Do As You’re Told, Cuckold – A Bisexual Cuckold Story

Hello, my dear cuckolds. I’m going to transport you to a beautiful bisexual cuckold experience where you get to be the eager submissive cuck that will do anything for his wife. Remember, do as you’re told. Be a good boy and you’ll get the reward you crave. This story was originally published on my Patreon page (so if you want more like it, click that link, or check out all the bisexual stories my supporters get to enjoy). Enjoy 🙂

“I’m not cruel,” your wife says. “You’ll be rewarded for being a good boy.”

She’s sitting naked on your couch. Her legs are crossed, hiding her pussy from your hungry eyes. Her hands rest on her knee and her arms frame her perky breasts perfectly. She looks irresistible.

“It’s not like I’m asking you to do something insane. It’s not what you’re used to, of course. It’s not something you want to do, but that’s the point, honey. It’s something I want you to do. It’s something that’s going to make my pussy wet. That’s why I want you to do it.”

Her bright red lipstick is impossibly sexy. You can’t look away from her lips when she’s talking to you. It’s almost hypnotic.

Her bull is sitting next to her. He’s naked too. Her fingers are wrapped around his cock as she gives him a slow, sensual handjob. He’s hard, of course. You know how talented her fingers are. You know how easily she makes you cum when she jerks you off.

“So, are you going to be a good boy for me?” she asks.

You’re on your knees in front of the couch. You’re naked too, though your cock is locked in a chastity cage. As she often says, you have no business getting hard when her bull is over. He’s the only man in the house when he’s there.

“I don’t want to,” you say.

She leans forward and smiles. You stare at her breasts and then her red lips. You don’t want to disappoint her, but you really don’t want to do what she’s asking.

“Let me make this simple for you,” she says. “Suck his cock or I’m not letting you out of your cage for a month.”

She leans back and strokes her bull. You look at his cock. You move a little closer, but you can’t quite commit.

“A month is a lot longer than it seems when you’re locked in a tight little cage. It’s a lot longer when you can’t sleep through the night because your caged cock keeps trying to get hard. It’s a lot longer when you have to wear a condom over your cage every day because you’re constantly leaking precum. Is that what you want?” she asks.

You shake your head. “No.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way. All you have to do is wrap those pretty little lips of yours around his big dick. Give my bull a blowjob. Fluff his cock for me. Show me that you’re willing to be a good boy, that you recognize his superior status in our household. Show me that you understand that when he’s here, he’s the man of the house.”

You move between his legs. He spreads them a little wider for you so you can get closer. His balls look huge. His cock is thick and the veins bulge as your wife strokes him. There’s already a drop of precum at the tip.

“Good boys get rewarded, honey. If you’re a good boy and you suck his cock I’ll let you taste my pussy before he fucks me. How long has it been since you earned the right to taste my pussy?” she asks.

“A week,” you say. It’s been too long. You need to taste her pussy.

“This is how you’ll earn that privilege. Fluff his cock and you can move right over here and taste my pussy,” she says while spreading her legs and revealing the object of your desire. It’s been a few days since you’ve even seen it. Your cock throbs in its cage as she teases you with the mouth watering sight of her pussy.

You look at her bull’s cock once more. It doesn’t seem that bad. It’s not like your wife is going to think less of you if you give him a quick blowjob.

“Fluff him, cuckold,” she says in a demanding tone.

You move closer. His cock looks more intimidating from just a few inches away. It’s too late now though. Your wife holds her hand around the base of her bull’s big dick and you wrap your lips around the head.

“Good boy,” she says.

You run your tongue along over the head of his big cock. You taste his precum, which is far more pleasant than you expected.

You try and do as your wife does when she sucks her bull’s cock. You try and take as much of him into your mouth as possible.

“That’s it, honey. See how much you can take. Be a good fluffer for me,” your wife encourages you.

She pushes on the back of your head and you take more before gagging. She lets you go and his cock escapes your lips as you suck in air desperately.

“Get back to it, honey. Being a fluffer isn’t about your pleasure. It’s about getting my bull nice and hard for me,” she says.

You get back to work as your wife demands. You take his cock back into your mouth and work on the head. You stroke him and use your spit as lube. You lick all around the cock head and soon you’ve got him moaning.

It’s a little humiliating that you’re getting into it. It helps that you can hear your wife playing with her pussy. It’s turning her on to see you fluff her bull. She loves that you submitted to her desires.

“Good boy,” she says while pulling your mouth off her bull’s cock. “Come and get your reward.”

You quickly move between your wife’s legs and eat her pussy. She tastes perfect in every way. She’s wet from watching you suck cock and as you push your tongue inside her your head swims with lust. Your cock aches in its cage. You desperately want to get hard, but tasting her perfect pussy is reward enough.

After you’ve had your taste your wife pushes you away. “It’s time to watch,” she says.

Your eyes remain fixed on her pussy as your wife straddles her bull and sinks down onto him. He’s rock hard and she’s soaking wet and that’s thanks to you. You’re their little fluffer and you did such a good job. Now you get to enjoy the reward of watching another man fuck your wife.

You move between his legs once more and rest on your knees. You have a perfect view of your wife’s wet pussy riding her bull’s big cock. You’re close enough to hear it all, too. It’s the wet sound of sex that turns you on the most.

Your wife sinks onto his cock and stays there. She leans forward and kisses her bull. The sounds of their kissing drift into the air and make your cock tingle with desire.

“Worship my ass, cuckold,” your wife says.

You tear your eyes away from the sight of her bull’s big cock in her pussy and stare at her perfect tight asshole.

You don’t need to be told twice to worship it. You lean in and lick her ass eagerly. She moans into her bull’s mouth as you give a wet, passionate rimjob. The taste is perfect.

She begins to grind on her bull’s cock. She moves back and forth and your head moves with her so you can stay attached to her asshole like a good cuckold is supposed to.

She’s moaning louder and you’re helping her feel good. His big cock and your tongue are going to bring your wife to an incredible orgasm.

“I’m cumming!” she yells.

Her asshole relaxes just a little as she’s cumming and you take the opportunity to push your tongue inside. She moans louder. You’re making her feel so good!

“Fuuuuck!” she says before gently pushing your head away from her asshole. His cock is still inside her, but your wife needs a moment to sit still and relax.

“Suck his balls, cuckold,” she says.

You’ve already sucked his cock so you see no reason to hesitate in taking his balls into your mouth.

You maneuver a little lower and move closer to his balls. You run your tongue over them. You taste sweat and feel the roughness of his pubic hair. It turns you on more than you expected.

You take his left ball into your mouth and run your tongue over it. The quiet moan he lets out makes you feel good. You move to his right ball and do the same thing.

“Is he sucking your balls like a good boy?” your wife asks her bull.

“He is,” her bull answers.

“Should I give him a reward? Should I let him taste my pussy again?” she asks.

“I think he’s earned it,” her bull says.

Your wife climbs off the man that just fucked her and spreads her legs. “Come get your reward, honey,” she says.

You let his sweaty balls fall from your mouth and move between your wife’s legs. You push your tongue into her pussy. You know she doesn’t want her clit licked right after an orgasm. She just wants to let you taste the sex she just had.

It’s better the second time. You can taste a mixture of her pussy, his cock, his precum, and her juices. You can feel your caged cock start to drip.

“Good boy,” she says while pushing your head away. She’s ready for another round with her bull.

Your wife keeps her legs spread and he takes your place between them. His cock slides into her soaking wet cunt and slowly fills your wife.

“Fuck me,” she says while wrapping her legs around him. “Fuck me hard while he watches.”

When she was on top the sex was slow and sensual as you ate her ass. It’s not that way this time. Now your wife wants something different. She wants to be pounded.

Her bull obliges. He’s strong and fit and he can go as long as she wants. You watch in awe as he pulls out until it’s just the tip of his cock inside her and then plunges back inside again. Her pussy lips cling to his shaft as the sound of their flesh meeting over and over fills the room and leaves you tingling. You’re so worked up you’re starting to get lightheaded.

Her bull’s hard thrusting comes to a stop. He moves to his knees in front of the couch and keeps his cock inside her.

“Come here, honey,” your wife says.

You move to the couch and she directs you to rest your head on her stomach. You feel the heat of her skin against your head as you lie down on your wife. You’re just a few inches away from her pussy. You can see her bull’s hard abs and the little drops of sweat that have formed.

“Fuck me,” she urges him.

You’re so close now. Suddenly you can hear every naughty little detail as he thrusts his cock inside your wife. You can see his dick disappear inside her and watch as it emerges slick and shiny with her juices.

“Open up,” your wife says as she gently taps your head.

You do as you’re told without thinking and her bull pulls out and pushes his wet cock into your mouth. You instinctively close your lips around it and suck. Suddenly he’s fucking your mouth instead of her pussy.

He pulls out after a few deep thrusts and pushes back inside her.

“Good boy,” your wife says. It turns her on that you’re so willing to do what she says.

He fucks her hard and fast again. She moans loudly and runs her hands through your hair. She pulls tightly on it and you feel the delightful pain.

He pulls his cock out of her and you don’t have to be told to open your mouth. You do so eagerly. You want to make your wife happy so you suck his dick clean of her juices and then watch him put it back inside her.

This time he fucks your wife to her second orgasm. It doesn’t take long. She’s so turned on from watching you suck cock that soon she’s quivering and moaning unintelligibly while she climaxes.

He keeps pounding her right up until her orgasm is over. Then he pulls out and pushes his cock into your mouth once more.

“Swallow,” your wife says.

For a moment you’re not sure what she’s talking about. Then you feel him cum in your mouth. Shot after shot of hot jizz lands on your tongue and paints the insides of your cheeks. You gag slightly because it’s so strong, but you’re determined to do as your wife desires.

You swallow his cum. You swallow it all as he groans loudly. He’s having an orgasm in your mouth and you’re taking it because that’s what your wife wants.

“You’re such a good boy,” she says while her hands gently caress your hair and upper back. “Swallow all of his cum for me. Don’t miss a drop.”

You wouldn’t dream of it.

Were you a good boy? Did you do everything she asked? Did you suck her bull’s cock like a good submissive, bisexual cuckold should? I’ll bet you did. Now, if you want more thrilling bisexual cuckold stories (or cuckold tales of all kinds), become a Patreon supporter today and enjoy a huge collection of wildly arousing content.

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