Becca’s Guide to Chastity Teasing

Chastity play can be a thrilling addition to any marriage, but it’s an especially sexy addition to a cuckold marriage. My husband and I have played with locking his cock for many years now and it’s still exciting for both of us when I bring out the device and slip him into it. The teasing is what makes it work, though.

You’ll certainly get some benefit out of locking his cock up and leaving it that way for a predetermined amount of time, but you’re going to have so much more fun if you incorporate teasing into it. If you’re driving him crazy with lust the entire time he’s in chastity it will be so much more exciting and arousing for both of you.

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What Does it Mean to Tease?

I don’t mean making fun of him. We’re not in middle school. I mean turning him on, only it’s teasing because he can’t get hard, let alone have an orgasm. It’s the ultimate cock tease and it makes chastity play so much more satisfying for you and your man.

Ideally you’ll keep him in a constant state of arousal. It works wonders because he’ll be far more attentive than usual, and even though he’s not getting off you’ll be offering him some sense of pleasure. Even when you’re denying him the orgasms he craves you can bring him a form of sexual joy, which he’ll love you for.

Locking Him Up

Even if you know when you’re going to let him out of chastity, don’t tell your husband. Never tell him, in fact. It’s always better if he has no idea. You can’t leave him in there forever, but if he’s constantly wondering when you’re going to release him he’ll be better behaved, more attentive, and constantly aroused.

Sometimes I like to arouse him before I put on the chastity device. A little kissing or lap grinding and soon enough he’s got a throbbing erection. Then I inform him he’s going to be locked up. The teasing has already begun. Once his cock deflates I slip the device on him, lock it, and put the key around my neck.

I like to arouse him as soon as he’s locked, too. More of whatever we were doing that got him hard in the first place. I repeat the process, only this time he can’t get hard. Instead, he feels the dull ache of his cock trying in vain to get erect in the sheath that engulfs it.

Once He’s Locked Up

This is where the real fun begins because there are so many things you can do to have fun with your husband once his cock is locked in its chastity device. The basic idea is simple: You want him aroused as often as possible. It might seem cruel to you, but if he wants to be in chastity then he wants to be aroused all the time.

There are lots of wonderful ways to tease him, so I’m going to run down a list of just some of them. Ultimately, you’re the best judge of what’s going to arouse him most since you should know your husband’s particular desires better than anyone.

  • Walk around in your underwear/naked – I love doing this when he’s locked up. I actually like to wear a pair of boyshort panties and then go braless while in a tight top or something cropped.
  • Lots more kissing – We make out constantly when he’s locked up. It’s the fastest way to turn him on and he’ll never turn it down. Even though he knows his cock is going to ache because it can’t get hard, he loves to kiss. With just a little tongue he’s stiff and aching.
  • More physical contact – Initiate lots of physical contact. It can be as simple as a tight hug while you’re in your underwear or naked. I love pressing my naked ass into his crotch and listening to him groan. Giving a brief lap dance while he’s in chastity is a beautiful form of agony for him.
  • Make him worship your body – This is an absolute must when he’s locked up. He craves your body. He craves you. Have him worship it. Have him kiss you all over. Have him give you a massage. Make sure he goes down on you lots. The more you cum while he’s locked up, the more aroused he’ll be.
  • Tease and denial handjob – For this one I like to cuff him to the bedposts. Once his hands are immobilized I’ll unlock his cock and tease it. Make sure you don’t get too vigorous if he’s been locked up for a while because he might cum really quickly. Get him hard, make him drip precum, and then wait until he’s soft again and lock him up. Once he’s back in his cage and the key is around your neck you can unlock his hands.
  • Shower with him – Most chastity devices are shower safe, so invite your husband to join you. Have him wash your body and your hair. Rub your wet nakedness against him. Wash his balls and his cock in the chastity device. Be attentive. Make it an erotic experience for both of you.
  • If he’s into anal play, go for it – Don’t force this on him, but if your husband is into anal play of any kind, doing it while he’s in chastity is perfect. Whether that’s pegging, fingering, or toys, go for it. You’ll have his cock dripping precum like crazy before you know it.
  • Your personal form of teasing – Like I said earlier, you should know better than anyone how to arouse your man. Use it. Remember, he wants to be teased and aroused and denied orgasm, even if he complains.

Cuckolding & Chastity

Cuckolding him while he’s locked up is the ultimate form of teasing. If you have a date, lock him up and slip the key into your purse or wear it around you’re neck if you’re comfortable with that. While you’re out, tease him via text or send pictures if you’re feeling bold. He will ache in the chastity device and he’ll know that his only chance of freedom will come when you get home.

If your cuckold husband is permitted to watch, then put him in chastity the next time you get fucked with him in the room. If possible, have him locked up for several days beforehand. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how crazily aroused he is. If you’ve ever wanted to push his boundaries and have him explore new avenues (fluffing your bull/boyfriend, cleanup, etc) pushing him towards them while he’s locked up is a good way to go.

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Don’t Feel Bad

Some women genuinely feel bad about teasing their men and denying them orgasm. You need to change your thinking if that’s the case. Remember, he wants this (if he doesn’t then you really shouldn’t be locking him up). He wants to be in chastity. He wants to be teased and turned on and denied orgasm.

A Note to the Chastised Men: What Not to Do

Your wife (or girlfriend) is giving you a gift by putting you in chastity and teasing you. She’s making one of your fantasies come true, but it’s a two person game. You have a part to play and there are some things you absolutely cannot do.

  • Don’t make her feel guilty – You’re going to want to be released, badly. You might get desperate for it. Don’t, even for a second, make her feel guilty for locking you up. Don’t emotionally manipulate her into giving you an orgasm. Don’t be cruel for even a second.
  • Don’t beg for release too much – A little bit of begging for release can be exciting, but don’t go overboard. It can quickly become unattractive. The moment you become a sniveling weakling in her eyes is the moment it stops being fun to lock you up.
  • Don’t get sullen or immature – Sometimes the frustration of being locked up can overwhelm a guy. He can go from being horny and lustful to being annoyed and sullen that he’s not being released. Try your best not to go to that place. It’s really unattractive and will quickly end the game.

Ladies, if your man starts acting like an asshole at any point during the chastity experience, give him the key and walk away. If he can’t handle being locked and teased, don’t bother with it. Don’t let him manipulate and abuse you. If he’s not willing to submit while you have his cock in a chastity device, he’s not really worth playing with in this way.

One Final Thought

As with anything, you’re probably not going to be great at chastity teasing the first time you do it. It takes practice to get good at anything, so don’t be afraid to screw up. Also, please make sure you’re communicating with him constantly. Check in on how he’s doing and how the experience is for him. Get feedback on how you’re doing. I know that might seem a little weird, but you’re working together on this and for it to be great you need to be a team.

My husband and I have found chastity teasing to be a thrilling addition to our sex life and I think you will to. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

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