How Locktober Led to a Life in Chastity

What was just a masturbation fantasy turns into a far hotter version of reality for the narrator of “How Locktober Led to a Life in Chastity,” a 10-part cuckold chastity story told in first person. You can get started reading right now if you become a Patreon supporter at the Cuckold Stories level (if you’re already a supporter you can scroll down and click the link for Part 1 to get started reading right away).

It begins with a simple mistake as our narrator forgets to close his browser after a lengthy masturbation session. His wife Lucy discovers his obsession with chastity play and it turns out she’s open to a little experimentation and suggests that he buy a Holy Trainer so they can give it a try. Maybe putting his cock in a cute little chastity device will be fun, she figures.

Through the first five chapters the narrator explains the journey the couple takes into chastity play and how Lucy quickly discovers that he’s a far better husband when he’s locked up and a little desperate. It isn’t until they attend a Halloween party in the sixth chapter that the notion of cuckolding creeps into their lives. Soon after things heat up and the couple explores an entirely new dimension of pleasure centered around Lucy having sex with another man while the narrator remains locked in his chastity cage.

This multi-part story will thrill any man that craves the pleasures of being in a chastity device for Locktober, especially if you love the idea of your wife exploring the joy of cuckolding while she takes control of your cock. When you become a Patreon supporter you get access to all my cuckold chastity stories along with hundreds more dealing with the many thrills of being married to a woman that enjoys having sex with other men. Plus, there are lots of blogposts and captions dealing with the joys of being locked in a cage while your wife plays with other men.

Below you’ll find a summary of all ten parts of this cuckold chastity story. The summaries are written in first person, just like the story. If you want to avoid spoilers, don’t read the summaries. Instead, visit my Patreon page today and start reading!

Part 1 – Like I’ve done many times before, I masturbate while my wife is out with her friends. Unlike most times, I leave my browser window open by accident, leave the room, and never come back. Lucy discovers what I’ve been masturbating to and, long story short, suggests that I buy a Holy Trainer so we can see if chastity play might spice up our marriage. After the toy arrives she has me put it on and we indulge in a little bit of deeply-satisfying oral play as my cock strains to get stiff in the cage.

Part 2 – My first stint in chastity lasts three days and involves a great deal of oral sex for my wife. She rewards my willingness to go down on her constantly and my lack of complaints with a little bit of teasing, a healthy dose of stroking, and some very good sex when she finally let me out of the cage.

Part 3 – It’s during my second stint in chastity that Lucy realizes just how different I am when locked up. In short, I’m a better husband. I’m more attentive. I’m far more eager to please her. I’m happy to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. In part it’s because I crave release, but in part it’s because I crave the sensation that my wife is in control. After ten days she gives me an orgasm and makes it perfectly clear she’s going to be very disappointed if I stop being the same attentive husband after I’ve climax.

A few days after that orgasm – after I’d proven that I would still be a good, attentive husband after a climax, Lucy tells me she’s been doing some reading on Locktober and that she’d like to take me on a journey over the course of the month. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that I went along with my wife’s desire to control my cock.

Part 4 – Locktober begins with a note from my wife where she outlines what she expects from me. She lets me choose if I want to be in chastity. By locking my cock I accept her terms. Of course, I locked my cock immediately.

That night, Lucy returns from work and we enjoy the thrills of her being in control and my cock being in chastity. We fool around and I get to make her cum. Later that night she decides on a new rule that emphasizes her ownership over my cock.

Part 5 – Eight days into Locktober we take a trip to the pumpkin patch. Lucy dresses in the sexiest yoga pants I’ve ever seen and spends the entire time teasing me like crazy. I haven’t been unlocked since the first of the month and she gets so turned on she has me go down on her in the parking lot before we drive home.

Lucy spends the next two weeks teasing me mercilessly. She’s not going to let me out until the end of the month – at the earliest – and she’s having fun driving me wild in the meantime, including buying a dildo to use in place of my cock. What a wonderful form of teasing that was.

Part 6 – Lucy lets me use the dildo on her for the first time. She makes a naughty, sensual, teasing production out of it and I get to experience the joy of watching this big toy slide in and out of her pussy while she moans like crazy. Then I get to give her an orgasm while my dick is locked up in its little cage.

It’s Lucy’s Halloween costume that signals a genuine change in her. Instead of doing something humorous like usual, she chooses something insanely sexy. She dresses up as Catwoman and has me dress as Robin (and not Batman). Everyone at the party stares at her. Then I see her flirting with a guy dressed as Superman. It triggers something in me. I should be jealous but it’s so hot. I couldn’t help it. We go home and I use the toy on Lucy.

Part 7 – The morning after the Halloween party I wake Lucy up with my tongue. I couldn’t help but ask about the night before, though I hinted at my interest in her flirting. I wasn’t sure if she’d be okay with how much it turned me on. I wasn’t sure how she felt about it. As it turns out, she’s into it and she rides my face to an orgasm while thinking about Superman.

Then we get to November 1st. The day I was due to come out of my cage. Lucy spends the entire day teasing me with naughty texts and pictures of her in the sexiest outfits and lingerie I’d ever seen. I get home from work and rush to the bedroom to find her in lingerie. She teases me a little and then informs me that she and Superman have been texting and that he’s asked her on a date and that she said yes and that the date was that night. She gives me two choices: I get to come out of my cage and have an orgasm or she goes on a date with Superman. Can you guess which one I chose?

Part 8 – Lucy comes home from her date but she won’t tell me how it went. Instead, she drags me to the bedroom and tells me she needs me to fuck her. She tells me to use the toy. She has me make her cum with the toy and then we go to sleep.

The next morning Lucy tells me about her date. She has a more important question, though. She wants to fuck Superman (whose name is Ben), but she doesn’t want it to ruin our marriage. She wants to make absolutely certain that I’m okay with it. I tell her I am and she tells me I’ll have to stay locked up a little longer. I agree to her condition.

Part 9 – Lucy cuckolds me for the first time. She makes quite the production out of it, as you might imagine. She teases me before she leaves, both with what she’s wearing for him – some very sexy lingerie – and what she’s going to do with him. She spends the night with him and the next morning she teases me again when she gets home. Not surprisingly, she refuses to let me out.

Part 10 – After just over 10 weeks in my chastity device Lucy finally sets me free. It happens on the night where I witness my cuckolding for the first time. I see her and Ben have sex. I watch my wife cum on another man’s cock. I see just how much she enjoys being with him and how good he makes her feel.

She lets me out soon after as Ben excuses himself. Lucy takes me inside her for the first time in two and a half months. While we’re having sex she informs me that my future is going to involve a great deal more chastity. I’m a better husband when I’m locked up and she finds far more pleasure in having sex with Ben than she ever has with me. I cum inside her. Soon after she locks me back up. My fate is sealed. My life is now spent in chastity.

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