Do you remember when she walked out of the bathroom in that skimpy white lace lingerie set on your wedding night? Do you remember how wildly in love you were? Do you remember how good it felt to slide into her pussy for the first time as a married couple?

She’s always been perfect, and now you’re eagerly sharing her body with another man. You’ve become her cuckold, and tonight she’s going to fuck her lover in the same lingerie she wore on your wedding night. It was her idea, too. She loves the symbolism of it.

“I’m wearing it for him because I want it to be clear who the man in our marriage is,” she said when she shared her idea with you. “I think we both know it’s not you, after all.” Her words hurt, only because you knew she was right.

Now she’s in your marital bed in the same lingerie she wore on your wedding night, only you don’t have permission to slip into her pussy. That privilege belongs to another man, a better man. It’s his big cock that will fuck her this evening, and he’ll actually make her cum, which you failed to do on your honeymoon.

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One Reply to “Your Wife is Wearing Her Bridal Lingerie for Him”

  1. To appeal to me.. a cuckold. You have to tear at my emotions. You have to rip them to shreds.. pictures of semi clothed beautiful wives doesnt work. The odd picture strikes a chord… plucks at my cuckold angst. Some of your words do too. But it needs to more true to life.. more realistic. Cuckolds like to be tortured by symbolism and betrayal. It’s what we crave.

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