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Get comfortable, cuckold. Pull out your cock and start to stroke it nice and slow. Don’t speed up until I give you permission.

Now, I want you to imagine your wife or girlfriend (if you don’t have one, imagine a woman you’d like to marry). Picture her wearing a tight, sexy dress with high heels and stockings. She’s in a hotel room with another man. They’re both a little buzzed from the drinks they just had in the bar. You’re there too, though you’ve been ordered to sit in the corner and stay quiet. You get to watch tonight.

Are you still stroking your cock, cuckold? Good. Keep a slow pace as you watch another man kiss your wife. Watch as his hands roam over her body. He caresses her ass and squeezes her breasts through the dress. You can hear her moan between kisses. She likes his strength and confidence.

She also likes the bulge of his cock pressing into her stomach. Watch as her hand reaches down and strokes it through the material of his slacks. She smiles. He’s big, cuckold. He’s much bigger than you. That’s when she glances over at you with a smile. She’s thinking of your small cock and how much better his is going to feel inside her.

I want you to pick up the pace of your stroking, cuckold. Your wife is about to suck another man’s cock and you deserve a little extra pleasure. There you go, good boy.

Now, watch as she sinks to her knees and looks up at her lover. She deftly removes his belt and pants and slips her fingers into the elastic waist of his underwear to pull them down, freeing his big cock. Her eyes go wide. She’s used to your dick and his is so much bigger she can barely contain her excitement.

He’s inches from her lips as your wife strokes his dick and looks up at her lover. It’s a beautiful moment. Your cock throbs with desire as you wait for her to open up and take another man onto her tongue.

There it is. Your wife is sucking another man’s cock. Her lips stretch wide around him as he moans. She takes the head in her mouth and moves down the shaft. Her head begins to move back and forth as she tries to get as much of his long, thick dick as she can. She hasn’t learned how to deepthroat yet – perhaps that will come later – but she’s doing a damn fine job.

Do you remember what her mouth feels like, cuckold? How long has it been since your wife took your inadequate cock into her mouth and gave you a blowjob? Has it been years, or months even? Was she this passionate about it when she did?

Is your cock a little bit harder? Are you leaking precum yet? Keep stroking, cuckold. Keep stroking as your wife worships another man’s dick right in front of you.

You can’t see it, but she’s soaking wet. It turns out she loves sucking his dick. It turns out that giving head to a strong, successful, powerful man with a big cock is a thrill for her. Now she wants to get fucked. Now she wants to feel him inside her.

He tells your wife to strip and she eagerly pulls off her dress. She’s not wearing a bra or panties. Her beautiful body is his to enjoy. At his urging she lies on her back in the king size hotel bed and he moves on top of her.

They kiss and he plays with her tits while rubbing the head of his cock over her pussy lips. Her labia are swollen with desire and she’s wet. You can hear the juiciness from across the room. You can hear her desire.

Stroke a little faster now, cuckold. Don’t cum yet though. Hold your load as you watch your wife give herself to another man. If you get close, stop stroking.

Now watch as he sinks his cock into her cunt. Watch as he fucks your wife better than you’ve ever been able to manage. Watch as another man’s big dick makes her moan. Within a few thrusts he’s bottomed out inside her. The full length and thickness of his cock is inside your wife and she’s desperate to be fucked. She’s begging him. She wants it hard and fast. She needs it. She’s getting something she hasn’t had in years.

He doesn’t hold back. He fucks your wife hard. He fucks your wife fast. He pounds his cock into her pussy. Soon the room fills with moans of pleasure and the sounds of their flesh slapping together. She gets louder as her orgasm approaches. She’s going to climax. Another man is going to make your wife cum. Keep stroking cuckold, keep stroking as he gives your wife the kind of orgasm you never deliver.

Don’t cum yet. He hasn’t finish, so neither will you.

He just made your wife cum, but he wants to cum too. She’s willing to do anything he desires, so she gets on her hands and knees. He wants her looking right at you as she gets taken from behind. Stroke your cock as your wife looks at you. Stroke it as you watch her face while another man sinks his big dick into her from behind.

Can you see it? Can you see that look of pleasure that washes over her face when he pushes into her? She closes her eyes, her lips part, and a deep moan escapes as she’s filled once again. This is what real pleasure looks like, cuckold. He’s giving her something you’ve never provided.

Keep stroking, cuckold. Keep stroking your inadequate dick as your wife takes something bigger and better. That’s it. You’re getting closer now, just like he is. He’s going to empty his balls into her pussy and you’re going to empty yours into a towel. He’s going to fill her womb and you’re going to cum along with him.

He’s cumming, cuckold. He’s cumming inside your wife. Cum for me, cuck. Blow your load into that towel as you watch another man fuck your wife.

Good boy.

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  1. That was soooo hot , i was ready to explode by the middle of their session .
    My wife and I have enjoyed this game of don’t cum till she says so , as I have watched
    her with other big cocked guys we have met . Love to hear more and share experences .

  2. I want to lick up my cum and then clean his cum out of my wife’s well used cunt… I want to savor and then swallow all of his cum. I love know his cum will soon be in my stomach…

  3. I love this website and the whole cuckold fantasy. I wish my wife could cuckold me, but her physical limitations won’t allow it. So all I can do is continue fantasizing and jerking off, and no site helps me do that better than this one. Thank you!

  4. Mmmmmmmmhhh, memories are flooding back to the first time i watched my princess take another cock!!!!!! A BLACK 224cm pussy pumping weapon. Charlie a 26 yo BLACK American ball of muscle enjoyed 3 hrs using my RACHY as his personal FUCK doll!!!!!! Charlie was part of the entertainment for Rachels Sisters batchalor party ( another story )!!!! After several weeks of chatting my Princess finally convinced Charlie to spend a Saturday night with her/us and not working. His ability to make my babies pussy dripping wet and throbbing after a few sms messages earned him my respect and my wife . If you wanna hear more then tell me plz

  5. When my wife and I aren’t having a cuck experience, I’m reading about it on sites like this. My wife has two guys she likes to be involved with. There is simply nothing like watching one of them driving my wife wild. I get to watch, but I’m not allowed to cum until she says. If I’m really lucky she lets me cum in her mouth while her bull brings her to orgasm.

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