Stroke as a Real Man Fucks Your Wife

Does it make you jealous that your wife spends so much time getting pretty for a visit with her bull? Look at how carefully she did her makeup. Look at how perfect her hair looks. She even wore the pretty earrings you gave her for your last anniversary. And of course she bought a new bra and panty set for him because she loves to look good.

Does it make you jealous, or does it make your cock hard, cuckold? Does it make you stiff between the legs to know she’s going to such great effort to arouse someone else? It does, doesn’t it? You feel the jealousy, just like any cuckold would, but you can’t help but feel that overwhelming sense of desire and lust, too.

When she’s with her boyfriend in the hotel room you sit at home and fantasize about what she’s doing, don’t you? You fantasize about their first kiss as he takes her in his arms and his hands slide down to play with her perfect ass while their tongues entwine. You fantasize about her going down on him. You fantasize about her legs spreading as he climbs between them and guides his erect cock into her pussy. You fantasize about all of it, and then she comes home and tells you about it.

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