It was my sister’s older friend (one year older than me) she was really hot and kinda slutty. She would ride my face and feed me her pussy on a regular basis. We weren’t official so she kept seeing other guys , she thought I didn’t know but I did. One day me, her, my sister, sister’s BF, and his friend were smoking weed and drinking at night in a park, the guy took her to his car and fucked her made her squirt hard , when they came back she had a huge wet spot going all down her leg that everyone could see through because she was wearing white jeans, then we went to a party and she was all over me.

We ended up in a room alone and I was about to fuck her but she made me take the condom off and said that I could only pretend to fuck her, I started eating her pussy but she tasted different this time much fishier & bitter I never ate male cum before but I could tell instantly that’s what it was, she was making eye contact with me she knew that I knew she got fucked and I was eating sloppy seconds then she grabbed my face with both hands and said in a dominant tone “SUCK IT BITCH”. I came all over myself

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