A Guide to Verbally Humiliating Your Cuckold (with Examples)

Verbal humiliation is a hugely effective way of providing your cuckold husband (or boyfriend) with intense pleasure. It’s easy to do (though it takes practice to master) and it can be done without introducing another man into your sex life (though it’s even more fun if you’ve found a lover).

This guide will take you through the pleasures and potential pitfalls of verbally humiliating your cuckold. I’ll help you discover what turns him on the most, when to push his limits, and how to know if you’ve gone too far. At the very end of the article you’ll find sample verbal humiliation in the form of audio clips if you’re looking for ideas (click here to skip ahead). If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Quick note: If you’re seeking cuckold humiliation stories, captions, audio files, and more, I recommend my Patreon page. I promise an endless stream of cuckold-fueled orgasms for your pleasure.

Why Would He Want to be Verbally Humiliated?

Verbal humiliation is a common part of BDSM play. Your husband is not alone. In fact, he’s one of millions of men and women that find sexual pleasure in being verbally humiliated. The desire for it is rooted in masochism, a trait that most cuckolds possess.

You don’t have to be a sadist to deliver effective verbal humiliation. You do have to understand that the harsh, humiliating things you’re saying are arousing to him. If you want to read a little more about erotic humiliation, please refer to this excellent article. It should help you gain a deeper understanding of your cuckold’s desires.

The Basics of a Verbal Humiliation Session

Cuckold verbal humiliation works so much better when you’re both turned on, and it works best when you’re both really worked up. You want to get to that point where hearing him moan actually thrills you because you’re so hot and bothered. Do whatever it takes to get there. If that means he goes down on you for a little bit or gives you an erotic massage, then so be it. I promise, he’ll do just about anything for the pleasure of being verbally humiliated.

If there’s something in particular that helps set the mood for you, then go for it. Perhaps you want to light a candle and turn on some music. Maybe you want to put on lingerie or something that makes you feel dominant (leather boots, anyone?). Maybe for the first few times you want to do it with the lights off because it feels easier that way. Again, whatever makes it easier for you is the right way to go.

It’s going to be more fun if there’s lots of touching and kissing and you should mix it up. Stroke his cock for a little bit and then let him take over. Make him play with your pussy or your breasts while you’re humiliating him. Kiss each other. It shouldn’t be a steady stream of dirty words pouring forth from your mouth. It should be a slow burn.

As you get more comfortable with it, feel free to think outside the box and mix it up a little. Sitting on his face and making him worship your pussy while you verbally humiliate him is hugely effective. He can masturbate while you’re doing it if you want to allow him that pleasure. You can be on your back and have him go down on you too.

I’m going to mention this again, but it’s really important that you find this experience arousing or you’re not going to want to do it again. You don’t have to be turned on by humiliating him, but you can be turned on by how he’s pleasuring your body, by a toy vibrating your clit, or even by the exceptional sexual pleasure he’s experiencing as you verbally humiliate him.

Your First Step: Discover What Turns Him on the Most

In my experience (with my fans and Patrons), every cuckold is a little bit different when it comes to what turns them on the most. Some love creampie cleanup, some aren’t into the idea at all. Some are crazy for small penis humiliation. Some are into interracial cuckolding. There are dozens of other specific elements of cuckolding that can be sources of arousal, too (check out my article on cuckold humiliation ideas for even more on this subject).

Your task is to discover what really turns your cuckold on. That’s the easiest way to begin your journey into verbally humiliating him. A little bit of dirty talk about the thing that drives him crazy with lust and you’ll have him cumming in no time.

So, how do you discover what turns him on the most? Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done. I always recommend that you start with a conversation. If he’s willing to tell you then you’ll have saved yourself a lot of time. The problem is that some guys are really insecure about this particular fantasy. They’re nervous you’re going to think less of them or that you’re going to find their fantasies disgusting, etc.

It’s up to you to convince him that he’s not going to drive you away by sharing his fantasy. The key is, you have to actually mean it. If he tells you that the thing that turns him on most is licking another man’s cum from your pussy, you can’t make a face and tell him that’s disgusting (even if you find it pretty gross). That’s a good way to ensure he won’t talk to you about it ever again. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to assume that’s an outcome you’d like to avoid. That’s why you need to be prepared for him to share anything, including stuff that might surprise you.

That being said, chances are good he’s going to share something that’s not too scary (unless the creampie cleanup stuff really freaks you out). If you need more information, feel free to ask questions. Just try not to ask questions like, “Why are you into that?” The truth is, most people can’t really tell you why they’re into a particular kink, just like they can’t tell you why they’re into a particular hair color. It just is.

If he’s struggling to describe what he’s into, you could always ask him to show you examples. There are lots of stories (I’ve written plenty) dealing with cuckold humiliation that feature verbal play in the dialogue. He could probably show you videos or even audio clips (hey, I’ve got a handful of those on my Patreon page too, and some free cuckold audio clips) that might demonstrate the sort of thing he’s into.

If he’s willing to share his fantasies with you, you can move on to the next step. If not, the section below is for you.

What if He Won’t Share

You’d think a guy would be willing to share what turns him on most if his wife was asking, right? You’d think the chance to have his fantasies come true would be enough motivation. Cuckolding is different though. It’s a fantasy that tends to go against everything men are taught. They’re not supposed to want their wives to sleep with other people. That societal programming is part of what makes the fantasy arousing, of course, but it’s also what makes it so hard to admit.

It often comes down to a man worrying that his wife is going to think less of him if he admits his fantasies. One of the dangers here is that sometimes that’s exactly what happens. Most of the time it doesn’t, though. Sometimes your marriage will see significant improvement. One of the great things about having a cuckold husband is that he’s almost always thinking about your sexual pleasure because it goes hand in hand with his (which isn’t always the case in a marriage).

If he’s not willing to share what turns him on, you’re going to have to go hunting for it. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to find what you’re looking for.

This works so much better if he’s wildly aroused when you’re doing it. I recommend creating a situation where you’re in control. A bit of foreplay (of the kissing and groping variety) followed by his clothes coming off and his cock ending up in your hand.

That’s when you begin the hunt. Make it as erotic as possible. Stroke his cock slowly as you whisper to him. Believe it or not, it will be easier for him to admit his deepest fantasies if you’re not making eye contact.

It’s important that you have some sort of starting point. Perhaps your husband has shared a basic cuckold fantasy with you. Perhaps you’ve seen his browser history or read an erotic story together (I might have a few suggestions for you). That’s where you start. It’s often most effective to use that erotic environment to ask questions that can be fodder for his orgasm.

Here’s a little excerpt of an imagined scenario:

You kiss his neck softly and stroke his cock. He groans in pleasure. He’s putty in your hands. You gently nibble on his earlobe and whisper, “Are you thinking about another man’s cock inside me?”

He groans again. He looks at you. He’s surprised and utterly delighted that you’re bringing this up.

“Do you wish someone else’s cock was inside me right now?” you say.

“Yes,” he says before pressing his lips against yours for a feverish kiss.

Precum leaks from his cock as you stroke him. You feel it throbbing in your hand. “Is his cock bigger than yours?” you ask.

He subtly thrusts his hips upwards. He’s telling you he likes that. You’ve hit his sweet spot. “Yes, he’s much bigger than I am,” he says.

Again you kiss his neck. You let your tongue dance over his skin. He’s getting closer now. You unleash another lusty question, “Is he fucking me better than you do?”

He groans. He can’t answer. The pleasure is too much. He cums hard. “Thank you,” he says between heavy breaths.

If that had been you and your husband you’d now know that he’s turned on by the idea of you being with a guy that has a bigger cock and that fucks you better than your husband does. You could also make the broader assumption that he’s turned on by the implication that he’s an inferior lover, because of his size and perhaps his skill.

Here’s another imagined scenario, this time using the information you learned in the last encounter:

You’re straddling your husband. His hard cock is inches from your pussy. He’s desperate to be inside you, to feel your perfect warmth and wetness around his erection.

You rub your pussy over the underside of his shaft and tease his cock head by taking a tiny fraction of it inside you.

“Not tonight, cuckold,” you say. “This little cock doesn’t deserve my pussy. You don’t fill me the way I need to be filled. You don’t fuck me the way I deserve to be fucked.” You lean forward and kiss him softly and sensually before whispering, “I deserve a man with a big cock. I need a man that fucks me better than you ever have.”

Both scenarios work as a form of cuckold verbal humiliation. The first happens to double as a way of investigating what turns him on. If you’re going to make this sort of play a regular thing in your sex life, it’s important to mix it up, so be willing to try them all.

Quick side note: It’s of the utmost importance that you’re finding pleasure in all of this. If you’re not, you will quickly come to resent your husband, and that’s a very bad outcome because resentment leads to divorce. If your husband isn’t excellent with his tongue, it’s time to teach him how to be.

Cuckolds can be selfish, but it’s easy to teach them not to be. It’s pretty simple, really. You have what he wants, which is the ability to offer him the kind of verbal humiliation that makes him cum harder than he’s ever cum before. Make him work for it a little. Make him tend to your pussy with his tongue and fingers. Chances are good his cock isn’t actually as worthless as he might want to believe it is either, so use it if you want. I promise you that you’ll enjoy this more if you come to associate it with your orgasms too.

Second Step: Dip Your Toe into Verbally Humiliating Your Cuckold

One of the dangers of verbal humiliation is that you can go a little too far and end up doing real damage. You can say something that might hit too close to home or might be so hurtful that he can’t get over it, or at least can’t get over it easily. That’s why it’s best to start slow.

I’m going to assume you’ve managed to extract at least a little bit of information from your man so you should have some idea of what he’s into. You’ll have to tailor your approach based on the specificity of that information.

For instance, if he’s told you that he’s really into the idea of you fucking someone with a bigger cock that makes you feel much better than his (this is a pretty common cuckold fantasy) you can get pretty specific with that.

Here’s an example built around the idea of an ex-boyfriend (imaginary or real) that had a bigger cock than your current man:

“His cock felt so good inside me, baby. He stretched out my tight little pussy so good when he fucked me.”

That’s a pretty mild approach that focuses on the other guy. That’s a good place to start, especially if you’re not sure how your man is going to react. If you find your man’s cock perfectly fine or utterly pleasurable and you don’t particularly want to humiliate its size, you can try that approach.

Here’s a different way of approaching the same idea:

“He was much bigger than you, baby. He felt so much better inside me. Your cock doesn’t compare to his. Sometimes I even think about him when you’re inside me. Sometimes I wish it was him fucking me instead of you.”

That’s not so mild. That’s a much more direct and potentially humiliating approach. You’re directly insulting your cuckold’s cock size. You’re telling him you wish your ex-boyfriend was still around to fuck you. Chances are good he’ll enjoy the second version more than the first, but it’s probably not the right choice out of the gate. It’s probably wise to wait until you know more about what kind of verbal humiliation he’s comfortable receiving.

Quick note: This is also a good example of why aftercare is so important. If you’re not actually fantasizing about your ex you really should tell your husband that so he doesn’t freak out the next time you have sex. You both need to be clear that the humiliation is strictly a for-pleasure activity meant to be restricted to the bedroom.

As referenced above, a safe approach on your first time is to make your cuckold humiliate himself. It can be astoundingly hot for him to have to admit to what he perceives are his shortcomings.

Here are some lines you can try out in the midst of a sensual session filled with kissing, touching, and a bit of naughty stroking:

“Do you think I deserve someone bigger than you?”
“Do you want to see me cum on a bigger, better cock?”
“Should I find another man to satisfy me?”
“Do you want to see my tight pussy stretch around someone else’s big cock?”
“Do you want me to cuckold you?”

You can tailor your questions to his particular desires. It’s important that he answer, too. That’s all part of the fun. If you need to demand an answer, do so. Embrace your power here. You hold the key to his orgasm. Don’t be afraid to use it to get what you want. You don’t have to carry all the weight here. He can participate.

If you want to get good at this it’s important to try take mental notes as you’re playing. Try and remember what really turns him on (he’ll almost certainly let you know through a louder moan, a thrust of his hips, or by cumming unexpectedly) and dig into that a little deeper next time.

The idea is to start slowly and safely and then work your way into the deeper, naughtier, potentially more interesting stuff. Just make sure you don’t go too far, too quickly and run the risk of doing damage that could be hard to repair.

An Important Note: Make Everything Lusty

This part is really important. Verbal cuckold humiliation works so much better when you take a lusty approach. You’re putting on a performance and it needs to be good. There’s a huge difference between dryly delivering a line and saying it in a way that will dig into the arousal center of his brain and get him off.

Let me give you an example. Listen to these two clips of the exact same line delivered in two different ways:

(thanks to MizSpecific for the audio)

You can hear the difference, right? I can understand if you’re a little uncomfortable with this sort of thing. Like I said, you’re putting on a performance and that doesn’t work for some people. The performance is important, though. It’s almost as important as knowing what to say, so it’s worth working on. To that end, there will be more audio examples towards the end of the article if you need more references.

There’s a physical element to making everything lusty, too. Imagine the lustily delivered line above having been said right after you’ve teased him with soft kisses on his neck and a quick nibble on his earlobe, or imagine it right after a long, sensual kiss while you’re stroking his stiff cock. It’s unquestionably going to be more effective that way because all of that lusty physical play contributes to a heightened sense of arousal.

Step Three: Repeat and Dig a Little Deeper

As with anything, the more you practice verbally humiliating your cuckold, the better you’ll get at it. To me, this is absolutely something that’s worth getting better at because it can have genuinely positive benefits to you and your cuckold.

You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but if your husband is experiencing orgasms that thrill him beyond words he’s going to be better at being your husband (or at least there’s a good chance he will be).

If his orgasms are happening because of your skillful verbal humiliation he’s going to feel grateful (he damn well better), and that sense of gratefulness will have been earned. A grateful man is a good man, in my experience, and that means a better hubby and maybe even a better marriage.

So, how do you dig deeper? How do you make the verbal humiliation even better for your cuckold (other than by reading all the cuck humiliation stories on my Patreon page, of course)?

It starts by working with the advice I’ve already given. The more you know about what turns him on, the deeper you can dig. Thankfully, the more you indulge in his desire for verbal humiliation, the more likely he’ll be to share his deeper desires with you.

When he does, it’s important not to be judgmental. You don’t have to indulge his every desire, of course, but try your best to avoid saying something is disgusting or sickening. That’s a pretty good way to get him to clam up. Just take it all in and then play with the stuff that you find fun.

It’s also important to remember that there’s often a big difference between what he fantasizes about and what he wants to happen in reality.

Let’s dig into that a little. Lots of cuckolds fantasize about other men getting their wives pregnant. I know it might sound crazy, but it’s really popular and really hot for some guys (and some wives, too). To me, that’s about as extreme as cuckolding gets (if only because the result of actually doing that lasts a lifetime).

I’m fairly certain most cuckolds know that too. They get how big a deal that is. For that reason, most aren’t interested in actually doing through with it. They just like to fantasize about going through with it. That means if he shares that fantasy with you it doesn’t mean he wants someone else to get you pregnant. It just means the idea turns him on and that he knows it’s not going to be reality even if you offer up a touch of verbal humiliation about it when you’re playing.

If you’re not all that familiar with the cuckold fetish, it’s possible there’s quite a few elements of it that you’ll find a touch scary or off-putting (though I could be wrong, of course). These can include your cuckold wanting to suck your lover’s cock to get it hard for your pussy, creampie and cum cleanup, anal play (with him receiving), chastity play (his cock locked up), feminization (him in panties/lingerie) and even castration (I guess that’s more extreme than pregnancy play). There are lots more, too.

Again, there’s no need for you to delve into anything you’re not comfortable with. If you find it off-putting then don’t play in that way.

However, it might be worth exploring ways to get what you need while giving him something he needs even if you don’t find it arousing. Could you find a way to talk about him cleaning another man’s cum out of your pussy? What if he was going down on you while you did it? Wouldn’t that feel good?

Let’s play out how you might delve deeper into the verbal humiliation over the span of several sessions. I’ll use idea of another man cumming inside you as the jumping off point. This is a reliably thrilling notion for a cuckold.

“Do you want him to cum inside me? Do you want him to pump his load into your wife’s wet pussy?”

He’s probably going to say yes the first time you introduce that idea because it’s exactly what he wants. There’s something very primal about it. It ups the stakes. After all, a woman’s husband is supposed to be the one that cums inside her.

Next time, you shift it a little: “I want him to cum inside me. I want him to pump his hot load into my wet pussy.”

Let’s get a little more aggressive: “You’re going to watch him cum inside me, cuckold. You’re going to watch a bigger, better cock pump a hot load into my wet pussy.”

Even more aggressive: “Your little dick doesn’t deserve to cum inside me, cuckold. Only a real man with a cock that can actually satisfy me gets to pump his hot load into my wet pussy.”

Now we float the idea of creampie cleanup play: “Do you want to lick his cum out of my pussy, cuckold? Do you want to lick another man’s load out of your wife’s pussy?”

He does! Let’s push it a little more (he’s between your legs for this one): “Clean his cum out of me, cuckold. Clean his load out of my wet pussy. Be a good boy and lick up every drop of his seed.”

Let’s really go for it (you’re sitting on his face): “That’s it, my little cuckold cum slut. Let me feed you his load. Be a good little cum whore for me. Let it all drip into your mouth and down your throat. Eat his load like a good boy.”

Each session would obviously include more than just a few sentences, but you get the idea. There’s an awful lot to work with. You could ramp up your verbal humiliation play over the course of a few months by following that basic template and that’s just one subject. Most cuckolds are into all different kinds of pleasures, so this is a nearly limitless form of sexual exploration.

An Important Note: Humiliating Nicknames

Don’t underestimate the exceptional power of a humiliating nickname or term to tack on at the end of a skillfully delivered line of cuckold humiliation.

“Your cock isn’t big enough for me, cuckold,” will almost certainly be more effective than “Your cock isn’t big enough for me.”

Cuck, cuckold, and cucky are the three most commonly used if you want to keep it simple. You can pick just one or mix them up. You can dream up your own names too. Perhaps there’s a nickname he might find particularly humiliating that only you would know about.

Feel free to be imaginative, too. Calling him “cucky boy” or “my little cuckold” is a simple, super effective way of humiliating him.

Utilizing words that are often used to demean women can be more effective than you might imagine. Calling him a slut, whore, bitch, etc, might thrill him beyond words. Use it in the right place and you’ll really get him going (like calling him a cum slut in the example above).

Want to Go Deeper? Combine Domination and Humiliation

There’s unquestionably an element of domination when you’re verbally humiliating your cuckold. You can really amp it up if you want, though.

It starts with adopting a more demanding, dominating verbal tone. When you ask him a question it should sound like you already know the answer and that he damn well better tell you what you want to hear. The phrasing should be shifted a little, too.

“I deserve I bigger, better cock, don’t I, cuckold?” instead of “Do I deserve a bigger, better cock?”

The answer is yes to both, but in one you’re demanding he say yes and in the other you’re leaving the door open for him to say no.

It’s usually best to avoid yelling when you’re trying to dominate him. Then it just comes off like you’re angry, and anger isn’t usually all that sexy.

Skillful verbal domination is hard, though, and is the kind of thing you definitely need practice at. If you’re going to do it, just remember to behave as if you’re genuinely in control and there’s no chance he’s going to say no. Bring out his inner submissive by demanding he say yes to your desires.

Sit on his face and ride him while you verbally humiliate him. Remind him that you’re using his tongue because his cock is unworthy of your pussy and unable to pleasure you. Demand that he admit to his inferiority. Feel the power surge through you while recognizing that your domination is getting him off. It can be freeing.

A Short Cuckold Humiliation Story

How about a little story to act as an example of how things might play out when you’ve gotten a little more comfortable with the idea of humiliating your cuckold. Let’s imagine you’re not actually cuckolding him, but you’ve decided to role play a little bit.

You got dressed up in something sexy (or slutty, depending on your preference) and headed out to the car. You muss your hair and make up a little in the mirror, trying to give yourself that freshly-fucked look. Then you head back inside and the fun begins:

You open the door and your husband is waiting on the couch with an eager, expectant look on his face. He’s role playing right along with you. You’ve been out all night and he’s eager to hear about the fun you had.

“Come,” you say while walking past him and into the bedroom.

He eagerly follows. You know he’s staring at your ass in that tight skirt you wore. You shake it for him just a little bit.

You sit on the edge of the bed and pull him to you. There’s an electric kiss. “Can you taste him?” you ask.

He loves the idea that he’s tasting another man’s cock on your lips and tongue. He loves how naughty that is.

“Get naked, cuckold,” you demand.

His eyes light up with pure delight as he strips for you. When his cock emerges, you see that it’s already stiff.

You keep your naughty outfit on. You know it arouses him. You know he loves the idea that you’d dress like that for someone else. You invite him into the bed with you and delicately wrap your fingers around his stiff cock. There’s already precum dripping from the tip.

“Look who’s excited,” you say. “Were you thinking about me while I was gone?”

“Yes,” he says. He’s going to play along. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

“Really? And what were you thinking about?” you ask while stroking him slowly. You don’t give him time to answer though. “Were you thinking about my lips around his big cock?” You kiss him before he has a chance to say anything.

“Were you thinking about his big cock making me cum?” you ask. This time you wait. You want to hear his answer.

“Yes,” he says. You can hear the lust in his voice. You’re making his fantasies come true.

You move closer and kiss your husband’s neck. You hear him moan. It feels good to know you have such control over his pleasure. You whisper, “He was incredible. He fucked me so much better than you ever have. He made me cum so much harder than you ever have.”

You feel his cock throb in your hand. He keeps moaning. He can’t seem to stop. You have him in a place of intense pleasure.

“I don’t know if I can go back to your cock, baby. I think it might be too disappointing to fuck your dick after I’ve had him inside me,” you say while stroking your husband faster.

You can tell he’s getting close. He’s going to cum. “The truth is, he was better than you.” You move in closer again. You nibble his ear lobe and whisper, “He was much better than you, cuckold. Your little dick is never going to feel my pussy again.”

Your husband groans loudly and cums. The orgasm is unlike any he’s experienced. You’ve just shown him a whole new kind of pleasure.

When he recovers, you pull off your panties and guide him between your legs. “Clean me,” you say, continuing the fantasy and demanding the orgasm you deserve after putting on such a wonderful performance.

That’s just one small example of the many kinds of verbal fun you can have with your cuckold.

A Final Note Before the Examples

Verbal humiliation play absolutely needs to be fun for both of you and that fun can come from different places. It can be him making you cum while you humiliate him. It can be that you find it genuinely thrilling to give him such incredible orgasms. It can be fun to put on a naughty performance while playing the part of the cuckoldress of his dreams. It’s just important that you find some form of joy in it because you’re going to get resentful really quickly if you don’t.

Also, and this is really important, you need to practice aftercare. Think of it as restoring your cuckold’s ego after you’ve just done a little damage with the verbal humiliation. Here’s an article about it. It’s not all that difficult to do and it’s an absolute must if you’re going to indulge in this sort of sexual play.

Audio Examples of Verbal Cuckold Humiliation

The hardest thing about verbally humiliating your cuckold is mastering the delivery in a way that he finds arousing. Part of that comes from understanding his fantasies (which you’ll hopefully try and do). Part of it comes from developing the skill set. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Thankfully, with the help of erotic audio artist MizSpecific, I’ve prepared several audio examples of cuckold humiliation for you to listen to. The clips are all relatively short and vary from mild to extreme to give you a sense of the full spectrum of the humiliating pleasures you can offer your cuckold.

Quick note: If you like these cuckold audio clips, check out the audio section on my Patreon page. You get 2 new files a month and they’re filled with good stuff like this.

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