I Need You To Watch Him Fuck Me, Cuckold

I know it might hurt, cuckold, but I need you to watch him fuck me. I need you to see his big cock slide between my pussy lips and fill me. I need you to see my legs wrap around him to pull him deeper inside me. I need you to see us kiss tenderly. I need you to hear me moan as he fills my juicy cunt over and over. I need you to see me orgasm with another man inside me. I need you to know what it’s like when I fuck a man with a big cock that can get me off.

I need you to see, firsthand, that your cock is not enough for me. I need you to realize that you’re a cuckold. I need you to know that our marriage is going to be different now. You knew that already, didn’t you? You knew from our wedding day that you wouldn’t have what it takes to satisfy me. Maybe you knew before that. You’re okay with that though. You’re a cuckold, through and through, and you love that I’m going to be fucking other men from now on.

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