’t make it any less arousing for him.

He thought – hoped, even – that he’d get to watch Cecilia give a blowjob in the library, but she wasn’t feeling bold enough to take Michael’s dick out in public. Instead, she rubbed his cock through his jeans while subtly motioning for Chad to get out of there.

Needing a few minutes for his erection to subside, he found a quiet place on the other side of the library and tried to think about anything other than his girlfriend getting fingered as he watched. Eventually he was able to walk back to his dorm room without making a public spectacle by having a tent in his pants from his throbbing erection.

He intended to masturbate as soon as the door shut behind him, but on the way he received another text from Cecilia:

Cecilia: Wait for me before you masturbate. I won’t be long.

It was only 20 minutes, but it felt impossibly long. Over and over he replayed the scene in the library. He imagined the kissing, the grinding, the hand in her panties, and the orgasm it gave her. His was stiff the entire time and a precum stain formed on the front of his pants because he couldn’t help but leak.

Finally, a knock on the door announced Cecilia’s arrival and he rushed to open it and pull her inside. They kissed with such fervor that he didn’t immediately notice a distinctly different taste on her tongue. Though his brain was lost in a fog of arousal, eventually it clicked.

“Wait,” Chad said as he broke their kiss. “Where were you?”

“Where do you think?” Cecilia asked as if the answer was obvious. Clearly her boyfriend wasn’t feeling his sharpest. “I was in Michael’s room. He made me cum, so I made him cum.”

Cecilia had sucked his cock. She’d given him a blowjob and come right to her boyfriend’s room.

“Did you…” Chad stammered. “Did you suck his cock?”

“Yes, baby, I sucked his cock,” she answered before pulling him to her for another deep tongue kiss.

Chad welcomed her tongue into his mouth and returned her passion with his own. He’d never been so aroused. He lifted Cecilia into the bed, pushed up her skirt, pulled off her panties, and slipped into her soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck me, Chad. Fuck me!” She cried out.

He knew he wouldn’t last long. He’d been desperate to cum for an hour and there was nothing in the world that felt better than his girlfriend’s wet pussy.

Cecilia knew that and she didn’t care if he was going to finish quickly. She wanted his cum inside her, so she helped him out by saying, “Next time I’m going to let Michael fuck me. I can’t wait to feel his big cock inside me.’

With that, Chad couldn’t hold back. He imagined his girlfriend in this same position, only with Michael on top, thrusting his cock into her pussy. The orgasm was intense in a way he’d never experienced before and he nearly screamed in pleasure.

As he came down from the high of a cuckold-fueled orgasm, Chad smiled at his beautiful girlfriend and said, “Wow. I mean, wow. That was incredible. We really should do that again.”

She smiled and kissed him, “I meant it. I’m going to let Michael fuck me. I want that cock in me. Badly.”

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