First Time at the Club – A Swingers Story

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As they pulled into the well-lit parking lot, Luke and Scarlett leaned forward and stared at the large, nondescript building in front of them.

“Huh. I don’t know what I was expecting…” Luke said before trailing off.

He pulled into a space, put the car in park, and left the keys in the ignition. Neither of them was sure they wanted to go through with it. The parking lot was almost full, so the reviews were right about it being popular. They watched as couples just like them left their cars and entered the building, summoning the courage that Luke and Scarlett currently lacked.

They’d gotten dressed up for the evening. He wore a pair of tailored slacks, a jacket, and a white button up shirt. She wore a strapless black dress with a pleated bottom that was short enough to show the lace tops of her stockings as she sat in the car.

“If we go inside, we don’t have to do anything. We can dance, meet some people, and just come home if nothing clicks,” Luke said, reassuring himself as much as his wife.

Scarlett watched another couple step through the front doors as she said, “Most of the people seem our age, and they’re pretty hot. Maybe the reviews were right. I’m ready if you’re ready.”

Luke pulled the keys out of the ignition and said, “I’m ready,” before opening the door and stepping into the cool air of an October evening in Los Angeles.

Their path to that night began the previous August as Luke sat on the couch looking for something interesting to read on his tablet. Tired of politics and without anything but baseball in the sports world, he ended up on an article detailing a writer’s visit to a swinger’s club.

The writer had somehow gotten his girlfriend to agree to go to a swinger’s club in Miami and Luke was fascinated. He’d heard of swinging, but had never imagined there were clubs in major cities where that kind of wild sexual play went down. The writer described rooms with people having sex, lots of people watching, kinky play of all kinds unfolding, and other people just having fun on the dance floor.

Scarlett walked in as he was halfway through the article and couldn’t help but notice he was more engaged than usual.

“What’s got you so enraptured?” she asked.

His head shot up as her sudden appearance startled him, “What?” he said. “I…uhh…well, I’m reading about a swinger’s club in Miami. This writer and his girlfriend had never been to one before and the whole thing is fascinating.”

He looked nervously at his wife, but Scarlett offered a generous smile as she joined him on the couch.

“Wait, are people having sex at this swinger’s club?” she asked.

“Yes!” Luke answered enthusiastically. “Apparently, there are clubs like this all over the world and people have tons of crazy sex in them. It’s incredible!”

She took the tablet from him and read a few sentences aloud, “We walked arm in arm down the hallway, strolling slowly by one sex room after another. There was a threesome happening in the first, a man watching a couple fuck in the second, a foursome happening in the third, and so on. A naked couple walked by us, the man’s erection bobbing with each step.”

“Wow,” Scarlett said.

“I know,” Luke agreed.

After giving their names and confirming their membership status, Luke and Scarlett stepped into the swinger’s club. In front of them dozens of couples were dancing to club music spun by a DJ standing in front of the room. Laser lights danced on the walls and the dark blue lighting beckoned them to shed their inhibitions and move to the music.

They looked at each other, smiled, and moved to join the rest of couples that were clearly having a great time. Every song offered the kind of beat they could shake their hips to, and before long they’d practically forgotten they were in a swinger’s club.

It wasn’t quite like a typical night club though. As they danced, couples around them eagerly switched up partners to move and grind on a stranger and build the heat that would lead them to the back area for the naughty fun they’d come for.

Luke couldn’t help but feel the pull of desire as he watched a beautiful blonde woman kissing a tall man she’d just met on the dance floor. His hands roamed over the tight red dress she’d worn as she pressed her pelvis into his, grinding on what must have been an erection.

Scarlett had been watching too and she leaned close to her husband and said, “That’s kind of hot, isn’t it?”

He shook his head in agreement before asking her, “Do you want to dance with someone else?”

“Yes!” she shouted.

Luke surveyed the dance floor and moved them closer to a couple that had just arrived. He wasn’t sure how to make an introduction in a situation like this, but he didn’t need to. The couple took the lead and soon Scarlett was dancing with someone new while he had a beautiful, dark-haired woman in front of him.

Something about that writer’s journey to a swinging club had captured the interest of both Luke and Scarlett. It wasn’t until a month later, in early September, that they took the next step in their journey.

“You know, there are swinger clubs here in Los Angeles,” Scarlett said as they shared a bottle of red wine after dinner.

Luke nearly spilled his glass on the couch, “What? How do you know?”

She smiled at him and said, “I did a little research.”

“You did, huh?” he said playfully.

“I’m surprise you didn’t,” Scarlett said as she took a sip from her glass as she stared into her husband’s hazel eyes.

“Well, I didn’t want to presume,” he said, half jokingly.

Scarlett playfully smacked his chest and laughed. “Oh come on,” she said, “You know you’ve been thinking about it. I saw the look on your face that night. You were turned on.”

“I guess you were too,” he offered with a smile. “So, what about the clubs? Are they for real?”

“They have Yelp reviews, honey. They’re for real.”

Luke laughed and took a long drink from his glass before asking, “Are you serious about this?”

Scarlett paused to consider her response and said, “Yes…at least a little. I mean, unless I totally misread you, we were both intrigued by the idea of it, so what harm could it do to see where it takes us?”

“Forgive me if I’m totally off base, but is this your first time at a club like this?” asked Owen, the man Scarlett danced with.

They’d moved from the dance floor to a room meant for the kind of socializing you do with potential swinging partners.

“What gave it away?” asked Luke.

Owen’s wife, Cindy, offered an answer, “Oh don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. You just looked a little nervous and unsure of yourselves. That’s how it is for everyone the first time. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

“She’s right,” Owen said. “You guys are doing just fine. How long have you been married?”

“Four years,” Scarlett answered as she reached for Luke’s hand and smiled at her husband.

“I hope it’s not rude, but how long have you been coming to clubs like this?” Luke asked of their new friends.

They looked at each other, calculating the years in their heads before Owen answered, “It’s been six years now, and we’ve never been happier. It definitely changed our marriage for the better.”

There was an awkward pause in the conversation that would have been easily filled with sipping a glass of wine or taking a swig from a beer, but the club didn’t serve alcohol. Instead, the couples simply let the moment breathe as they looked at each other.

Cindy was the first to break the silence and she did so boldly, “Listen, there’s no easy way to get into this, and we have no idea what your plans were for tonight, but it felt to us like there was chemistry while we were dancing, and if you’re interested we’d love to have a little fun.”

Luke and Scarlett had read online that it was smart to have a plan for the first time before going to the club, so they’d talked it over. They agreed there would be no penetration the first night, but they were willing to do anything else if it felt right.

“It’s okay if you have limits for the first time, almost everyone does,” Owen offered, correctly reading the hesitation on the couple’s faces.

They both breathed a sigh of relief before Luke spoke, “Sorry, I think we’re both just a little nervous. We don’t really know what we’re doing here, obviously.”

Scarlett seized the initiative and laid out their limits, saying, “We agreed there would be no penetration the first time, but we’re open to anything else, if that’s okay with you.”

“Of course,” Owen said. “We actually a few limitations of our own. Cindy finds it most arousing to watch me with another woman.”

“Yes,” Cindy took over where her husband left off. “Ever since we started I’ve found far more pleasure in watching Owen than I have in being with other men. It’s no offense to you, Luke. You’re very handsome and I’m sure you know how to show a woman a good time, but I’d prefer it if the two of us watched while Owen and Scarlett played. I’ll make sure you have a good time, I promise,” she said with a smile.

Owen smiled and added, “She’s very good at making it fun to watch.”

Scarlett and Luke looked at each other, trying to figure out if they were okay with the proposed arrangement.

Cindy, noticing their silent predicament, said, “Owen and I are going to grab one of the private rooms. If you decide you want to join us, we’ll be right down the hall and we can all have some fun together.”

It was a Sunday morning in early October and Scarlett and Luke were in bed sipping freshly brewed coffee and having what would turn out to be a fateful conversation. Her blonde hair was tied up in a bun and his hair was a tousled mess that worked well with the three days of growth on his face.

“Are we really thinking about doing this?” Luke asked.

“We’re not committing to anything. It’s only $50 to join and then you pay a cover charge to get in. If the whole thing is horrible and seedy, it’s not like we wasted a bunch of money. We’re just trying something new, it just happens to be different from what most of our friends do for fun,” Scarlett answered, trying to calm her husband’s nerves.

“Can you imagine what our friends would think if they knew we were going to a sex club? Now that I think about it, they might actually stop talking to us. Does that worry you?”

“No one is going to know honey. If someone finds out it’ll be because they’re at the club, and if they’re at the club then they’re not going to think we’re weird, are they?” she countered.

“No. I guess not,” he paused, sipping his coffee and gathering his thoughts. “So we’re supposed to come up with rules, right? The stuff we’re willing to do the first time, I guess.”

Scarlett offered the first rule, “Well, definitely no sex on the first night. That would be crazy.”

“Right,” Luke agreed. “Are we okay with anything else?”

“You know, I’ve thought about it, but I honestly have no idea how I’m going to feel if I see you kissing another woman, or see you going down on her. It might be hot, it might drive me crazy with jealousy.”

Luke ran a hand through his hair and stared at the smooth white ceiling of their bedroom. “Yeah,” he said, “It feels impossible to know what it’s going to be like. I guess we just have to communicate. If anyone is feeling uncomfortable or unsure, we just have to say something. If anyone wants to go home, we do it right away, no second guessing or trying to talk each other out of it.”

Scarlett smiled and offered her coffee cup for a toast as she said, “It’s settled then. We’re going to the club.”

They found Owen and Cindy down the hallway in one of the private rooms. There was a queen size bed, three chairs presumably placed there for viewing purposes, and a mural of a beautiful woman’s face painted on one of the walls. Soft purple light emanated from the bulbs overhead, giving the room a decidedly dreamy feel.

Their new friends were kissing in the bed when Scarlett and Luke walked in, closing the door tightly behind them. Owen’s shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a strong and surprisingly well-built chest that Cindy couldn’t help but caress as their tongues danced.

“You decided to join us,” Cindy said as they broke their kiss and she popped up off the bed. The top of her dress was unbuttoned, revealing her cleavage and catching Luke’s eye. She smiled as she saw him staring and walked over, offering him a soft kiss on the lips before saying, “Why don’t we take a seat and watch the show.”

She guided him to two chairs pressed tightly together and as they sat their hips touched. Her hand found his knee and she caressed it gently, offering silent reassurance that he was about to have an incredible experience.

Owen motioned to Scarlett, saying, “Come. Join me. I promise I won’t bite.”

Luke’s eyes were fixed on his wife as she crawled into the bed and slid next to Owen, his shirt already un-tucked and unbuttoned.

“Let me know if anything I’m doing makes you uncomfortable,” Owen said while running his fingers through Scarlett’s soft brown hair.

“Okay,” she whispered before pressing her lips against his and confidently running her hand over his taut stomach and muscular chest.

Cindy moved her hand up Luke’s leg, teasing him with the deft touch of her fingertips as they brushed over his half hard cock.

“You can take your cock out, Luke,” she said, urging him to let go of any inhibitions he had so he could fully enjoy watching his wife have fun with another man.

He pulled off his pants and kicked them aside, leaving only his boxer shorts. He felt a little gross about sitting his bare ass on the chair, so he pulled his erection out of the opening in his underwear and immediately took a firm grip, stroking it slowly while his wife eagerly kissed Owen in the bed.

Cindy pulled up her dress and spread her legs, revealing her perfectly smooth pussy and lack of panties. “It’s okay, you can look,” she said to Luke, urging him to fix his gaze between her legs.

He stroked faster at the sight of another woman’s pussy, the first he’d seen in person in the seven years since he and Scarlett had started dating.

A moan from his wife brought Luke’s attention back to the bed, where he saw Owen’s hand up her dress. Her eyes were closed and her head was pressed against his neck as he skillfully worked her pussy, producing the kind of lusty sounds that were normally reserved for her husband.

Enamored with the pleasure of Owen’s skilled fingers in her pussy and on her clit, Scarlett reached between his legs and massaged his hard cock through the thin material of his pants. She deftly unzipped him and freed his erection to stroke it softly and deliver the kind of skin on skin pleasure that feels so good.

Before tonight, Luke had wondered what he would feel when he saw his wife fool around with another man. Now he knew it would be an enormous turn on for him. He loved Scarlett more than anything in the world and to see her experience such pleasure was thrilling. He had to stroke slowly for fear of cumming too quickly.

“Scarlett looks good with his cock in her hand, doesn’t she?” Cindy whispered, teasing the married man sitting next to her.

Luke could offer little more than an affirmative grunt. He was transfixed as he watched his wife press her pussy into Owen’s fingers, stroke his cock, and kiss him passionately. Cindy gently touched his arm, urging him to slow his stroking, which had sped up without Luke noticing.

“We don’t want you finishing too soon, now do we?” she said.

He let his arm hang at his side and looked over at Cindy, who had freed her large natural breasts and was playing with them as she continued to masturbate.

“You can touch them if you’d like,” she offered and he couldn’t help but reach out and gently caress the soft flesh. “Mmmm, that feels good Luke. Play with my big tits. Make them feel good.”

Turning her eyes back to Owen and Scarlett fooling around in bed, Cindy took Luke’s hand and pulled it between her legs. She placed his fingers at her pussy and urged him to press them inside.

“Your wife is going to cum, Luke. My husband is going to make her cum. Look at her,” Cindy urged him.

With his fingers inside another woman’s pussy, Luke looked to the bed and saw that his wife was indeed on the brink of climax. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open, and her back was arched. Owen was going to make her cum.

“Make me cum, Luke. Make me cum as your wife cums for my husband.”

He rubbed a finger over her clit as another slipped inside her as Cindy’s hips gently thrust upwards. Her orgasm arrived in lockstep with Scarlett’s, a feat that Luke would later marvel at. In the moment, he had trouble thinking of anything other than how overwhelming this all was. His cock was still stiff, his wife was coming down from an orgasm, and his fingers were wet with another woman’s juices.

For a few moments, everyone in the room was still. The faint thumping of the music and their breathing were the only sounds. Scarlett was the first to shatter the peace as she unzipped her dress, freed her small, perky breasts and moved between Owen’s legs. In her post-orgasmic bliss she wanted to offer the man that had made her cum an orgasm of his own.

Luke reached for his cock as he watched his wife give another man a blowjob, but Cindy stopped him, “No. Let me,” she said as her fingers wrapped around him and began to slowly stroke.

The sight of Scarlett’s lips and fingers moving up and down the wet cock in her mouth was mesmerizing. She looked up at Owen as he ran his hands through her blonde hair and basked in the pleasure of a truly great blowjob.

“Your wife looks good with his cock in her mouth, doesn’t she Luke?” Cindy whispered into his ear. “She’s an excellent cocksucker. I know when my husband is enjoying a woman’s oral talents and he definitely likes what she’s doing.”

“Oh God,” Luke said as his orgasm approached.

“Are you going to cum watching your wife suck cock, Luke?” Cindy teased him, bringing him ever closer to climax.

“Yes,” he groaned.

Moments later Luke cried out and came. Thick ropes of semen spilled from his cock and over Cindy’s hand, dripping onto the floor beneath him. Scarlett noticed her husband’s climax and doubled down on her cocksucking efforts.

As Luke watched, his wife made Owen cum in her mouth, and much to his surprise she swallowed. Scarlett’s lips were sealed tight around the cock that unleashed volleys of semen onto her tongue, all of which slipped down her throat with ease.

“That was incredible,” Owen said through heavy breaths.

“Yes, it was,” Cindy added.

Luke and Scarlett were still so overwhelmed from the whole experience that they couldn’t summon any words. They would have agreed, though.

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