The Making of a Cuckold Marriage – Part 1

Let’s try something a little different. Here’s a cuckold story told in first person from the perspective of a wife learning about cuckolding and the many pleasures it holds. It’s not autobiographical, but some of the details are inspired by events in my life. The story continues on my Patreon page, so if you like what you read here then become a supporter and check it out.

The first time my husband Ethan confessed his desire to be cuckolded we were on a late night walk in Manhattan. It was in early January and cold, so we were both bundled up tight as we strolled down the brightly lit, surprisingly busy streets. He’d dropped little hints before that night, but it was the first time I’d heard him say the words “I’d really like it if you had sex with another man.”

I used to think that’s where it started, but it’s not really true. It really started when we were in college, I just didn’t recognize it then. We were 20 at the time and head over heels in love. We were also in that period where you experiment sexually because you’re young and willing to try almost anything. That’s how we ended up at a sex shop looking for a toy.

We both felt a little awkward – it was the first time either of us had been in a place like that – but we ignored the creepy stares from the cashier and made our way to the sex toy aisle. Dozens of choices stared us in the face and I was content to let him choose. I figured since the visit to the sex shop was his idea – one I was happy to go along with – that I’d let him pick the toy we went home with.

We ended up with a purple vibrator. It was a good eight inches long and an inch and a half thick. He was so excited to play with it. I loved his giddiness. As soon as we got back to my dorm room (a single, which made it so easy to have fun) he cut open the package, popped in the batteries, and got between my legs to make me cum.

He loved watching the dildo slide into me. He loved fucking me with it to the point that he got a little too vigorous and I had to slow him down. He was pounding me with it and it felt really good, but he went a little too deep a few times. His fingers rubbed over my clit as the toy slid into my pussy and I couldn’t help but cum (you should know that I cum quickly).

It was his love of fucking me with the toy that was the first sign of his future spoken desire for cuckoldry. He says he didn’t even know what cuckolding was back then, but he’s since confirmed that he got off on watching the toy fuck me.

I probably should have realized his desires based on the second significant sign. Penthouse used to publish books featuring a selection of the best letters they’d received over the years and we bought two of them when they caught my eye on a trip to the book store. I thought it would be fun to read them and masturbate together. I was right.

We’d read them to each other, play with each other – his fingers have always been so damn good at making me cum – and have great orgasms. Somehow it never really clicked until much later that the stories he wanted me to read always involved a married woman fucking someone else. Usually the husband was there watching, but it was always about the wife’s bliss at fucking another guy.

I think I never really took note of it because I was young and pretty sheltered. My husband is the first man I had sex with. We met in college, we had lots of sex in college, and we got married shortly after graduation. I’d fooled around with other guys, but until I became a hotwife and he became my cuckold, I’d never had someone else inside me.

The thing is, I wasn’t shocked, or turned off, or baffled. I guess the hints had prepared me for the idea that he’d be turned on by me sleeping with someone else. I’d be lying if I said it happened right away though. It was years before I found myself in another man’s bedroom, sitting on his cock and riding him to an orgasm. I’m getting ahead of myself though.

Long before I actually took the plunge and slept with someone else, taking our sex life to a whole different place, my husband and I played, just the two of us. I wasn’t the wife that immediately gets all hot and bothered at the idea. It was more of a slow burn, but I was the kind of wife (I still am) that wanted her husband to be happy, especially in the bedroom, so I eagerly played along with his fantasy.

One of my favorite things to do early on (and to this day, if I’m being honest) was to stroke his cock while I whispered into his ear about me sleeping with another guy. I’d nibble his earlobe and kiss his neck, then tell him how badly I wanted to feel another man’s cock inside me.

With my hand wrapped around his lubed cock, I’d stroke him slowly and say all kinds of fun stuff.

“I can’t wait to feel his cock inside me baby. I can’t wait to wrap my legs around him and pull him tight. I can’t wait to cum on another man’s cock.”

It never took long for him to cum once I started in on the dirty talk. I loved being able to bring him such pleasure while doing so little. It’s not like it was hard work to talk dirty and give him a handjob.

At first I took my cues from the Penthouse stories. I re-read a few of them and pulled other details from memory and worked in the stuff that seemed the hottest. Of course, it didn’t take long to learn what turned him on the most.

He loved the idea of another guy making me cum. He’s never had any trouble doing so, but he still got so excited at the notion of me getting off with someone else. He also loved the idea of me making someone else cum.

Something as simple as “I’m going to make him cum, baby. I’m going to make my boyfriend cum. My wet pussy is going to make him cum,” would usually put him over the top.

It’s not like this stuff was all for him. I don’t want to confuse anyone. I got off every time, sometimes twice. Something else I discovered was my husband’s great love of licking my pussy. He’d always done it, but when we started working cuckolding into our bedroom time he doubled down on his efforts.

He’s so damn good at it too. I’ve honestly never been with someone better. He can always make me cum, and usually in just a few minutes if I’m at all turned on. Most of the guys I’ve slept with since our cuckolding adventure began can’t manage that.

It was about a year after the evening walk where he confessed his desires to be a cuckold that I suddenly remembered our dildo adventures in college. It was actually while I was walking by one of the sex toy shops in the West Village. Something aligned in my brain and out of the blue I saw myself on that tiny dorm bed with my legs spread and my then-boyfriend between them fucking me with a toy.

I stopped, turned around, and walked into the shop to buy a toy right there on the spot. I picked out an eight inch lifelike dildo (you know, the ones shaped like a cock with the veins and head and balls and all that). I was in the bedroom when he came home (one of three rooms in our cozy Manhattan apartment; we’ve since upgraded) wearing one of the few sets of expensive, elegant lingerie I owned. It was a black bra, panty, and garter belt set with sheer black stockings and a pair of shiny black heels.

He knew something fun was going to happen the moment he walked in the room, obviously. Despite all our naughty sexual adventures, it was rare for me to be dressed up in lingerie to greet him after a day at work.

“I’d like you to strip and get on your knees at the foot of the bed. On the floor so you have a perfect view of your wife’s pussy,” I said.

I’m sure all sorts of stuff was running through his mind, but he stayed silent and waited for his treat to be revealed.

When he had stripped and taken his position as I asked, I explained what was going to happen, “Your wife is going to get fucked tonight, but it won’t be your cock inside me.”

As the last words rolled off my lips I reached under the pillow and produced the dildo I’d purchased. His eyes went wide and I knew he was thinking about how good it was going to look sliding into me.

“I need my boyfriend’s cock inside me tonight. Is that okay with you honey? Is it okay if my boyfriend fucks me while you watch?” I asked before taking the head of the dildo into my mouth and sucking on it.

“Yes,” Ethan said, and it seemed like one word was all he’d be able to manage.

The toy popped out of my mouth and I said, “Good. I really need this,” while pulling aside my panties and placing the head of the dildo, which really did look like a perfect cock, at the entrance to my pussy.

I held the base high enough to give him a view of the dildo’s tip spreading my labia apart and pressing slowly inside me. I moaned, in part because it felt good and in part to tease my husband, as it filled me. I’ll say that it’s nothing like having a real eight inch cock, but it did feel really good.

I moaned and added, “You feel so good inside me. I need your cock. I need your big cock inside me. Fuck me. Fuck me!”

Ethan’s face was flushed and I could see the telltale arm movements of masturbation. He was stroking his cock furiously and was paying such rapt attention to my pussy that a subway train could have barreled through our apartment and he wouldn’t have noticed.

When I added in a little bit of clit rubbing I had no trouble cumming, so as I played with myself I let loose with some of that delicious dirty talk my husband loves, saying “I’m going to cum on your cock. I’m going to cum on your big cock! Oh my God, fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

That’s right when Ethan groaned and spilled his load onto the floor (he was too distracted by his desire to bother putting his underwear down to catch it, silly boy). Moments later I came, my body tingling with pleasure in the aftermath.

Afterwards, when we were cuddling and talking, Ethan revealed how much he’d enjoyed that the dildo was bigger than him (we’ve since measured and he’s a little over 5 inches erect), both in length and thickness. It wasn’t something that had ever come up before, and when I asked why, he said it was embarrassing.

It’s hard not to fall a little more in love with him when he’s vulnerable like that, and I felt such incredible warmth for my husband in that moment. I kissed him, told him he’s always been able to make me cum with his cock (which was true), and then told him that I’d very much enjoyed having a bigger cock inside me. I swear I felt his dick twitch a little bit after the last part.

I’ve since come to appreciate that a big cock can provide an entirely different and hugely pleasurable experience, but there will be plenty of time to talk about that in the future.

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