November 2018 was Cum Loving Cuckolds Month on my Patreon page. I published 12 erotic, thrilling cum cleanup stories for your pleasure. They’re all available at the Stories reward tier and they’re ready to be enjoyed anytime. Use this link to read them all at your leisure after you become a supporter.

Here’s a summary of the stories:

A Heavy Cummer for His Birthday – Read about how your wife gives you the hottest birthday present imaginable: A man that shoots massive loads. She fucks him, he fills her with cum, and you get to clean it all up.

Cuckold Does Shots – of Yummy Cum – at a Party – Ben attends a party with his wife and ends up watching her suck off multiple men. Each guy shoots his load in a shot glass and the lucky cuckold gets to drink them all down while his wife and a few party guests watch.

He Can Cum Inside Her, but Only If He Cleans Her Bull’s Creampie – Once Lisa starts fucking her bull bareback, David is restricted to condoms only. She knows he wants to cum inside her again, so she makes a deal. If he’ll clean her bull’s creampie, he gets to cum inside her. Will he do it?

You’re a Nasty Little Cum Slut for Her – Your wife loves feeding you cum from the condoms her lovers fill and you love drinking it. Read a second person story of naughty cum-eating delight.

Sex Party Creampie Cleanup (click the link to read this one for free on my blog) – Edward attends a sex party as his wife’s cuckold. His job is to clean the creampies that end up inside her. It’s going to be a delicious cum feast for him.

Gloryhole Cum Sharing and Kissing with Your Wife – You and your lovely wife go to a sex shop with gloryhole video booths and enjoy an evening of pleasure. You watch her suck cock and get fucked and you get to share in every load of cum she produces.

Gangbang Creampie Cleanup – A collared cuckold tends to his wife’s pussy as she takes on half a dozen guys in a wild gangbang in a hotel room. He cleans and fluffs like a good sub cuck should.

The Bull Cums in Her Cuckold’s Mouth – You watch your wife and her bull have beautiful sex. He doesn’t cum inside her though. Instead, he pulls out and cums in your mouth. Swallow it, cuckold.

Creampie Cleanup Humiliation for You – Enjoy erotic, hugely arousing verbal humiliation from your wife. She loves that you’re a cum eating cuck for her and she loves humiliating you as your cock throbs with delight.

The Training of a Cuckold Cum Slut (click the link to read this story on my blog) – Go on a cum cleaning journey with a couple as he devours semen off of various parts of her body. Luxuriate in the sensual descriptions of consuming cum from her tits, ass, pussy lips, face, and more.

You Get to Clean an Anal Creampie – You’ve cleaned creampies from her pussy, but she and her bull want you to go the next level. They want you to eagerly clean a hot load of his cum from her asshole.

Wife and Bull Feed the Cuckold Loads of Cum – A first person account where the cuckold tells us all the different and naughty ways his wife and bull have conspired to make him eat the bull’s cum.

All 12 of these erotic cuckold cum cleanup stories are live right now and I promise they’re intensely arousing and totally satisfying. Become a supporter today to read these stories and get access to the other reward tiers, including captioned stories, JOI, and so much more.

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5 Replies to “Cum Loving Cuckolds – One Month, 12 Cleanup Stories”

  1. I’m about to become a devoted follower. Thank you for your stories … I am a bit of a writer myself and admire your work. I have recently followed you on Sharesome also (ksub317).

    1. Thank you! There’s a ton more coming to the Patreon page in February (several multi-part stories that I know my followers are going to love).

  2. my ultimate fantasy is to have my wife give her bull a blow job and then she gives me a kiss while giving me ALL the cum she has sucked from her bull You’ll have to excuse me, I’m as super hard and need to be relieved 😉

  3. I would love to be standing naked with my little penis In my hand wanking as my sexy wife fucks a guy with a huge fat cock and looking at me, then before he fills my wife’s pussy she tells me to get under her quickly and catch all the cum

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