You Know the Rules, Cuckold. You Watch.

It’s the same thing every time her bull comes over to fuck in your marital bed. You sit in a chair at the foot of the bed and she cuffs your hands behind your back. You sit there naked, your small cock stiff as steel, and you can’t masturbate. As the room fills with the sounds of passionate sex precum drips from the tip of your turgid rod, but there’s nothing you can do. You desperately wish she’d uncuff your hands and let you masturbate to her getting fucked in your bed, but it’s not to be.

Early on in your cuckolding adventure she decided that you’d be cuffed while she played. When she let you masturbate you’d cum too quickly. In less than a minute you’d have spilled your seed and found it too difficult to watch her fuck the better man with a bigger cock. Now you end up sitting and watching for upwards of an hour as he does whatever he pleases with your wife’s body. To watch another man possess her so completely is intoxicating and painful at the same time. That’s the life of a cuckold.

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