Enhance Your Cuckold Marriage with Male Chastity

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage of men thinking with their dicks. That’s reality, but it can be used to enhance your cuckold marriage. All you have to do is lock his cock in chastity and hold the key. You’ll be stunned and delighted at the positive effects it can have.

He’ll still be thinking with his dick – all men do and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing – but the chastity enables you to re-route that thinking. He can’t just run off and masturbate or try to fuck you really quickly so he can cum. He either has to please you enough to earn his release or he has to deal with the fact that he simply doesn’t get to cum.

A cuckold with any sort of submissiveness to him will eat this up and it will end up being a great deal of fun for both of you.

Absent his chastity device, this man would normally try and fuck the woman in front of him. He’d stick his cock inside her and because he’s a cuckold he would almost certainly disappoint her. Now that’s not possible. The locked cage around his cock means he can’t fuck her.

What does he do? What makes chastity play so much fun within a cuckold marriage (especially one that’s playing with submission and domination) is that it’s up to her. She can say “Eat my pussy” and he’ll get between her legs and go down on her. She can rub his locked cock around her pussy and tease him with the warmth and wetness he can feel through the spaces in the steel. She can do anything she pleases and he’ll love it all.

You can go as far as you want with it, too. Take the picture above as an example. Maybe she’s had her husband spend his entire day in the nude. She wants his locked cock on display so she can play with it whenever she wants. She wants him to have to confront all day long that she now owns his cock and she’s in total control of his orgasms.

I’ve written about chastity teasing before and it’s absolutely essential to making this whole thing work. You can’t just lock up his cock and ignore him. If anything, you need to pay even greater attention to it than you have in the past.

It should be more fun this time around. Before if you’d tease him you might have felt some obligation to follow through. Now that’s not necessary. Now you can make his balls ache with desire and then go about your day. This is so much fun. You have to try it to truly understand why, but trust me when I say it’s incredible.

The delightful pic above is just one example of the kind of fun you can have and I recommend doing this sort of thing all the time. Walk around the house in your underwear and rub your body up against his. Let him caress your body gently. Let him feel the overwhelming rush of arousal. Then let it sink in that you’re not going to let him out.

There’s a delicate balance to all of this, of course. If he feels like he’s never going to be released from chastity then he’ll give up really quickly. If he feels like you’re going to let him out from time to time (it must be at random intervals too, no scheduled releases) he will always make an effort because he craves orgasms so badly.

You don’t have to go quite as far as the woman above, but the idea is right. Your husband is naked and his cock is locked. He’s on his knees in submission to you. You have what he wants – the key of his cock – in your hands or around your neck. In that moment, he will do anything you desire. So what do you want?

I can only speak for myself, but I’ve found that a locked hubby is especially good at worshiping pussy. You spread your legs and give him the command and he eagerly moves between them to lick you until a beautiful orgasm has rippled through your body and left you in a state of bliss.

It’s not going to work for everyone, obviously, but I’ve found that if you embrace the control you’re given when you lock up his cock you can have tons of fun. That does require submission from him, of course.

To me there should be no tolerance of a man that wants his cock locked up and then acts like an asshole. I’ve heard so many tales of guys doing that very thing, though. They ask for chastity or submit to it and then they do nothing but complain and beg for release.

Your job is to make sure that he understands that his release is earned. It is earned through being a good husband, through worshiping your body, and through doing as he’s told. If he’s a good boy you release him. If not, he stays locked up. If he persists in complaining then you have every right to give him the key and tell him to forget about any sort of chastity play.

With any luck, it won’t come to that. Remember that you both have a part to play. He must be the good chastity submissive and you must be the good domme. If you take control of his cock and happily tease him, you’ll thrill him. He will in turn be willing to do as you desire, which will includes lots of lovely body worship and breathtaking orgasms.

Trust me when I say that there’s a great deal of pleasure in putting your cuckold husband’s cock in chastity (even if he’s not a cuckold, to be honest). Both of you will benefit as long as you do it right, and there’s no reason not to try.

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