Watching Your Wife is a Cuckold’s Pleasure

In your marriage, date night means your wife in another man’s arms. You wouldn’t have it any other way though, would you cuckold? You like seeing her legs wrapped around him. You like watching them kiss. You like witnessing the overwhelming passion she feels for him. When they climb into your bed and fool around, your cock gets stiff with desire.

The moment you crave is when his dick first slides into your wife’s pussy. He’s between her legs and he can feel the heat and wetness as he rubs his cock around her labia and gently presses it inside her. Her eyes close, her head rolls back, and she moans quietly as her legs wrap around his and pull him deeper.

She needs him inside her. Your cock doesn’t provide your wife with the pleasure she seeks. His does. That’s why she’s on her back for him. That’s why she’s kissing him. That’s why she’s moaning for him. She loves his cock, cuckold. She loves that you’re watching, too.

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