My Cuck Experience

So my cuck experience happened about 20 years ago long before it was mainstream. I’m fact we didn’t even know what it was called but that night at least I was her cuck.

We had been at a wedding and she was slightly tipsy, and horny and had been pestering me to have a 3 way. She had fucked one of my buddies before we ever got together and I think she was keen to have round 2 with him.

She was sucking my cock on her knees and insisted I call him and tell him my girl was sucking me off. At this point she took the phone off me and cooed if he was interested in similar treatment to get his ass over to her place pronto. I think he broke every speed limit because he was over in what felt like an instant.

At first it was a little awkward so we all had a drink and she sat next to him on the couch and I’ll never forget the simplicity of him placing his hand on my girls thigh in her cute sundress and how sexy it was and that this was really happening.

They both then stood and undressed one another. This was incredibly erotic and then she turned to me and asked what I wanted to see first. Like, this had been all my idea!! I blurted our 69, so he lay down on the floor and my gf climbed aboard him. I’ll never forget that first moment that my stunning GF wrapped her pretty lips around his big thick cock.

Her eyes were closed as she went to work. At least 5 mins passed with her eyes closed and her head bobbing up and down and then that inevitable moment happened and I popped into her brain. I’d been on the couch watching. Her eyes flung open wide in fear as she knew me, her bf, had watched her give a good friend an amazing blowjob and she knew I could be volatile so was afraid of my reaction.

But her fear turned to a huge triumphant smile as she saw I had my pants around my ankles and was stroking my throbbing cock watching the 2 of them explore each other’s sexy body. And in that moment she knew I had given her a green light and that I was her cuck.

We then actually had a 3way,she wanted both our cocks inside her. But I couldn’t fit in her ass so my friend scooped her up on the couch him sitting down, her facing outwards on his big cock and then I entered her from the front as we both squeezed our cocks inside her tight pussy at once. I was so turned on I only lasted about a dozen strokes and at the point of no return I pulled out as she wasn’t on the pill and wasn’t keen on an unwanted pregnancy.

I left the room at this point for a minute to get a drink and gather my thoughts , but, when I came back I was in shock. I had said at the start no making out but when I came in he had my gf pinned on her back and was fucking her relentlessly over and over as they made out non stop and I simply watched like a true cuck. Until he screamed he was going to cum and she held him in even tighter. She actually wanted his cum deep inside her which he duly complied with.

They both took a short rest at this stage and she asked me to get her massage oil. On return she was sitting in his lap, she was petite and lithe with her arms around his neck deep soul kissing . I gave her the oil and she rubbed it into his chest savouring what she was doing along with tongue kissing his nips. It was just so erotic.

Soon after we all agreed to go to her big bed and she tied both him and I up. She started sucking my cock and I moaned how good it was and begged her not to stop. I was so turned on but had also had some cuck angst and I remember being hurt when she stopped and focused on sucking her new lovers cock. I was tied up nowhere to go and she sucked and kissed his big balls and fat cock whilst I got nothing.

Then she mounted him and had a hot ride as he lasted even longer this time and she had countless orgasms in the process. They ended up fucking on and off for most of the rest of the night, sleeping in between one of them wanting another round. I didn’t get her pussy again but wanked multiple times.

He eventually left in the wee hours of the morning worn out and I remember her being devastated that he didn’t want to stay the whole night and I had to console my own gf that he liked her and they looked amazing together and were really suited. We eventually broke up but to this day it’s still one of the hottest experiences of my life.

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