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“Your cock is worthless.”

The words were meant to hurt you. They were lobbed at you by your girlfriend at the end of a particularly nasty fight about your sex life. They were meant to end the fight, and they did, in a way.

“What the fuck? Are you getting hard?”

You were. Much to your embarrassment, you were getting hard. It was the words. It was her calling your cock worthless. Your arousal was far ahead of your understanding. You had no idea why your dick was getting hard, but it was.

“Why are you hard?” your girlfriend asked.

“I have no idea!” you screamed.

“Is it because I called your cock worthless? Because it is. I’ve never been with a guy whose cock is so completely useless at making me cum,” she continued.

“Please, stop,” you pleaded.

She stepped closer to you. There was a smile on her face. “I don’t think I will,” she said. “I think you need to hear this. Take off your pants,” your girlfriend ordered. You hesitated, but for only a second before following her order.

She took your stiff, small cock in her fingers and gently stroked it. “You need to hear that this little dick has never made me cum. Never. I’ve faked orgasms for you, but I’m done with that. I don’t know why I ever pretended that you could make me feel good with this pathetic excuse for a cock. I’m sure you’ve never made anyone cum.”

She stroked you faster, taking a tighter grip and using the precum dripping from the tip of your cock as lube. “Do you think your pathetic dick has ever made anyone cum?” she asked.

“No,” you answered immediately. You were too turned on to fight back. You were too close to orgasm to make her stop.

“You don’t deserve to put this short nub of a cock inside me anymore. You don’t even deserve this handjob I’m giving you. A cock this pathetic shouldn’t even fuck someone,” she poured on the abuse, and each word from her soft lips made you harder.

“Say it. Say that your cock is pathetic,” she demanded.

“My cock is pathetic!” you cried out.

“Say it again.”

You were on the brink of orgasm. “My cock is pathetic,” you said through a groan as an orgasm overtook you. Your cum spilled onto the hardwood floor of your apartment as your girlfriend continued her rhythmic stroking.

When you were finished a slight smile crossed her face. “You’re pathetic,” she said. “Clean that mess up and then meet me in the bedroom. There’s still one way you can make me orgasm.”

The next morning, you woke up alone in bed. The smell of bacon filled the room. Your girlfriend was cooking. You pulled a tee shirt over your head and shambled into the kitchen.

“Good morning,” she said with a smile.

Memories of the previous night filled your head. You remembered your beautiful girlfriend humiliating your cock relentlessly. You remembered cumming on the floor. You remembered going down on her for what seemed like an hour as she continued your humiliation. She told you of the men that had been inside her before and how big their cocks had been. She told you of the orgasms other men had given her that you’d never been able to provide her.

“How did you sleep?” she asked.

“Good, I guess,” you said.

She added scrambled eggs to the bacon and passed you a plate. You ate together like any other morning, but this was different. Your relationship had changed. It couldn’t be the same anymore.

“So…about last night,” you finally said.

Your girlfriend smiled again. “Yes, last night was wonderful, wasn’t it? I’ve never cum that many times in one night. I think we’ve finally discovered what you’re good at it bed.”

Your face clearly betrayed your confused feelings.

She looked at you as if she couldn’t understand why you’d be confused at all. “Eating pussy, honey. You’re great at eating pussy. You’ve always been so eager to get your little dick inside me that you’ve never really given my pussy the attention it deserves. Last night you finally did, and it was incredible. I mean it, I don’t think I’ve ever had that many orgasms in one night.”

“So you still want to be with me?” you asked as a surprising wave of emotions washed over you.

“Oh honey, of course,” your girlfriend said as she took your hand in hers. “Your worthless little cock doesn’t mean we have to break up. It just means we have to change things. I love you. I don’t love your cock, but I love you, and that’s all that matters, isn’t it? We can figure everything else out.”

You could barely wrap your head around what she was saying. She was insulting your penis in the sweetest voice you’d ever heard. She was saying it like it was an absolute fact that your cock couldn’t offer her any sort of pleasure. “Are we going to have sex anymore?” you asked.

“Of course, but it’s going to be different. You see, last night I realized that you’ve been incredibly selfish in our time together. You stick that little dick in me, you cum, and then you go on your way. You’re so selfish you never realized how disappointed I’ve been in sex. That’s why it’s going to be different.”

Your girlfriend continued, “You’re not going to fuck me anymore. I don’t want your little cock anywhere near my pussy. It does nothing for me. Instead, you’re going to use your tongue on me whenever I want and I’ll jerk off your pathetic dick just like I did last night.”

“But, what if I want to have sex?” you asked.

“Then you can break up with me and inflict your little cock on another unsuspecting girl, because I’m not letting that thing inside me again. Do you understand?” she said harshly.

Her clarity was jarring. She’d just told you that you could accept her terms or break up with her and there was no middle ground. “Yes, I understand,” you said.

You knew most men would just break up with her. Most men wouldn’t take that kind of verbal abuse. Most men wouldn’t have an erection from it, though. You’re not like most men.

“Are you hard again, honey?” your girlfriend asked. She giggled. “You just love it when I tell you how worthless your cock is, don’t you?”

Your face turned red with embarrassment. You looked at the floor. You couldn’t bring yourself to admit that she was right.

“I’m wet, you know,” she said. “You’re not the only one that gets turned on when I abuse your tiny dick.” Your girlfriend stood and pulled down her pajama pants and panties. “Get on your knees. It’s time to make me feel good again.”

You obeyed without hesitation. You got on your knees in front of her and worshiped her pussy as she stood above you. Her hands gripped your hair tightly, pulling you closer to her cunt and covering your face in the juices of her arousal. She came in less than a minute.

“Good boy,” your girlfriend said as she pulled up her pajama pants. She smiled at you. “Look at the mess I made on your face. Why don’t you go clean up?”

You walked to the bathroom with an uncomfortable erection making a small tent in your underwear. As you washed your face, you considered what you’d just agreed to. Your sex life was about to change drastically. You knew you were going to miss fucking her perfect pussy, but her humiliation of your small cock was too arousing to resist. You had to stay, at least for a little while. You needed more. You needed it badly, and she was going to give it to you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

I hope you enjoyed this little dose of small penis humiliation. Remember, the story continues on my Patreon page, so become a supporter today to get access. In future chapters you’ll get to watch your girlfriend fuck a big dildo while she humiliates you, enjoy public humiliation as she and her friend talk about your small penis in a restaurant, and watch as she fucks an ex-boyfriend with a nice big dick.

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11 Replies to “The Bliss of Small Penis Humiliation”

  1. To be honest I wouldn’t do this as I sincerely love my husband and wouldn’t want to hurt him. I know he wouldn’t like it. It would be ridiculous anyway as he is 20cm (a fraction off 8 inches) which most women (at least my friends) would think plenty big. My “boyfriend” is 24cm so a good bit longer but more importantly it looks and feels like twice as thick as my husband’s. So; I don’t tell my husband he’s got a small one BUT he DOES love me to say the other man was “much bigger” than him. I say that even when its not true because I know it will excite my husband SO much.

    1. You might have a different take on it if your husband was really small. I am glad to hear that you do care about your husband though.

  2. I really like your stories and it has gotten me to write one of my own. Please let me know what you think

    I married my wife Beth very young, we were both 21 and were high school sweethearts. By 25 we had 2 kids and were working up the corporate ladder. The net result is that now, at 48, we are empty nesters and we have begun settling into a new stage of our lives. I am the only man that my wife has ever been with and we have an active, but mundane sex life. One night I came home and it was the beginning of a complete 180 change in my life.
    I walk into the house expecting to smell my wife’s good cooking. On the counter was a glass of bourbon with a note underneath it. In my wife’s handwriting are the words “I will be your dinner tonight”. I walked into the bedroom and found Beth in heels and a sexy negligee laying on the bed. I still find her just as attractive as the day I met her. She had always taken pride in keeping herself fit, many of my friends have made comments and I always took pride in that. She slowly got off the bed and swayed over to me. She passionately kissed me and told me she loved me. As she was kissing my neck I felt her undoing my belt. I was instantly hard and excited by this new version of Beth. As my pants fell to the floor she slowly went down to her knees. In one fluid motion she swallowed and began to bob up and down on my dick. It had been so long since she had done anything like this that it heightened everything I was feeling, then it turned even hotter.
    While still stroking me with her right hand, Beth came up off her knees and began to kiss me. “I want to try something different tonight, are you game?” Without hesitation I said yes. “Take your clothes off and lie down on the bed” she said. I stripped as quickly as I could and lay down on my back, excited to see what was going to happen next. Slowly she climbed on top of me and whispered in my ear “do you trust me?” I said yes quickly. She reached under a pillow and pulled out a handcuff that was attached to the headboard and now was attached to my wrist. Next was another for my other wrist. She climbed off me and attached another set to my ankles. Beth walked around the bed checking that I was completely secured. My dick was standing straight up as I waited to see what was next to happen. “Do you still find me attractive?”, she asked. Yes, I still find you HOT! Especially right now I answered. “Good” was her response.
    She climbed between my legs and again started to suck my dick. Slowly at first then she began to pick up the pace, stroking me while slurping on my head, looking intently into my eyes the whole time. She lifted her head and quietly said “I want to make you come with my mouth” never before had she talked dirty to me and never before had she been this vigorous with a blow job. “Tell me when you are going to cum” I knew it wouldn’t be long before I did. I was so turned on that I could feel an orgasm building inside. As I started to get close she went even faster. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum” I screamed and then it stopped. She sat up, removing her hand and her mouth and watched as my dick twitched back and forth. Slowly I felt my cum ooze painfully out of my cock. A small grin began to spread across her face as she looked at the anguish in my face. There was absolutely no pleasure in the orgasm I just had. “Why would you do that, why did you stop?” She put her finger to her lips and told me to shh. “You said you love and trust me, so trust me” Beth got off the bed and reached into the nightstand. She pulled something out and returned to my side. It was metal and cold. I felt her grab my now limp dick and started to fit it into this cage. It had a tiny padlock that I saw her snap into place. It was then that she was ready to tell me what she really had in store for me.
    “Our sex life sucks,” she began. “My friends tell me that there husbands routinely eat them out and are able to give them multiple orgasms at a time with there mouths and dicks. I can’t remember the last time I had a true mind blowing orgasm and I have never had multiple orgasms. When you want to have sex you pump me for a couple of minutes, cum and then roll over and fall asleep. My satisfaction has never been a concern of yours. My friends say that this is ultimately my fault because I have not demanded or even asked you to consider me. Well tonight things are changing. If you want to remain married to me then this is the chance you have to prove it. The key to your cage is around my neck. At any time you can take it and remove yourself from it. Just know that if you do, then i am gone, divorce. I will not continue this marriage if sex does not become reciprocal!”
    I didn’t know what to say, I had no idea that she felt like this. Beth stared at me waiting for a response. “I’m sorry, I had no idea, yes I want to try.” “Good” she said.”this is not going to be easy. This weekend will be devoted totally to you pleasing me. I may let you out of your cage at some point this weekend but you will not be allowed to cum. You need to understand what it is like to go without in order to fully appreciate where I am coming from on this. Do you understand and agree to this?” Yes I said, yes I do.
    A smile again creeped into her face as she leaned in to kiss me. “I had hoped that would be your response.” She was straddling me know, looking down at me. Slowly she began to grind herself on my stomach. She began to play with my nipples, twisting and pulling on them. She would only do this when she wanted me to cum quickly, something about playing with them would always set me off. As she started to really twist my right one she reached back and began to play with my balls. She saw my face start to wince and asked “is your dick having a hard time getting hard?” It was. It was excruciating. The way her hands were working me was making it worse. Never before have I been constricted like this, never before was I denied pleasure and she was enjoying it. “I am going to untie you now and you are going to eat me until I tell you to stop, is that understood?” Yes I responded immediately.
    Beth undid all four handcuffs and walked over to the chair in the other side of the room. She took off the negligee to expose her perfect body. She sat down and spread her legs, exposing her freshly shaven pussy. Never before have I been so focused on it, so appreciative of how beautiful it is. “Come here and make me cum, now” I crawled off the bed and over to her. I picked up her foot, still with the heels on and began to kiss. First the top of her foot and then slowly up her calf, then to the inside of her thigh. The closer I got the more I got to smell her sex. She was emanating power and control. She edged herself closer to my mouth allowing me better access. When my tongue finally reached her clit she shuddered. I tried to be slow and delicate, to take my time, but she started to move her hips to the rhythm of my tongue. I felt her hand on the back of my head and heard a moan slip from her mouth. “That’s it, suck on my clit, tongue my pussy, make me cum!” The pressure from her hand was becoming stronger, I was no longer in control. She was moving my mouth where she wanted it to give herself the most pleasure. Her moans were getting louder and were punctuated by more dirty talk. My dick was straining against its cage but I knew that I had to stay focused on her, to keep my tongue moving. Then it happened. Both her hands were on the back of my head, forcing me into her, her legs clenched around my ears. I could not move, I could not breath. I looked up at her as she thrust her head back, her eyes were squeezed shut and her body convulsing. Her pussy was suddenly even wetter and extremely warm. Three times I felt her shudder and then slowly release me. I kissed the inside of her thighs as she came down from her orgasm. She tilted my head up to her and bent down to kiss me, her breathing was still ragged. “Thankyou” she stuttered and she sank back into the chair. I sat there staring at her. She had a glow I had never seen before. So many years of marriage and I had never seen her so satisfied, so happy. Once she regained her composure she looked at me, held my head in her hands and said “that was a very good start, you should go out to the kitchen and pour us some wine and make a snack. I will be out there in a few minutes.” I reached for my robe when she said “no, you will be naked for this weekend, now go.”
    I have no idea where the rest of this weekend will be going, but I am confident that my wife does.

      1. Hi Becca, the first time my stunningly beautiful ex(sadly) complained about my small penis I immediately told her she should go black. She was very keen on this idea and told me about a black guy she met once in a changing room, he was naked and had a big penis. I asked if he’d fucked her and she said no, shame! I told her if she ever met him again he could fuck her.

  3. That was amazing. I’m actually bookmarking this page in hopes that my wife will read it and duplicate it on me. It was so erotic. thank you!!

  4. I have a tiny little dicklet and love small penis humiliation. I love going on webcam sites and showing my tiny dick and face. Not knowing if someone I know is watching is such a turn on. All the girls I have been with have laughed when they saw my little penis, and have told all there friends. Now every girl in town knows my little secret. It’s so humiliating and gets my tiny dicklet really hard,

  5. I don’t tell my husband that his penis is small (it is), but he clearly likes to see me with guys with large cocks. He loves for me to tell him how good it feels to be full of cock. My husband cums really fast, and he likes to have me tell him how I loved being fucked for a long time. With the right guy I cum multiple times, and hubby loves it. That never happens with him, in fact, the only time I cum with him is with my vibe. I’b be really sexually frustrated if I just had my husband, but my boyfriends keep me in sexual bliss. Obviously he knows he’s small and cums fast, but instead of pointing that out to humiliate him, I focus on the positive side of the stud I’m with. He loves it. With that said, I do understand that some guys are into the humiliation, and that’s cool too. Whatever gets you off.

    1. “Whatever gets you off” tends to be my approach to these things as well. As long as everyone is a willing participant, I see no reason not to explore what turns you on. After all, a satisfying sex life is an exceptionally valuable thing.

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