Serving the Cuckoldress Next Door

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The girl in the apartment next door knows Pete’s been listening to her have sex through the paper thin walls. She knows, but she’s not mad. In fact, she has a kinky idea. She wants Pete to worship her pussy after she’s been with a guy. She wants Pete to be her cuckold.

What begins as a bit of kinky fun soon turns into something much deeper as Pete can’t help but fall for April, the cuckoldress next door. Join the young couple on their journey as they explore the pleasures of cuckolding while they fall in love.

Experience Pete’s bliss as April introduces him to pussy worship, sensual teasing, male chastity, interracial cuckolding, erotic female domination, and more. As their love blossoms, his submission deepens and their cuckolding adventures get even kinkier.


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