He’s Going to Fuck Your Wife

“Do you want to clean his cum out of me, cuckold? Do you want to be a creampie eating cuckold? Do you want to stick your tongue deep inside me pussy and lick up every drop of his semen? Do you want to swallow another man’s cum for your naughty wife?”

Of course you do, cuckold. You know your duty as her cuck. You know it’s another man’s job to fuck your wife to multiple orgasms and it’s your job to get in there and use your tongue to lick up all their nasty juices when it’s over.

“Come here, cucky. Come here and pull off my panties. Come here and lick every delicious drop of his cum out of me. I need to feel your tongue on my pussy. I need you to soothe me after he gave me such a hard fucking. Make me feel good, cucky.”

Do it, cuckold. You know your mouth is watering and your cock is hard as a rock at the thought of licking his cum out of your wife’s pussy. You know you can’t resist the urge. You know you want it. Get in there. Eat out her wet cunt. Lick up his cum, cuckold.

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