I Want You to Watch, Cuckold

He’s inside her, cuckold. Another man is inside your wife. His cock is where you wish she’d let yours go, but that’s not your place anymore. Once you embraced your role and accepted that he should have the privilege of fucking her while you should have the privilege of watching, you were forbidden from being inside her.

Do you remember what it was like to feel the warmth and wetness of her pussy around your cock? That’s what he’s feeling right now as he thrusts inside your wife. He feels her lust for him. He feels her desire. He feels her need. She squeezes him tightly as he penetrates her and makes her moan like you’ve never quite been able to.

Your wife is fucking another man. She’s fucking another man while you watch. She’s making you a cuckold. He’s the one who meets her sexual needs now. He’s the one that fucks her like she craves. He’s the one that cums inside her. She begs him to fill her cunt with his seed. You listen to her cries of pleasure, to her passion for his cock. You can’t help but jerk off to it. You need it. You cum into your hand as he cums inside her.

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