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2 Replies to “letter-from-your-cuckoldress”

  1. I just finished your your sexy, romantic and outstanding work, “Serving The Cuckoldress Next Door”. Twice.

    You happened to touch an aspect which some writers in the genre completely miss. Most assume that any man desires to be turned into a slavish, simpering, toad, used, abused and living happily ever after. Yes, I presume that any edgy erotica is, by its very nature, extreme and pushing deeply into the fantasy realm. Further, the tone of these works obviously seek to stimulate the feelings upon which the eroticism of being humiliated and dominated are dependent. The delicate balance is to capture and hold the erotic high one gets from ceding control, without destroying love or relationship. I am finding more works that delve deeper into the mind games, the psychological aspect of this genre.

    I’m a person who as a writer and a reader, identifies with good, realistic characters. Small slices of reality humanize and flesh out the characters, making their interaction, conflict and resolutions more authentic, thus eliciting a deeper emotional response from me. A woman who “loves her husband” but uses that love to manipulate and ultimately destroy her husband is as unbelievable as the husband who allows himself to be destroyed. Suspension of disbelief is vital to erotic stimulation, but you have stepped away from the rote, formulaic, story telling.

    In your story, April loves Pete, and she’s always there for him, protecting him, expanding his boundaries sensibly. Their interaction is eminently romantic and believable. You have hit an erotic balance where all parts are held in a delicate balance. Like any good dominant, April took Pete’s trust and held him over the abyss and never let him fall. From an erotic standpoint, reading “Serving The Cuckoldress Next Door” is at the top of my list. I hope April and Pete return in a sequel. Home run, ma’am!

    I only found three of your books on Amazon. Hopefully, more will be forthcoming.

    Thank-you for your romantic, sexy offering!

    T.S. Fairfield

    1. Thank you for the comment 🙂 I find it nearly impossible to write about a marriage where the wife works to destroy her husband. I know people want to read stories like that, but if I can’t find a way to ground what’s happening in a real sense of love I can’t write it because it feels unrealistic and I feel like that just doesn’t work, especially over a multi-part story. It’s nice to hear that someone understands it. Also, my work is now housed on my Patreon page. Including femdom stories there’s well over 800 pieces of published cuckold-related fiction, so if you want more stories, that’s where you can find them.

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