Facesitting with Your Cuckold

This is the first entry in what will be an ongoing series of short articles about the fun you can have with your cuckold. This entry in the ‘You Have to Try’ series focuses on facesitting, a simple pleasure that can be utilized in a variety of ways to thrill your cuckold husband while providing you with a pleasing sense of dominance and an astonishing orgasm to go along with it. Enjoy!

Facesitting does not exclusively belong to the world of female domination, but there’s an inherent dominant and submissive feel to sitting astride your husband’s face and lowering your pussy onto his mouth. It’s that inherent element that makes this such a thrilling practice for a vivacious hotwife to engage in with her eager-to-please cuckold.

You’re on top when you sit on his face. He’s quite literally beneath you and he’ll feel that. He’ll get off on it, too. He’ll get off on feeling beneath his beautiful hotwife and with any luck you’ll get off on feeling powerful as you ride his face.

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If you’d like, you can simply sit on his face and instruct him to lick your pussy until you cum. I promise you’ll have a good time doing so. There are ways to make it so much more exciting, though, and to vary the practice of facesitting with your cuckold so you can do it over and over without it ever feeling boring for either of you.

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Here are a handful of ideas for how to make facesitting endlessly enthralling for you and your cuck:

  • Tease Him Before You Sit on His Face – Get on your knees above his head. Let him stare at your pussy. Lower your hips enough that he can smell it if he likes. Masturbate a little while he watches from just a few inches away. Let him hear and see how wet you are. Make him desperate to taste you, to put his tongue inside you, to bathe his taste buds in your sweet juices. If you like, make him beg for the pleasure of tasting you, of licking you, of having you sit on his face so you can ride his mouth to an orgasm.
  • Forbid Him from Masturbating – He’ll want to play with his cuckold cock as you sit on his face because he’ll be turned on. Every cuck is when his wife rides his mouth. That’s why you can play with denial. Don’t let him stroke his cock. Tell him that pleasuring your pussy is all that matters, that he should concentrate all his effort on making you feel good. Tell him that he doesn’t deserve to stroke his dick until he’s made you cum. If you stick to that rule, feel free to remain on his face after he’s made you cum. In fact, feel free to pull your lips forward a little and literally smother his mouth with your slippery cunt, letting him taste your juices while he masturbates and contemplates the joy of lying beneath his goddess of a wife.
  • Sit on His Face in a Pseudo 69 – Instead of sitting on his face and looking down at him, spin around so you’re atop his face while looking down at his cock. He might think you’re going to 69, but instead you’re giving him the chance to worship your pussy while staring up at your asshole. You can also tease his cock in this position. If you’re into getting your ass worshiped, this is a perfect position to use as you can just slide your hips forward a little and put him to work on your tight little hole. If not, you can find the right angle and rub your clit over his tongue and lips while bathing his face in your juices, which he will absolutely adore.
  • Smother Him – Normally, facesitting is about being astride your husband’s mouth while he services your clit like a good cuckold. You can mix it up by literally sitting on his face and dropping the entirety of your pussy onto his mouth. Your labia will part and you’ll quickly cover part of his face in your juices. Then you can have fun by moving your hips around. Slide them back and forth. Move them in slow circles. Smother his mouth and nose with your pussy and your juices. Make it a little harder for him to breathe before pulling away and allow him to gasp. Then smother him again. Do it right and you’ll find a nice friction point for your clit and you can literally fuck his face until you’ve had an orgasm. If you want to make your cuck feel even more submissive, this is a really great way of doing so.
  • Ride His Cock and Then His Face – Assuming you still have sex with your cuckold, it can be a thrilling change of pace to be riding his cock and then pull your hips up, slide forward, and sit on his face without giving him more than a moment’s notice. You can add an extra layer of pleasure to this by working in dirty talk. Ask him if your pussy tastes better after you’ve had a cock inside you. Tell him that his tongue feels better than his dick. If you enjoy it, you can go back and forth multiple times, riding his dick and then his face and then his dick and then his face…well, you get the idea.
  • Literally Ride His Face – Make it clear that in this instance the facesitting is entirely for your pleasure. Make him lie on his back. Tell him to remain still. Sit astride his face. Grab his head with two hands. Lower your pussy onto his mouth and gently rock your hips back and forth. Use his lips and tongue to stimulate your clit. Use his chin and nose too if you’d like to expand your pleasure further. Use him as little more than a sex toy and make sure to make plenty of eye contact as you do. If he’s a submissive cuckold he’ll enjoy being quite literally objectified – you’re turning him into an object for your pleasure, after all. If you really want to hammer it home, don’t allow him to cum after you’ve finished. Instead, climb off his face and tell him that you’re done. That works better if you make him keep his clothes on so it’s clear that in this instance his purpose is to serve your needs.
  • Sit On His Face After Cuckolding Him – He wants to taste your pussy after you’ve been with another man (almost all cuckolds do). Give him what he wants, but give it to him via facesitting. Take control. Put him in his place. Make it clear that he’s beneath you. Draw a silent contrast between your bull – who just fucked your pussy – and your cuckold, who’s only permitted to taste it when you’re in total control by sitting on his face. Fill his head with dirty talk as you sit on his face. “Does my pussy taste good after a real man fucked it?” “How does it feel to know that I rode another man’s cock tonight and now I’m riding your cuck face?” He will adore you if you do this.
  • Ride His Face Immediately After Riding Your Bull – Have your bull and your cuckold in the same bed. If you can, cuff or tie your cuckold’s hands to the headboard. Have all the foreplay fun with your bull and then climb on his cock and take it for a ride. At some point, climb off and sit on your cuckold’s face. Make him confront the fact that his tongue is now traveling where your bull’s cock just was. Make him do so in front of the man that fucks you in a far superior manner to your cuck. Believe me, this is the kind of pleasure that a significant percentage of cuckolds will go wild for.
  • Feed Him a Creampie via Facesitting – If your bull cums inside you and you’re more than happy to let your cuckold clean it up, delivering that creampie via facesitting is an absolute must. Your husband will feel blissfully submissive and your willingness to climb on his face and quite literally feed him another man’s cum from your pussy will actually feel like an act of love on your part, which will help deepen your cuck’s already considerable affection for you. Plus, there’s the added benefit of you getting to have yet another orgasm.
  • Feed Him His Own Creampie via Facesitting – This is really a way to put your cuckold in a submissive mindset after he’s had an orgasm. Ride him. Make him cum inside you. Then quickly sit on his face and feed him his load. Any thoughts he had of being disobedient will wash away as he’s made to lick his cum out of your pussy. If he failed to make you cum during sex, make that fact perfectly clear and then make sure you have an orgasm while riding his face.
  • Go from a Cuckold 69 to Facesitting – Your cuckold is on his back. You’re on your hands and knees above him in a 69. Your bull is behind you and your husband has a bird’s eye view of another man’s cock sliding in and out of your pussy as you get fucked from behind. This is all incredible, especially if you like doggystyle sex. What makes it even more incredible is having your bull pull out and immediately sitting on your cuck’s face. Smother him. Ride his lips and chin for your pleasure. Talk dirty to him. Then move back to your hands and knees and have your bull continue to fuck you. Do it over and over to make it a wild, wondrous night of pleasure. If your bull cums inside you, do it one more time after he’s unleashed his load and feed your cuck his reward for being a good boy.

I’m sure there are many more ways to explore facesitting with your cuckold, but hopefully I’ve given you some ideas on how to get started on this thrilling practice.

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