Should You Let Your Cuckold Watch?

Ultimately, I believe the benefits of letting your cuckold watch you have sex with another man outweigh the potential detriments, but you’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

In this article I’ll go over the possible positives and negatives of letting your cuckold watch and I’ll give you a list of suggestions that can help mitigate some of the potentially damaging outcomes of letting him watch. Let’s get to it!

The Positives of Letting Your Cuckold Watch

It’s best to think of these as potential positive outcomes. There’s no guarantee all of this (or even any of it, to be honest) will come to pass, but if things go well it may be that all of these things become your reality.

  • He Has a Hugely Arousing Sexual Experience – While it’s often difficult for a potential hotwife to understand, your husband’s cuckold desires are a manifestation of his sexuality. Watching you have sex with another man has the potential to feel like the best sex he’s ever had even if his cock isn’t anywhere near you while it’s happening. If it goes especially well, he may feel like he’s experiencing a kind of full body arousal that he didn’t even know was possible.
  • It’s a Lot Easier to Relive It if He Watches – Your cuckold will almost certainly want to relive your experience with another man, whether he watches or not. He’ll want to talk to you about it as you fool around and he’ll probably want to enjoy a masturbation session or two (or two dozen) as he fantasizes about it. That becomes a great deal easier if he watched, as he just has to close his eyes and he’ll see it playing out. If you’re in total control of his orgasms, you can use the fact that he was given permission to watch as a way to enhance his pleasure when you allow him to climax (dirty talk, etc).
  • He May Fully Understand His Sexual Inadequacy – Now this is far from a guarantee, but if you’re interested in sleeping with another man because your cuckold has a small penis or is a poor to average lover, letting him watch will make it perfectly clear that he does not meet your needs. This could just as easily go in the negative category depending on how his new understanding might impact your life or marriage, but there can be benefits to it. For instance, your cuckold may decide that he should go down on you quite a bit more often and that he should encourage you to enjoy having sex with your new lover whenever you please, even if he’s not able to watch.
  • His Appreciation for You Will Deepen – If you let your cuckold watch, he will almost certainly understand that you are giving him a gift. It should be clear that it’s not his right to watch (you should work to make that clear) and that you’re letting him watch because you love him and you want him to experience his fantasy in person. As long as you’ve made that clear, chances are very good that your cuckold will develop a deep, loving appreciation for you because you’ve given him this great gift.
  • He May Become More Submissive – This isn’t necessarily something you want, but if you want your husband to be more submissive, letting him watch can be a very effective way of reaching that goal. This is particularly true if you find an “alpha male” type that can truly fuck you (provided that’s what you’re into). If the sex between you and your new lover is vastly different from what your cuckold husband provides, he may fall into a submissive state as he realizes that another man truly provides you with something he cannot. Whether or not you find that useful is up to you.
  • After Sex Play (or Cuckold Reclamation) is Far More Potent – Your cuckold almost certainly wants to play in some way after you’ve had sex with another man. This type of play varies by couple. Sometimes it’s sex. Sometimes it’s clean up. Sometimes it’s pussy worship. Sometimes it’s a simple handjob to make him cum. Whatever your variety of play, it will be far more potent if your cuckold has watched, both because it will happen much sooner (licking your pussy right after your lover has pulled out will be far more arousing for your cuckold, for instance) and because he’ll almost certainly be hugely turned on because he got to witness your pleasure.

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The Negatives of Letting Your Cuckold Watch

I believe the positives almost always outweigh any potential negatives, but there are a few outcomes that can be disastrous. These typically happen because actually watching is a great deal different from merely fantasizing about being cuckolded and can generate emotional responses that your cuckold isn’t ready for.

Again, these are only potential outcomes. They’re far from guaranteed, but it’s good to be aware of what might happen so you can be better prepared for it.

  • His Anxiety and Jealousy Overcome His Desire – It’s almost guaranteed that your cuckold is going to experience anxiety and jealousy on some level. It’s programmed into his brain to experience those things as he watches his wife have sex with another man. That’s usually just fine. The problem is that it can quickly spin out of control. This usually happens when your cuckold’s expectations of what was going to happen don’t match up with reality. The simplest example is that he thought you’d be fucking and it ends up feeling like you’re making love to another man. Suddenly the jealousy overwhelms his arousal and he freaks out. That can be very problematic, especially if it results in some sort of physical altercation.
  • Your Lover May Not Be Able to Perform – This is more common than you might think, even with guys that say they’ll have no problem whatsoever having sex while your husband watches. They say it and they mean it, and then they get in your bedroom and they see your husband sitting there and playing with his cock and they can no longer get stiff. This tends to happen with greater frequency when you’re trying to connect with your husband while having sex with your lover. If he’s not prepared for it, he can end up feeling like a prop in your kinky game and it can deflate his erection.
  • It Can Ruin His Confidence – For many men, their confidence is tied directly to their ability to perform sexually. If your husband watches another man have sex with you and witnesses you having great orgasms (which should always be the goal if you’re going to have sex with someone else) he may find his confidence diminished. This can have genuine deleterious effects on the rest of his life (at work in particular). Generally, this outcome can be mitigated by skillful aftercare.
  • He Can Ruin it for You – Yes, you want your cuckold to enjoy the fact that you’re having sex with someone else. You also want to have great sex with that other person. You want to experience the kind of orgasm you deserve. You want to enjoy the thrills of being with someone new. Your husband has the power to ruin that. Sometimes, when a cuckold watches he finds that it’s not going quite like he imagined it would. Sometimes, he decides that he needs to intervene by taking control in a way he shouldn’t (or doesn’t deserve to), or that he’s going to act out in some way that brings an early end to the evening because he believes needs aren’t being met.
  • It Could Damage Your Relationship – This really only happens when it turns out that your cuckold didn’t really want his fantasy to come true. This tends to play out afterwards, and in small doses, like him being bitter about the fact that you had a great orgasm with someone else, or asking if you think your lover is better looking than him, etc. This largely only occurs if the relationship is already on the rocks and the act of cuckolding him is really just the catalyst for finally destroying it.

How to Ensure Letting Your Cuckold Watch Goes Well

There are ways to ensure that your cuckold has a great time watching you have sex with another man and that you get the most out of the experience as well. To me, it’s absolutely worth ensuring that it’s a great experience for both of you.

  • Make Sure He Doesn’t Cum Until You’re Done – This one is an absolute must. Your cuckold can be permitted to masturbate while he watches, but he cannot cum until you and your lover are finished. If he cums beforehand, every bit of his desire will dry up and any anxiety, jealousy, and insecurity he’s feeling are free to come to the forefront. It’s right after his orgasm that things are bound to get messiest. For that reason, you must make it clear that he cannot cum until afterwards. If he cannot contain himself, you must put his cock in chastity and unlock him when you’re done with your lover (or tie him up/cuff him). As a backup, you can insist that he leaves the room if he makes a mistake and cums before you’ve finished.
  • Introduce Your Cuckold and Your Lover Outside the Bedroom – Your cuckold should not be meeting your lover for the first time on the night he’s going to watch you have sex. Do it outside the house on another day, preferably a few weeks beforehand. The primary benefit of this is that it gives your cuckold a chance to adjust his expectations/fantasy. He can spend a few weeks picturing you with that particular person and it makes it less likely that he’ll be taken by surprise in any way when he’s watching you have sex.
  • Don’t Let Him Watch the First Time You and Your Lover Have Sex – It’s possible your cuckold won’t be on board with this, but it can be really helpful in many ways. First, you and your lover get to find your sexual rhythm without your cuckold there (plus, you get to find out if the sex is going to be good). Second, you can then go home to your cuckold and have fun with him while also letting him know (hopefully through dirty talk) exactly what to expect when he finally gets to watch. Again this has the benefit of helping him adjust his fantasy before the big moment. The closer his fantasy is to reality, the less likely he is to be disappointed or upset when it actually happens.
  • Stay Sober – While alcohol helps to lower inhibitions, it can also lead to messy consequences you don’t want to deal with. A good buzz has a way of heightening things, and in this case that might be the negative emotions your cuckold is experiencing. You want him to keep those in check, so don’t add any fuel that might make them worse.
  • Consider a Hotel – Letting your cuckold watch in a neutral location can help to remove a lot of the emotion that often leads to messiness. If he’s watching you have sex in a hotel bed instead of your marital bed, he’s far less likely to be overwhelmed by the anxiety and jealousy that will absolutely be roiling inside him. Save having sex in your marital bed (or your living room, kitchen, etc) for later after you’re both more experienced with the cuckold and hotwife dynamic.
  • Check in with Your Cuckold – While it’s fun to get completely lost in having great sex with your new lover, make sure that you check in with your cuckold while he’s watching. It’s most effective to do it via dirty talk. “Do you like watching him fuck me, honey?” or something similar is a simple way to let him know that you’re still paying attention to him and that you want to make sure he’s having a good time. Sometimes, that can be enough to pull him back from going to a bad, destructive place.

Letting Your Cuckold Watch Can and Should Be Great Fun

If your cuckold wants to watch (not all cuckolds do), you should be able to find a way to make it work for your marriage. You just need to be mindful of the potential pitfalls and to take your time with it.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that you can recover even if it goes poorly. As long as you’re willing to talk to each other about the experience you had, you can bounce back from even the most disastrous of outcomes.

If you both work together to ensure a good experience, you’ll find that letting your cuckold watch results in a stronger marriage and a more satisfying sex life, which is something I’m sure you can both get behind.

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