Your Wife is Another Man’s Plaything

You were the one that brought it up. You couldn’t help yourself. You’d spent so many years masturbating to cuckold fantasies that you had to ask her. You weren’t sure how she’d react, but you weren’t expecting her to be so excited. You didn’t realize just how unsatisfied she was with what you were providing in bed. You didn’t realize just how badly she wanted to experience truly blissful sex with someone else. You didn’t realize how happy you made your wife by suggesting she fuck another man.

It’s been better than either of you imagined possible. He unleashed another side of her. She relishes being his plaything, being able to completely let loose and fuck as she desires. He makes her cum so hard when they’re together. He makes her scream so loud they get complaints from fellow hotel guests. She doesn’t care. She just wants his cock. Your wife badly wants another man’s cock and you made it happen. You’re such a good husband.

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