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Be a good cuckold and watch your wife’s pleasure at playing with another man. Enjoy how turned on she gets and how badly she wants to make him cum. Enjoy how hard he makes her cum. This is what cuckolding is all about.

She’s on her knees in front of him. His half-hard cock is in her hand and it’s already bigger than yours. The head of it is wet with her saliva. You’ve already watched her wrap her soft, sexy lips around it and run her tongue around the head. You’ve seen his eyes close and listened to him moan as your wife gives him head.

There are so many thrills to being her cuckold. Watching her give a blowjob is one of them. Witnessing how passionate she is for another man’s cock in her mouth never fails to arouse you. Seeing how badly she wants to make him feel good is the ultimate thrill.

Look at how she stares up at him, cuckold. That’s a woman that wants to make her man feel good. She wants him to see her devotion to his big cock and you want to watch. This is your place. You are here to be a witness to her desire for him. You are here to see that he’s better than you at fucking her. You are here to see that he’s far superior to you in bed, that he will fuck her like you’ve never been able to fuck her.

It all begins with a devotional blowjob. It begins with your wife on her knees in front of him, showing her lust for his cock. She wants to give him pleasure. She wants to make him feel good. She wants to make him rock hard for her wet pussy.

She wants to fuck him, too. Look into her eyes as she bends over and gets taken from behind. Look at the lust there. Look at how good he makes her feel with the deep thrusts of his big cock.

“He’s so fucking big,” she says. “He feels so fucking good inside me! He’s fucking me so hard, baby!”

You can play with your cock. You don’t have to be like the sad cuck in that picture. Take it out. Stroke it while she’s getting fucked. Play with your dick while your wife gets pounded hard and fast by her lover.

That’s the look. That’s the look she never has when you’re inside her. That’s the look she has when he’s inside her, when a real man is fucking your wife the way she craves. She sits on his cock and her big tits bounce in his face. She moans loudly and sensually. She grinds her pussy on his dick.

“Oh my God!” she cries out. “He’s so big! He’s going to make me cum, cucky!”

He makes her cum. He makes her cum hard. He makes her cum harder than you ever have. You should be masturbating, cuckold. You should jerk off as he fucks your wife to a far better orgasm than you’ve ever provided her. You should stroke your little dick as he makes her cum.

Missionary hotwife sex

This looks a little bit sexier, doesn’t it? Look at how her body opens for him, how willing and eager your wife is to have someone else’s cock inside her. Look at how she caresses him, how her fingers move over his taut flesh as he fucks her.

Another man is about to cum in your wife. Another man is going to unload his seed in her perfect pussy. That’s the best part of watching her cuckold you. He’s fucking her a little faster. His groans are getting a little louder and a little more desperate. He’s about to cum.

Cum with him. When he unloads in your wife’s pussy, unload with him. Cum as he cums. Complete the pleasure of watching your wife fuck another man, cuckold.

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  1. I would love to do this. However when my wife is being taken to another dimension; it’s by a well hung guy that I simply don’t measure up to. During these times, my 4.5 inches is locked away securely it a Jailbird device, and the key is on a chain around her right ankle. When either of them notice me at all, it’s only to remind me just what a pathetic useless husband I am when in a bedroom. All I can do is watch them enjoy unbridled pleasure while feeling totally inadequate, and unfulfilled. But by being such an inferior cuckold, this is exactly what I should be getting during their passionate sex, because It’s all I deserve. Humiliation, and degrading insults; there is no pleasure for me to complete during these times.

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