The Parking Lot – A Wife Watching Story

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You figured you’d spend the night at home, waiting for your wife to return from her date. You’d fantasize about her sucking his cock and sitting her slick pussy on it. You’d imagine about him taking her doggystyle. You’d hold off on cumming because she loves giving you a handjob while she tells you all the dirty details.

You were ready for all of that, but then she sent you a text:

Her: You wanna watch?

You: Yes!

She directed you to a commuter parking lot outside of town. It’s busy during the workdays but there’s never anyone there on a Saturday night. It’s a perfect place to have a little fun without being disturbed, which is why she and her lover are going to put on a show for you there.

She told you to arrive early and park in the dark corner where the lights don’t reach. They’ll be able to make out your car in the moonlight, but it will look empty. Anyone driving by will think it’s just an empty car.

Ten minutes after you park and turn off the car, they pull in. They’re in his car. It’s a sleek 4-door sedan. She’d told you stories of the fun they’ve had in that car. It’s where she sucked his cock for the first time. They’d parked just outside your house. She was going to keep it to a make out session, but once she felt the size of his dick your wife couldn’t resist.

She pulled him out and soon her head was bobbing up and down in his lap. His tinted windows made sure no passersby could see what was happening in the darkness. You tasted a hint of his cum on her tongue that night. You’ll never forget it.

They park a dozen rows down from your car. She wants to be close enough that you have a view without letting you see every little detail. Your wife is such a tease. He parked so you could look through the front windshield. No one else is going to use the lot tonight, so it doesn’t matter if he’s not in a space. What matters is giving you a view of the fun they’re going to have.

Your wife looks over at you. She can’t see you through the darkness, but she knows you can see her. She looks perfect, just like she did when she left. A long, lingering kiss was your gift before she walked out the door and you can still taste her. It’s him that gets to enjoy her lips now, though.

She turns her attention to him and they kiss. Your cock stiffens almost immediately. You know she’s a great kisser. You know the wonderful things she does with her tongue and the way she sucks on yours as it darts into her mouth. You know she’s doing all that for another man. You know that in this moment, all she wants is to make her boyfriend hard as a rock.

You see his hand move to her breasts. He squeezes them and gently plays with her nipples. You imagine she’s moaning into his mouth. Your wife loves having her nipples played with and her boyfriend knows that about her. He knows exactly how to turn her on and how to make her cum.

They both know you’re watching and it’s a little more exciting because of it. He loves that you’re sitting in the parking lot and watching him fondle your wife. He knows you’re not going to do anything other than watch and stroke your dick. He knows it turns you on to see him enjoying her beautiful body.

The moment you’re waiting for, the one that excites you the most, is when her head disappears into his lap. You can’t see his cock or her mouth around it, but you know she’s giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Just a few dozen yards away your wife has another man’s throbbing dick in her mouth and it’s making her pussy wet. Giving him head while you watch turns your wife on. How does that make you feel?

As she blows him you see the back of her head pop up over and over. She’s bobbing up and down in his lap, sucking on him. You know what her mouth feels like, how amazing she it at sucking cock. You can imagine how good he feels right now. That’s why his eyes are closed and his mouth is open. He’s moaning because your wife is blowing him. Your wife is blowing her boyfriend in his car and you’re watching.

She wants to do more than suck his cock, though. Your wife wants to get fucked while you watch. Her pussy is soaked with desire. Her need for his big dick inside her is stronger than it’s ever been. Are you ready to see her sit on him and take a ride?

They shift so he’s sitting in the passenger seat and she’s on top of him. He pulls off her shirt so you can see her back as his hands roam all over it. She sits down on his cock and throws her head back. You can tell he’s inside her even if you can’t see her wet pussy lips opening around his thickness.

Your wife has described his cock, especially its size, on multiple occasions. She knows you like hearing how big he is and how good it makes her feel. Now, as she’s riding him in the car, you can’t help but picture it in your mind. You can’t help but imagine how her cunt looks as she opens around him over and over. You can’t help but hear imagined moans as she cums on him.

You expected them to fuck in the front seat and be done with it, but they have something else in mind. They’re putting on a show for you, after all. That’s why she gets out of the car. Her tits are out of the black lace bra she wore and her short skirt is pushed up around her waist. She looks at you and bends over the front of the car, giving you a profile view of her lovely long legs in heels.

Her boyfriend follows and quickly steps behind your wife. He guides his cock into her cunt and pounds her hard. She turns her head and looks at the car. She knows you’re in the front seat with your cock in hand. She’s looking right at you. She wants you to look at her as she’s getting fucked, as another man is using her pussy. She wants you to witness the pleasure she’s giving him.

Your cock is so hard. You know you could cum in no time, but you hold off. You don’t want to lose your load just yet. You want to see the end of the show. Who knows what else they have planned?

He pulls out of your wife’s pussy and steps back. You can see his cock glistening with juices from her cunt. She turns around and squats in front of him. Her fingers wrap around the base of his cock and her lips wrap around the head. Your wife sucks his dick so you can see it. She gives him a nasty, wet blowjob and cleans all her slippery juices off of him.

You’ve never seen her suck his dick before. You’ve heard the stories. You’ve kissed her after she’s blown him. You’ve never watched though. It’s incredible. Your cock is throbbing without you even touching it. The way she blows him is almost animalistic. She certainly doesn’t suck your cock like that.

Your wife stands and sits on the car. Again you have a beautiful profile view. She’s on her back with her legs spread. Her skirt is still bunched up. He holds her legs open and slides his cock into her pussy. You watch her reach down and play with her pussy as she gets fucked.

Her eyes close and she throws her head back. You know that look. She’s having an orgasm. She’s cumming with someone else’s cock inside her. Your wife is having an orgasm with her boyfriend’s dick buried in her pussy.

Soon that same look comes over his face. They’re not using protection and he’s inside her. He’s going to cum in her pussy. He’s going to creampie your wife while you’re watching. If you even touch your cock you’ll cum, so you don’t. You just watch as he dumps his load in her pussy while she’s spread on the hood of his car. It’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen.

He pulls out of your wife’s pussy and reaches into the passenger seat to pull out his pants. She hops off the car and pulls down her skirt. Instead of getting in the car with him your wife walks towards you. He turns on the car and drives away, leaving the two of you alone in the commuter parking lot.

You sit there in the front seat and watch your topless, freshly-fucked wife stride towards you. Her hair is a mess and another man’s cum is dripping down her leg. She looks more beautiful than she ever has. You’re turned on like you’ve never been before.

She opens the back door and says, “Did you enjoy the show, honey?” She lies on her back with her legs spread. You fumble with the driver’s side door, finally getting it open and moving around until you’re looking into the back seat at your wife’s pussy. It’s wet, pink, and messy. A little stream of his cum is dripping out of her and onto the leather.

“You can do whatever you want with me,” she says, and she means it. What do you want to do with her?

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