Training for BBC – An Interracial Cuckold Story

Welcome, cuckolds! Training for BBC is a five part interracial cuckold story that I recently published on my Patreon page. You can read all five parts right now by becoming a supporter (this link will take you to the full story). Below you’ll find the first part in full. There’s a lot of build-up and teasing here, but I promise things get very naughty in subsequent chapters. Enjoy!

Brooke looked at her freshly-showered body in the bathroom mirror and frowned. She turned to her side and frowned again. It felt like three months of daily trips to the gym hadn’t made the difference she was hoping for.

Todd appeared at the bathroom door and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Brooke couldn’t help but smile. Her husband was always eager to help and loved her in ways she’d never imagined possible when they got married. He was a better husband than the men most of her friends had married, certainly.

“I just thought I’d look better after working out so much,” Brooke said as she turned to Todd.

He ogled her body, as Brooke knew he would. She was counting on it. It always made her feel a little better to see the way her husband devoured her body with his eyes.

“You’re crazy. I mean, you’re nuts if you think you don’t look good,” Todd said.

Brooke noticed a stirring in the front of his shorts. She smiled. It was still thrilling to know that she had the power to arouse her husband of ten years just by being naked in front of him.

“That’s not what I said. I said I thought I’d look better. More specifically that I’d look noticeably better than I did three months ago, and I don’t. What’s the point of all that working out if it’s not going to make a difference?” Brooke asked.

“Maybe it’s that you’re not working out in the right way,” Todd suggested.

“Are you saying I’m bad at working out?” Brooke said playfully.

Todd smiled. “No. I’m saying that maybe you should consider hiring an expert to help you.”

Brooke considered the suggestion and said, “Like a personal trainer?”

“Exactly,” Todd said as he moved into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around Brooke’s slender naked body from behind.

He kissed her neck and ran his fingers over her stomach and perky breasts, eliciting quiet, lusty moans from his wife.

Brooke squealed in delight as Todd spun her around, picked her up, and put her on the bathroom counter. He fell to his knees and moved between her legs before looking up and asking, “May I?”

“Of course,” Brooke said as she grasped Todd’s hair gently and pulled him to her pussy.

The first of many low, lusty moans escaped her lips as Todd licked her pussy. Brooke leaned back against the mirror and settled in to enjoy her husband’s skillful worship of her pussy and his overwhelming desire to bring her to orgasm.

“So, I think I found the perfect trainer,” Brooke said as she picked up her phone.

“Great,” Todd said. “So, how does this work? Do you meet at the gym?”

“Usually that’s how it works, but he’s a little different. He’s not affiliated with a gym so he comes to you, or me, in this case,” Brooke said as she found the trainer’s Instagram profile. She passed the phone to Todd.

Todd’s eyes went wide as he browsed the trainer’s profile. “Wow, it doesn’t seem accurate to say this guy is fit. He belongs in another category entirely.” Todd tapped a video post and watched in silence. “It’s like he’s from another planet,” he finally said.

“A friend recommended Terrell. She said he completely changed her approach to working out and that after the first session she was so sore she couldn’t believe it. That’s what I want, honey. I want to feel that soreness every time. I want to feel like my body is really being worked over, you know?” Brooke said.

Todd passed the phone back to his wife and smiled, “Of course. It sure looks like Terrell is the kind of trainer that can really work a woman over.”

Brooke looked up at him. She thought she detected a hint of something in his voice. “Are you jealous, honey?” she said playfully.

“Me, jealous?” Todd said. “Of course not. Why would I be jealous of a guy that’s way fitter than I am coming into my house when I’m at work and guiding my wife through a personal training session? That would be crazy.”

“You’re so cute,” Brooke said as she smiled and tried not to sound patronizing. “Do you really think I’d be so clichéd as to fuck the muscular, handsome, skilled black personal trainer that comes to our house when you’re at work?”

Todd laughed and said “Can you blame a guy for worrying a little?”

Brooke smiled and took a sip of her coffee as she marveled at Todd’s insecurity. She loved her husband like mad. She’d never leave him for the thrill of a fuck with a man that was, admittedly, in much better shape than he was. She appreciated that Todd’s seeming insecurity-fueled jealousy didn’t manifest as anger, though. He seemed bemused with himself more than anything.

“So I can make an appointment with Terrell?” Brooke asked.

“Of course,” Todd answered.

“Thank you, honey,” Brooke said before pushing back her chair and leaning across the table to give Todd a kiss on the cheek.

“Anything for my beautiful wife,” he said.

“Terrell, come in,” Brooke said with a smile as she welcomed her new personal trainer to her home. She was dressed in a maroon sports bra and a pair of recently-purchased Reveal Tights from Lululemon. Todd had marveled at how good they looked before he’d left for work that morning.

“Brooke, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Terrell said as he stepped into the expansive foyer. “This is a gorgeous house,” he remarked while looking around.

“Thank you,” she said. “My husband and I have been lucky in the last handful of years. Business has been good.”

“I guess so,” Terrell said as he flashed a charming smile.

Brooke couldn’t help but admire how astoundingly fit he was. He wore a tight Under Armour top and a pair of loose workout shorts and his arms and chest looked unlike anything she’d ever seen in person. It was like he was getting ready to audition for a Marvel film.

“Laura was very complimentary of your training methods,” Brooke said as she led Terrell to the spacious living room. “She says you worked wonders on her body.”

“Laura is a very good client. She works harder than most,” Terrell said as he dropped his bag onto the hardwood floor.

“So, what are your goals?” Terrell asked as he turned to Brooke.

“Well, I just turned 35 and I really want to get serious about getting my body in great shape. I’ve been doing to the gym almost daily for the past three months and I just haven’t seen the kind of changes I was looking for,” Brooke explained.

“You’re doing something right, because you definitely don’t look 35. I would have guessed 30, honestly,” Terrell said as he flashed that charming smile again.

Brooke couldn’t help but smile. She knew he was probably just flattering her, but it still felt awfully good. Terrell was unquestionably gorgeous and likely had his pick of women.

“Well, thank you Terrell. I appreciate that,” Brooke said.

“My pleasure, Brooke. Now, let’s get down to it. We’ll meet three times a week for personal training sessions and I’ll give you exercises to do on the remaining days, though you’ll need to take it easy for at least one of them. You need to give your body time to recover, after all,” Terrell said as he unfolded a yoga mat on the hardwood floor.

“I have a nutritional plan for you as well. You’ll only see the changes you’re looking for if you combine diet and exercise, so it’s important that you follow the dietary instructions, okay?” Terrell explained.

“You’re very thorough,” Brooke said as she reached out and touched Terrell’s arm. It was even more muscular than it looked.

Terrell smiled at her touch and said, “We’re going to start with a little yoga to warm up. Have you done yoga before, Brooke?”

“Absolutely. Just tell me what position you want,” Brooke said.

“Let’s start by holding a plank for ten seconds and then moving into downward facing dog,” Terrell said as he clapped his hands excitedly.

Brooke’s muscles were twitching by the end of the plank before she moved into downward facing dog while Terrell watched from the side.

“Very good on that plank, Brooke,” he said before stepping forward and grasping her hips softly. “Let’s get your bottom a little higher,” Terrell said as he adjusted Brooke’s position.

His hands felt good on her waist, and for a moment Terrell let one of them rest on her lower back as Brooke moved deeper into the yoga position.

Try as she might, Brooke couldn’t deny a certain level of attraction to the gorgeous, muscular black man in her living room.

As they worked their way through the rest of the yoga positions, she wondered if Terrell touched all of his clients as frequently as he was touching her. None of it was unprofessional, but he did seem to find a way to offer an adjustment on every position and he always seemed to keep his hands on her a little longer than would have been strictly necessary.

Brooke told herself she was just imagining things, and that the reality was that she was just enjoying the idea that a muscular, beautiful man was into her.

“How are you feeling?” Terrell asked after they’d finished the yoga warm up.

“Like I’ve already done a workout,” Brooke said with a laugh.

“Yoga is great for that. If you do the right poses it’s a great way to work your whole body in just a short amount of time. That’s why I love warming up with it,” Terrell said as he unrolled a second yoga mat.

“Today’s your first session,” Terrell said as he stepped on the mat, “So we’re not going to go crazy. If we jump right into the deep end you won’t be able to walk for a few days.”

Brooke laughed and said, “I want to be sore, but not that sore.”

“Don’t worry, I’m certain you’ll be sore tomorrow. It might not feel crazy intense while you’re doing it, but these exercises are going to work your body good.”

Terrell spread his legs and pulled up his shorts a little as he said, “We’re going to start with squats. Since you’re looking to get your body even trimmer we don’t need to add any weights. We just want to get you nice and lean. Just watch what I do and follow along.”

Brooke watched as Terrell demonstrated a squat and she marveled at how deep he managed to go. There was something else about the squat that struck Brooke as even more interesting though. When Terrell squatted, his shorts tightened and she could very clearly see the bulge of his huge cock.

As Brooke squatted with him, she had trouble looking away. It was down the left leg of his shorts. It must have been eight or nine inches long and impressively thick. She couldn’t imagine what it would have looked like hard.

When Terrell reached ten squats, Brooke was embarrassed to realize she hadn’t looked up at his face once during the exercise. She’d been staring at his cock the entire time. She was so mesmerized by his size that she couldn’t look away. Thankfully, he was impressive enough not to mention it.

She put it out of her mind as they spent the next 45 minutes doing sets of a staggering number of different exercises. By the end, Brooke was so exhausted and covered in sweat that she’d forgotten about Terrell’s impressive cock.

“Okay, let’s get you stretched out before we call it quits. It’s important to remember to stretch when you’re working without me. Be kind to your muscles and they’ll be kind to you,” he said. “Though they’re still going to hurt like hell tomorrow.”

Brooke laughed before Terrell worked her through a few arm and leg stretches.

“Now put your feet together and bend over. Let’s see if you can touch your toes,” Terrell instructed.

Brooke bent over and reached as far as she could, but she came up a few inches short of reaching her toes.

“You can get deeper Brooke,” Terrell encouraged her. “Reach for it!”

Brooke reached deeper as Terrell moved behind her. She still couldn’t quite get there. She felt Terrell’s strong hands on her lower back. He applied light pressure as he moved his fingers up her torso.

Brooke nearly cried out when she felt Terrell’s pelvis press against her ass. She could feel his huge cock. It couldn’t be accidental on his part. He was pressing his cock against her. Amazingly, Brooke reached her toes.

“Very good!” Terrell said. “Now spread your legs about shoulder width apart and reach down to your left foot.”

Brooke followed his instructions as Terrell stayed pressed against her butt. She could still feel his cock and it seemed like he was getting hard. Without thinking, Brooke shifted her hips back and forth.

Terrell’s hands moved from her upper back to her hips as he encouraged Brooke to go a little deeper. “There you go, reach for those toes. Really stretch your muscles, Brooke. Very good.”

Brooke was barely listening. Terrell’s cock was definitely getting hard. He was holding her hips. If she didn’t have her yoga pants on he’d probably be fucking her. It was insane that she wasn’t stopping him. He had to know he was getting hard. He had to be hitting on her in the most overt way imaginable, and yet she didn’t stop it.

“Now move to your right side and reach for those toes,” Terrell said as he maintained his grip on her hips.

This time, Brooke ground her ass into Terrell’s big cock as she moved to her right side. She’d given up any pretense. She was enjoying his hardness too much. She’d made this gorgeous, insanely fit black man with a monstrous cock hard and she liked it.

As she reached for her right toes, Terrell tightened his grip on her hips and ground his pelvis into her ass. He definitely would have been fucking her if she was naked. It was awfully close to straight up dry humping. Brooke felt desire surge through her. She was astonished at how aroused this little bit of dirty play made her feel.

“Very good,” Terrell said as he released Brooke’s hips and stepped back.

Brooke stood up and turned around. “That was incredible, Terrell,” she said while glimpsing briefly at his crotch. His erection was obvious. With a cock that big there was no way he could hide it, though he wasn’t making an effort to do so. Terrell was clearly proud of his big cock.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” he asked.

Brooke was absolutely certain he was asking if she wanted to fuck him. He was standing there and offering her his cock. All she had to do was reach out, pull his shorts to the ground, and she could enjoy that huge black dick for as long as she wanted.

Her body wanted it. All the signs of arousal were surging through her. It was her brain that held her back. She felt bad enough about the pseudo dry humping she’d done. She couldn’t betray Todd like that. As much as her body was telling her to fuck Terrell, she couldn’t.

“I’m already looking forward to our next appointment. I’ll see you Wednesday?” Brooke asked.

“Of course,” Terrell said as he flashed that charming smile again.

Brooke went in for what she thought would be a quick hug only to have Terrell pull her into something much more intimate. His hands caressed the smooth skin of her lower back and for a moment Brooke felt as if she might lose all her willpower and drop to her knees to suck that big black cock between his legs.

Instead, she savored the hug for another second and then gently pushed away from Terrell. His cock was still stiff. He still made no effort to hide it. Neither of them said anything about it.

“See you Wednesday,” Terrell said as he picked up his bag and let himself out the front door.

After he’d pulled out of the driveway, Brooke rushed to the bedroom, stripped off her workout clothes, and pulled her vibrator out of the nightstand. She jumped into bed, spread her legs, and masturbated to an astonishingly satisfying orgasm that left her whole body shaking in pure pleasure.

The next four chapters in the story feature lots of hot, hardcore interracial sex between Terrell and Brooke and in the fifth they finally bring in Todd to watch and masturbated as he’s given a dose of cuckold humiliation while a bigger, better cock fills his wife’s pussy. Become a supporter today (at the stories tier) and you can read all five chapters. You also get access to dozens more stories, hundreds of posts on my personal blog, captions, and more.

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