The Bliss of Small Penis Humiliation

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“Your cock is worthless.”

The words were meant to hurt you. They were lobbed at you by your girlfriend at the end of a particularly nasty fight about your sex life. They were meant to end the fight, and they did, in a way.

“What the fuck? Are you getting hard?”

You were. Much to your embarrassment, you were getting hard. It was the words. It was her calling your cock worthless. Your arousal was far ahead of your understanding. You had no idea why your dick was getting hard, but it was.

“Why are you hard?” your girlfriend asked.

“I have no idea!” you screamed.

“Is it because I called your cock worthless? Because it is. I’ve never been with a guy whose cock is so completely useless at making me cum,” she continued.

“Please, stop,” you pleaded.

She stepped closer to you. There was a smile on her face. “I don’t think I will,” she said. “I think you need to hear this. Take off your pants,” your girlfriend ordered. You hesitated, but for only a second before following her order.

She took your stiff, small cock in her fingers and gently stroked it. “You need to hear that this little dick has never made me cum. Never. I’ve faked orgasms for you, but I’m done with that. I don’t know why I ever pretended that you could make me feel good with this pathetic excuse for a cock. I’m sure you’ve never made anyone cum.”

She stroked you faster, taking a tighter grip and using the precum dripping from the tip of your cock as lube. “Do you think your pathetic dick has ever made anyone cum?” she asked.

“No,” you answered immediately. You were too turned on to fight back. You were too close to orgasm to make her stop.

“You don’t deserve to put this short nub of a cock inside me anymore. You don’t even deserve this handjob I’m giving you. A cock this pathetic shouldn’t even fuck someone,” she poured on the abuse, and each word from her soft lips made you harder.

“Say it. Say that your cock is pathetic,” she demanded.

“My cock is pathetic!” you cried out.

“Say it again.”

You were on the brink of orgasm. “My cock is pathetic,” you said through a groan as an orgasm overtook you. Your cum spilled onto the hardwood floor of your apartment as your girlfriend continued her rhythmic stroking.

When you were finished a slight smile crossed her face. “You’re pathetic,” she said. “Clean that mess up and then meet me in the bedroom. There’s still one way you can make me orgasm.”

The next morning, you woke up alone in bed. The smell of bacon filled the room. Your girlfriend was cooking. You pulled a tee shirt over your head and shambled into the kitchen.

“Good morning,” she said with a smile.

Memories of the previous night filled your head. You remembered your beautiful girlfriend humiliating your cock relentlessly. You remembered cumming on the floor. You remembered going down on her for what seemed like an hour as she continued your humiliation. She told you of the men that had been inside her before and how big their cocks had been. She told you of the orgasms other men had given her that you’d never been able to provide her.

“How did you sleep?” she asked.

“Good, I guess,” you said.

She added scrambled eggs to the bacon and passed you a plate. You ate together like any other morning, but this was different. Your relationship had changed. It couldn’t be the same anymore.

“So…about last night,” you finally said.

Your girlfriend smiled again. “Yes, last night was wonderful, wasn’t it? I’ve never cum that many times in one night. I think we’ve finally discovered what you’re good at it bed.”

Your face clearly betrayed your confused feelings.

She looked at you as if she couldn’t understand why you’d be confused at all. “Eating pussy, honey. You’re great at eating pussy. You’ve always been so eager to get your little dick inside me that you’ve never really given my pussy the attention it deserves. Last night you finally did, and it was incredible. I mean it, I don’t think I’ve ever had that many orgasms in one night.”

“So you still want to be with me?” you asked as a surprising wave of emotions washed over you.

“Oh honey, of course,” your girlfriend said as she took your hand in hers. “Your worthless little cock doesn’t mean we have to break up. It just means we have to change things. I love you. I don’t love your cock, but I love you, and that’s all that matters, isn’t it? We can figure everything else out.”

You could barely wrap your head around what she was saying. She was insulting your penis in the sweetest voice you’d ever heard. She was saying it like it was an absolute fact that your cock couldn’t offer her any sort of pleasure. “Are we going to have sex anymore?” you asked.

“Of course, but it’s going to be different. You see, last night I realized that you’ve been incredibly selfish in our time together. You stick that little dick in me, you cum, and then you go on your way. You’re so selfish you never realized how disappointed I’ve been in sex. That’s why it’s going to be different.”

Your girlfriend continued, “You’re not going to fuck me anymore. I don’t want your little cock anywhere near my pussy. It does nothing for me. Instead, you’re going to use your tongue on me whenever I want and I’ll jerk off your pathetic dick just like I did last night.”

“But, what if I want to have sex?” you asked.

“Then you can break up with me and inflict your little cock on another unsuspecting girl, because I’m not letting that thing inside me again. Do you understand?” she said harshly.

Her clarity was jarring. She’d just told you that you could accept her terms or break up with her and there was no middle ground. “Yes, I understand,” you said.

You knew most men would just break up with her. Most men wouldn’t take that kind of verbal abuse. Most men wouldn’t have an erection from it, though. You’re not like most men.

“Are you hard again, honey?” your girlfriend asked. She giggled. “You just love it when I tell you how worthless your cock is, don’t you?”

Your face turned red with embarrassment. You looked at the floor. You couldn’t bring yourself to admit that she was right.

“I’m wet, you know,” she said. “You’re not the only one that gets turned on when I abuse your tiny dick.” Your girlfriend stood and pulled down her pajama pants and panties. “Get on your knees. It’s time to make me feel good again.”

You obeyed without hesitation. You got on your knees in front of her and worshiped her pussy as she stood above you. Her hands gripped your hair tightly, pulling you closer to her cunt and covering your face in the juices of her arousal. She came in less than a minute.

“Good boy,” your girlfriend said as she pulled up her pajama pants. She smiled at you. “Look at the mess I made on your face. Why don’t you go clean up?”

You walked to the bathroom with an uncomfortable erection making a small tent in your underwear. As you washed your face, you considered what you’d just agreed to. Your sex life was about to change drastically. You knew you were going to miss fucking her perfect pussy, but her humiliation of your small cock was too arousing to resist. You had to stay, at least for a little while. You needed more. You needed it badly, and she was going to give it to you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

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