A Letter from Your Cuckoldress

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My Dearest Cuckold,

I know I shouldn’t interrupt your work day, but I thought you might like to hear about the fun I just had with my boyfriend. Most husbands would be infuriated that I invited another man into our home to fuck me while you’re at work, but you’re not like most husbands, are you? You’re a cuckold. You know your dick doesn’t satisfy me. You know I need a bigger, better man to fuck me. You embraced that reality a long time ago, didn’t you?

I love you for that, cuckold. I love you for letting me get the sexual pleasure I need from another man. I love that you don’t mind that I invite him into our home and into our marital bed to fuck my pussy like I crave. I was just in there, lying on your side of the bed with his big dick pumping into me over and over. The mess might still be wet by the time you get home.

We didn’t start in the bedroom though. I was going to make us a couple of spiked lemonades and hang out on the couch to watch a little TV and fool around, but I was too horny. He was wearing a t-shirt and you know I love those arms of his. I couldn’t resist. I was all over him in the doorway. I barely got the door closed before I had my tongue in his mouth.

It wasn’t long before I could feel his hard cock pressing into me. His jeans could barely contain that beautiful monster. You know your wife. You know what a slut I can be for him. I had to have my mouth around his cock. I dropped to my knees and practically tore his pants open to free that beautiful dick and suck on it.

You know how naughty I can be when I’m giving him head. You’ve watched it, cuckold. You’ve sat in our living room and watched me suck my boyfriend’s cock. You’ve seen his hand in my hair, pushing me deeper down on his dick. You’ve seen me look into his eyes, showing him just how worshipful I can be when I’m on my knees in front of a real man. You’ve seen that look of power and lust that comes over him when he knows he has me completely under his control.

It happened again today, only you weren’t here to watch. You were at work while I was sucking another man’s cock in our house. You know the first time is always quick. It didn’t take long for him to be overcome with lust and he pulled me to my feet, picked me up, and impaled my pussy on his cock. He had me pressed against the wall as he slide his big dick into my soaking wet, needy cunt and fucked me hard and fast.

We switched to the living room floor so he could pound me harder and faster and soon I had my legs wrapped around him and I was begging for his cum. I wanted it inside me. I needed it inside me. You know I love it when he cums inside me, cuckold. I know you love it too. I know you love the idea of another man’s seed in your wife’s pussy.

His first orgasm ended up inside me on the living room floor. I pulled my panties on and let it leak out into them as I got up and made those spiked lemonades. It’s never all that long before he’s ready to go again, so thirty minutes later we retired to the bedroom with a little bit of a buzz and plenty of desire between us.

I had him lie down on your side of the bed so I could give my boyfriend a blowjob in the same spot you’ll be sleeping later tonight. This time I made love to his cock with my mouth. There was no feverish, wild sucking. It was a slow, sensual blowjob designed to tease out the kind of erection I wanted to feel inside me. You haven’t had a blowjob like that from me in years, if I ever gave your little dick that much attention. He deserves it though. You never did.

Does it turn you on to know that he fucked me in our marital bed? Does it make your cock hard to think about another man between my legs with his big dick buried deep inside me? Does it make my cuckold husband horny as hell to know that I begged him to cum inside me again? It turns me on. I’m getting wet just writing about it. If he was still here I’d have him fuck me again, cuckold. He’d make me cum again and I’d beg him to fill me again.

I pulled a fresh pair of panties up my legs after he was done. Now they’re full of his cum and my juices. I’ll bet if you rush home you could still get a yummy taste of all that mess. Do you want to taste me, cuckold? Should I expect to see you soon?

Your Loving Cuckoldress

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