You need to be sure, cuckold. Once I invite him into our bedroom, once I spread my legs for him, it’s going to change everything. Once you become my cuckold husband our marriage can never go back to what it was. You know his cock is bigger than yours. Much bigger, if I’m being honest. I know it’s going to feel better inside me. What if I never want to feel you inside me again? What if I only want him? You need to be prepared for that, cuckold.

You’re sure? Good. Take your seat over by the window. You can stay and watch, but you aren’t to speak and you aren’t to come any closer. Sit over there and stroke your little dick all you want while you watch him fill me like a woman needs to be filled. Today is going to change our lives, cuckold, and it’s going to be for the better. Today I’m going to get fucked like a woman deserves and you’re going to get cucked like a small dick beta deserves.

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2 Replies to “Do You Want Me to Cuckold You?”

  1. I’ve wanted to try this out. I’m 7.5 “ pretty thick. 5’9” 165#. Never had a problem w ladies, and a bit wild and aggressive when ready. Older and. Just want to let go, a strapon. I know w a lady cuckoldingvit will go further but beyond wanting to.

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