How Locktober Led to a Life in Chastity

What was just a masturbation fantasy turns into a far hotter version of reality for the narrator of “How Locktober Led to a Life in Chastity,” a 10-part cuckold chastity story told in first person. You can get started reading right now if you become a Patreon supporter at the Cuckold Stories level (if you’re already a supporter you can scroll down and click the link for Part 1 to get started reading right away).

It begins with a simple mistake as our narrator forgets to close his browser after a lengthy masturbation session. His wife Lucy discovers his obsession with chastity play and it turns out she’s open to a little experimentation and suggests that he buy a Holy Trainer so they can give it a try. Maybe putting his cock in a cute little chastity device will be fun, she figures.

Through the first five chapters the narrator explains the journey the couple takes into chastity play and how Lucy quickly discovers that he’s a far better husband when he’s locked up and a little desperate. It isn’t until they attend a Halloween party in the sixth chapter that the notion of cuckolding creeps into their lives. Soon after things heat up and the couple explores an entirely new dimension of pleasure centered around Lucy having sex with another man while the narrator remains locked in his chastity cage.

This multi-part story will thrill any man that craves the pleasures of being in a chastity device for Locktober, especially if you love the idea of your wife exploring the joy of cuckolding while she takes control of your cock. When you become a Patreon supporter you get access to all my cuckold chastity stories along with hundreds more dealing with the many thrills of being married to a woman that enjoys having sex with other men. Plus, there are lots of blogposts and captions dealing with the joys of being locked in a cage while your wife plays with other men.

Below you’ll find a summary of all ten parts of this cuckold chastity story. The summaries are written in first person, just like the story. If you want to avoid spoilers, don’t read the summaries. Instead, visit my Patreon page today and start reading!

Part 1 – Like I’ve done many times before, I masturbate while my wife is out with her friends. Unlike most times, I leave my browser window open by accident, leave the room, and never come back. Lucy discovers what I’ve been masturbating to and, long story short, suggests that I buy a Holy Trainer so we can see if chastity play might spice up our marriage. After the toy arrives she has me put it on and we indulge in a little bit of deeply-satisfying oral play as my cock strains to get stiff in the cage.

Part 2 – My first stint in chastity lasts three days and involves a great deal of oral sex for my wife. She rewards my willingness to go down on her constantly and my lack of complaints with a little bit of teasing, a healthy dose of stroking, and some very good sex when she finally let me out of the cage.

Part 3 – It’s during my second stint in chastity that Lucy realizes just how different I am when locked up. In short, I’m a better husband. I’m more attentive. I’m far more eager to please her. I’m happy to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. In part it’s because I crave release, but in part it’s because I crave the sensation that my wife is in control. After ten days she gives me an orgasm and makes it perfectly clear she’s going to be very disappointed if I stop being the same attentive husband after I’ve climax.

A few days after that orgasm – after I’d proven that I would still be a good, attentive husband after a climax, Lucy tells me she’s been doing some reading on Locktober and that she’d like to take me on a journey over the course of the month. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that I went along with my wife’s desire to control my cock.

Part 4 – Locktober begins with a note from my wife where she outlines what she expects from me. She lets me choose if I want to be in chastity. By locking my cock I accept her terms. Of course, I locked my cock immediately.

That night, Lucy returns from work and we enjoy the thrills of her being in control and my cock being in chastity. We fool around and I get to make her cum. Later that night she decides on a new rule that emphasizes her ownership over my cock.

Part 5 – Eight days into Locktober we take a trip to the pumpkin patch. Lucy dresses in the sexiest yoga pants I’ve ever seen and spends the entire time teasing me like crazy. I haven’t been unlocked since the first of the month and she gets so turned on she has me go down on her in the parking lot before we drive home.

Lucy spends the next two weeks teasing me mercilessly. She’s not going to let me out until the end of the month – at the earliest – and she’s having fun driving me wild in the meantime, including buying a dildo to use in place of my cock. What a wonderful form of teasing that was.

Part 6 – Lucy lets me use the dildo on her for the first time. She makes a naughty, sensual, teasing production out of it and I get to experience the joy of watching this big toy slide in and out of her pussy while she moans like crazy. Then I get to give her an orgasm while my dick is locked up in its little cage.

It’s Lucy’s Halloween costume that signals a genuine change in her. Instead of doing something humorous like usual, she chooses something insanely sexy. She dresses up as Catwoman and has me dress as Robin (and not Batman). Everyone at the party stares at her. Then I see her flirting with a guy dressed as Superman. It triggers something in me. I should be jealous but it’s so hot. I couldn’t help it. We go home and I use the toy on Lucy.

Part 7 – The morning after the Halloween party I wake Lucy up with my tongue. I couldn’t help but ask about the night before, though I hinted at my interest in her flirting. I wasn’t sure if she’d be okay with how much it turned me on. I wasn’t sure how she felt about it. As it turns out, she’s into it and she rides my face to an orgasm while thinking about Superman.

Then we get to November 1st. The day I was due to come out of my cage. Lucy spends the entire day teasing me with naughty texts and pictures of her in the sexiest outfits and lingerie I’d ever seen. I get home from work and rush to the bedroom to find her in lingerie. She teases me a little and then informs me that she and Superman have been texting and that he’s asked her on a date and that she said yes and that the date was that night. She gives me two choices: I get to come out of my cage and have an orgasm or she goes on a date with Superman. Can you guess which one I chose?

Part 8 – Lucy comes home from her date but she won’t tell me how it went. Instead, she drags me to the bedroom and tells me she needs me to fuck her. She tells me to use the toy. She has me make her cum with the toy and then we go to sleep.

The next morning Lucy tells me about her date. She has a more important question, though. She wants to fuck Superman (whose name is Ben), but she doesn’t want it to ruin our marriage. She wants to make absolutely certain that I’m okay with it. I tell her I am and she tells me I’ll have to stay locked up a little longer. I agree to her condition.

Part 9 – Lucy cuckolds me for the first time. She makes quite the production out of it, as you might imagine. She teases me before she leaves, both with what she’s wearing for him – some very sexy lingerie – and what she’s going to do with him. She spends the night with him and the next morning she teases me again when she gets home. Not surprisingly, she refuses to let me out.

Part 10 – After just over 10 weeks in my chastity device Lucy finally sets me free. It happens on the night where I witness my cuckolding for the first time. I see her and Ben have sex. I watch my wife cum on another man’s cock. I see just how much she enjoys being with him and how good he makes her feel.

She lets me out soon after as Ben excuses himself. Lucy takes me inside her for the first time in two and a half months. While we’re having sex she informs me that my future is going to involve a great deal more chastity. I’m a better husband when I’m locked up and she finds far more pleasure in having sex with Ben than she ever has with me. I cum inside her. Soon after she locks me back up. My fate is sealed. My life is now spent in chastity.

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Serving a Kinky College Girl

Click here to become a Patreon supporter and read all 7 parts of Serving a Kinky College Girl.

Let’s say you’re in college. You’re not exactly a lady’s man, but your roommate has quite a bit of skill when it comes to the fairer sex. Most of the time he kicks you out of the room when he brings a girl back, but on this particular night he thinks you’re asleep so he doesn’t bother. Instead, you get to watch as he and his new girlfriend have sex. You watch her give him a blowjob. You watch them fuck. You listen to her talk dirty to him.

When they’re done, Bryce gets in the shower and Kelly, your roommate’s girlfriend, comes over to you. You pretend to be asleep, but she knows. She knows you’re awake. She knows you’ve been watching them when Bryce brings her home. She knows you’re a little bit of a pervert that loves to watch his roommate and his girlfriend fuck. That’s where Serving a Kinky College Girl really begins.

Kelly decides that she’s going to have a little fun with you. She’s going to push your boundaries. She’s going to see just how far you’re willing to go in the name of making her happy. You see, she knows that you’re a pervert and that you’ll do just about anything to be close to her. She knows that you’ll venture into uncharted territory and get truly wild. She doesn’t really care about you, in fact. All she cares about is having fun with you. She’s using you. She’s getting off on humiliating you in a shocking number of ways. Thankfully, you can’t get enough of it.

Serving a Kinky College Girl is a 7-part submissive cuckold story told in second person and filled with imaginative pleasures as Kelly pushes you far beyond what you thought your limits were (seriously, it gets exceptionally dirty). If you’d like to read all 7 parts, become a Patreon supporter today (at the Cuckold Stories level). Your membership also grants you access to more than 450 stories, a wealth of captions, blogposts, and more.

Below you’ll find links to all 7 parts of the story. You have to be a Patreon supporter to read them, so I recommend signing up today to start enjoying the best cuckold stories online.

Part 1 – You watch. You hope to masturbate afterwards. You get caught. Kelly feeds you your first creampie. You clean up like a good pervert.
Part 2 – Kelly wants to see how dedicated you are. She makes you lick her sweaty asshole clean after a long run. Later she makes you clean a creampie out of her in public.
Part 3 – Kelly challenges you to eat your cum and send her a picture of it in your mouth. Later you watch her and Bryce fuck while you pretend to be asleep and after he falls asleep she makes you wear her cum-filled panties.
Part 4 – Kelly breaks up with Bryce, but she doesn’t break up with you. Instead, she toys with you. She teases you. She abuses you. She and her roommate then take turns abusing you as they both get off on it.
Part 5 – Kelly calls you to the library to have a little naughty fun with her and you end up consuming a stranger’s cum. Later, Kelly lets you watch her fuck a professor and she feeds you his cum after they’re done.
Part 6 – Kelly ups her humiliation as she makes you wear cummy panties, eat her ass, and cum in those panties right outside of a classroom. Later she and her roommate spend a great deal of time humiliating you in their dorm room before making you cum on their floor.
Part 7 – Kelly gets a stranger to cum on your French fries and makes you eat them while she watches. She verbally berates you. Kelly’s final act as a domme is to make you suck cock for her. She makes you blow a stranger. She humiliates you. She makes you swallow his load. Then she kicks you out of her room and out of her life.

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Interracial Cuckold Stories

My Interracial Cuckold Stories

I know you love interracial cuckold stories. You want to read about the pleasures that white wives experiences when they fuck big black cocks. Thankfully, I can provide you with the thrills you’re seeking. Each month I’ll be writing a brand new, multi-part BBC cuckold story on my Patreon page. Below, you can read a summary of each story along with a sample to get a taste of what you’ll get to experience as a member. Enjoy!

Training for BBCTraining for BBC is a five part story about Brooke, a married woman looking to lose a little weight and get in shape. That’s where Terrell comes in. She hires him as her personal trainer, and as you might expect, things get hot and heavy.

Terrell’s not shy about his desire to show Brooke more than a few moves for losing weight. The build up is a thing of erotic beauty, and when Brooke finally gives in to her desire for big black cock, she gets the kind of fucking she’s been missing since she married Todd.

You can read the first chapter for free here on my blog. Here’s a short sample from a later chapter:

From Training for BBC, Part 2: Brooke looked up at Terrell as she reached out and wrapped her fingers around his cock. He moaned as she stroked him and marveled at his incredible thickness.

Terrell looked down at Brooke and ran his fingers through her hair. “Why don’t you take me in your mouth?” he said.

Brooke parted her lips and leaned forward. Her body tingled with delight from head to toe as the head of his monstrous cock touched her tongue. She wrapped her lips around him and moved an inch down the shaft before his size defeated her.

The big black cock slipped from her mouth and Brooke worked her hand over the head, using her saliva and the little drop of precum as lube.

“That’s good,” Terrell said as he applied gentle pressure to the back of her head.

Brooke took him into her mouth again, as if he was guiding her through a workout. In a way, it was an incredible workout for her mouth as she’d never given a blowjob to a man with such a big cock.

With one hand Brooke held the base of the shaft and she used the other in concert with her mouth to offer Terrell intense pleasure. She sucked and stroked him vigorously until the sounds of a wet blowjob filled the living room.

As she sucked the big black cock, Brooke felt a kind of pleasure she’d never experienced when giving head. She liked going down on Todd, but it never really brought her pleasure or led to the incredible wetness she felt between her legs as Terrell’s big dick stretched her lips.

Something about giving a blowjob to this gorgeous, muscular, exceptionally well-hung man turned her on and Brooke wanted more of it.

She took Terrell’s cock deeper into her mouth. She knew she’d never be able to fit it all, but she wanted to show him that she was in love with his dick at that moment. He groaned in response to her vigorous oral work.

“Play with your pussy,” Terrell said.

Brooke reached into her leggings without thinking. She did as she was told because she was too turned on to do anything else. Her pussy was soaked with lust and she pushed two fingers inside with ease.

“That’s it,” Terrell said as he began to push his cock in and out of Brooke’s mouth. “Play with that pretty white pussy for me.”

In the moment, Brooke loved feeling like she was his plaything. He was gently fucking her mouth and she was masturbating because he’d told her to. She was going to cum, too.

Brooke moaned as Terrell’s big black cock continued to slowly pump her mouth. He was skillful enough not to make her gag, but her jaw was getting sore from being so wide open. She didn’t care though. She would have stayed on her knees like that all afternoon.

“Make that pussy cum,” Terrell urged her. “Make that white pussy cum hard for me.”

Nerdy Girl Goes BlackIn Nerdy Girl Goes Black (a 7 part story), Emily, a young, cute, nerdy girl discovers that her boyfriend Luke isn’t quite as good in bed as he could be. She loves him and she wants to marry him, but she wants to know what it’s like to have a truly mind-blowing orgasm, too.

She convinces Luke to work a little harder in the bedroom and she gets that great orgasm. There’s only one problem: Her gorgeous, confident, black coworker Jameer popped into her head right before she came. It was the idea of fucking him that put Emily over the top.

As you’ve probably already guessed, things end up taking an interracial turn and Emily discovers what a genuinely mind-blowing orgasm feels like when it’s provided by a massive cock. The only question is, how will Luke feel about it? Read a sample from the story:

From Nerdy Girl Goes Black, Part 6: “You know what I’ve been doing since he got back and I told him?” Emily asked.

She moved her hips over Jameer’s crotch, offering pleasure that made him moan. Emily loved that she could turn him on so easily. It felt like so much had changed for her in just a few days time.

Between groans Jameer said, “What have you been doing?”

“I’ve been telling him every little dirty detail of what you and I did together and watching it make him cum like he’s never cum before. Now he’s having mind-blowing orgasms. He’s gotten even better at going down on me, too,” Emily explained as she climbed off of Jameer to pull down her panties and free his cock.

“He knows I’m here,” Emily said as she dropped to her knees between Jameer’s legs. She grabbed his cock and licked up the shaft before briefly taking the head into her mouth. “He wants me to come back with a dirty story about how you fucked me until I came so hard I couldn’t walk.”

She took Jameer’s cock in her mouth again and this time she tried to swallow as much as possible. He was too thick for her to fit much more than the head in her mouth, but she still tried.

“Does that work for you?” Emily asked after letting his dick slip from between her lips.

Jameer looked down at her. Emily smiled at the lust in his eyes. She knew the answer even before he gave it.

“There are condoms in the drawer there,” Jameer said as he pointed at the coffee table.

Emily reached back and pulled out a condom. She tore it open the wrapper with her teeth and rolled it down his cock, an act that still thrilled her in a way she didn’t quite understand. She pulled off her glasses and placed them on the coffee table before straddling Jameer’s cock and guiding it inside her.

“Your man really likes this?” Jameer asked. He wasn’t going to turn down the chance to fuck Emily, but he didn’t seem convinced.

Emily couldn’t speak. She was completely lost in the pleasure of having Jameer inside her again. She’d fucked Luke so many times over the past couple of days she’d forgotten how good it felt to have a genuinely big cock stretching her pussy.

“Fuck,” she said. “Your cock feels so good.”

She rode Jameer harder. She lifted her pussy off of his shaft until just the tip was inside her and then dropped back down on him again. The sound of her flesh meeting his filled the room along with her moans, which were getting increasingly loud as Emily quickly neared her first orgasm.

“Damn girl, you missed this dick, didn’t you?” Jameer asked.

“Fuck yes I did!” Emily cried out.

Her moans turned to a long scream as she climaxed on his big black cock. She kept riding as the orgasm exploded in her loins and spread through her body, leaving her tingling with pure sexual joy before she finally sat down on him and held still.

“I can’t believe I forgot how good it feels to have you inside me,” Emily said.

BBC Slut in SuburbiaBBC Slut in Suburbia is the newest addition to the collection (it’s still a work in progress, but I’m guessing it will be 5-6 parts when it’s finished).

This time Jim and Audrey are the couple at the center of the story. Since before they were married, they’ve had an agreement that Audrey can enjoy sex with her black bulls and Jim won’t ask about it. It’s how they’ve made their marriage work.

For years, that arrangement worked for Jim. He still got to have great sex with Audrey and she was the perfect wife. Everything was wonderful.

Now, things are changing. Jim can’t stop thinking about Audrey and her black bulls. He starts masturbating to it. She agrees to help him explore his newfound desire to be a more traditional cuckold husband. Check out the excerpt:

From BBC Slut in Suburbia, Part 1: “All I want is to make you happy, Jim,” Audrey said.

Jim’s cock was already stiff. Confessing his masturbatory habits had lifted a weight off of him and he was feeling rather amorous.

“Really?” he said again.

Audrey smiled and reached between their legs to free Jim’s cock from the boxer shorts he’d pulled on after their failed lovemaking session. She guided him into her still-wet pussy and sat down. Jim moaned as his cock filled her wetness.

“Yes, honey. I want you to be happy, and if that means thinking about me having sex with my bull, that’s okay.”

A blissful smile crossed Jim’s face as Audrey rode him with her slippery pussy.

“So tell me, what kind of porn do you like to watch while you’re fantasizing about me?” Audrey asked with a lascivious smile.

Jim couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed like she was thrilled with his confession. The look on her face was bordering on joy. Perhaps she liked being the subject of his fantasies.

“Redheads. It’s always redhead. I love seeing a beautiful, leggy redhead with pale skin fucking a black guy. It’s so fucking hot,” Jim said before he groaned at the intense pleasure of his wife’s wet pussy around his cock.

“And do you think about me when you watch those videos?” Audrey asked. “Do you imagine it’s me getting fucked by a big black cock?”

The lust in her voice was incredible. Jim could feel an orgasm coming on.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Yeah? Fantasizing about my bull’s big black cock in my pussy turns you on, baby?”

Audrey’s pussy bounced hard and fast on Jim’s cock. Her breasts looked perfect in the black lace lingerie. The look in her eyes was one of unbridled lust. He couldn’t get enough.

“I love his big black cock, baby. I fantasize about it too. I’m thinking about it right now, in fact. I’m thinking about the last time he was inside me, about how good he stretched me out that night.”

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Romancing the Cuckold – Five Valentine’s Day Stories

Valentine’s Day is a perfect holiday to celebrate cuckolding. There’s no better time to have a little naughty fun with your cuckold husband by treating him to a thrilling humiliation, a chance to clean another man’s cum from your pussy, a lingerie shopping trip, and more. That’s what Romancing the Cuckold is all about.

I’ve written five Valentine’s Day-themed cuckold stories for my Patreon supporters, each dealing with a wonderful treat that a cuckoldress/hotwife gives her cuckold husband. You can read a quick summary of each story below and they’ll all be available to read by Valentine’s Day.

Here are the stories:

  • Valentine’s Day Cuckold Creampie Cleanup – Jenna spends Valentine’s Day fucking her bull while he husband Steve waits at home like a good cuckold should. When she returns he gets to devour another man’s cum while she fills his head with dirty talk before finally letting her cuck cum (read this story for free by clicking the link)
  • Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping – Vanessa and her husband schedule a private fitting at Agent Provocateur so she can find the perfect lingerie set for her bull. Along the way she humiliates her husband’s small cock and has him pick out a pair of panties for himself.
  • Valentine’s Day Submission – Sandra gives her husband the gift of domination for Valentine’s Day. For the first time she decides to take control and makes him submit for their mutual pleasure.
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner Date – Henry works as a waiter in a high-end restaurant, which means he’s busy on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, his wife has thought ahead. She made a reservation for her and her boyfriend and he’s going to spend the whole night watching them enjoy a romantic dinner, and a little bit more.
  • From Bull to Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day – Up until now, it’s just been sex between Michelle and her bull. He wants that to change, though. He wants to be her boyfriend. He wants to have her all to herself and on Valentine’s Day her cuckold learns of his new reality.

I’m certain you’re going to love these naughty Valentine’s Day cuckold stories. Plus, when you become a supporter you get to read all these stories, dozens more, and hundreds of posts on my private blog, jerk off instructions, captions, and much more. It’s an incredible value, I promise!

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Cuckold Audio

You’re about to discover the intense pleasures of cuckold audio. Every month, my Patreon supporters get to immerse themselves in the pleasures of a sensual goddess talking them through a cuckold experience. The samples below should give you an idea of what you’re in for if you become a supporter at the audio tier (future months will include an audio cuckold JOI for every tier).

Put your headphones on and get ready for a truly astounding, arousing, thrilling experience. Remember, when you become a Patreon supporter at the audio tier you get access to the full-length version of every one of these files. Stay a subscriber and you get a new file every month, along with tons of stories, blog posts, captions, JOIs, and more.

Cleaning Your First Cuckold Creampie (Artist: MizSpecific):

Your wife’s bull has just cum inside her. Now she needs you to do your duty as her cuckold. She needs you to embrace your place. She needs you to show her that you understand your role as her cuckold. You need to clean his cum out of her. It’s okay that you’re nervous. It’s your first time. Don’t worry, she’ll guide you through it. Click here for the full audio.

A Naughty Cuckold Phone Call JOI (available to all Patrons as a bonus) (Artist: MizSpecific):

You gave your girlfriend permission to fool around. You said it was okay for her to fuck someone else while you were apart. Luckily for you, she took you up on that offer. She cuckolded you. She was a bad girl, and now she wants you to stroke your cock while she tells you about all the dirty fun she had with him. Click here for the full audio.

Suck Cock for Me, Cuckold (Artist: MizSpecific):

Your beautiful dominant wife wants you to be a bisexual cuckold cocksucker for her. Listen as she gives you instructions and shows you that there’s no greater pleasure than submitting to her desire for you to swallow a big dick and get it nice and hard so she can get fucked like she desires. Click here for the full audio.

Valentine’s Day Cuckold JOI (available to all Patrons as a bonus) (Artist: MizSpecific):

In the full audio of this clip it’s Valentine’s Day and I just enjoyed an incredible evening of sex with my bull. Now I want you to masturbate for me while I tell you about it. Stroke your cock while I share all the naughty details and humiliate you like you desire. Click here for the full audio.

Cuckold Creampie Cleanup Audio (Artist: AprilAlltheWay):

The full audio of this clip begins before your wife has left for her date. You help her get dressed and she teases you before heading out and leaving you home to wonder what she’s doing. When she gets back, she tells you all about the fun she had with her bull before having you clean the creampie out of her pussy. Click here for the full audio.

Cuckold Chastity Humiliation Audio (Artist: AprilAlltheWay):

The full audio of this clip begins with you being locked up before your beautiful cuckoldress and her bull enjoy an evening of wild hardcore pleasure. It’s a pure, dirty delight. Click here for the full audio.

Cuckolding is the Solution to Your Marital Problems (Artist: MizSpecific):

The full audio of this clip begins with you and your wife talking about the obvious issues in your marriage. She’s sweet and caring and she wants to make it work. She has a perfect solution, too: Another man. A knock on the door announces his presence and you get cuckolded for the first time as she sucks his cock, fucks him, and makes him cum while you’re sitting right there. Click here for the full audio.

Be a Good Boy for Your Cuckoldress (Artist: AprilAlltheWay):

The full audio of this clip features lots of sensual domination as your cuckoldress makes you prepare her pussy before her bull arrives. Then she shows him the kind of wild pleasure he craves through sensual kissing, a blowjob, and lots of great sex. All the while you’re tasked with being her good boy. Click here for the full audio.

One more time in case you forgot: When you become a Patreon supporter at the audio tier you get instant access to the full length version of all of these files (they’re 10-20 minutes long each). They’re downloadable, too.

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