Tonight Your Job is to Watch Him Fuck Me

My boyfriend will be here soon. While you sit and watch, he’s going to fuck me like I need to be fucked. He’s going to fuck me like you’ve never been able to do. His big cock is going to reach places inside me your small cock has never reached. I want you to watch, cuckold. I want you to watch him fill me, satisfy me, and make me scream his name. I want you to think about how inadequate your cock is while we’re fucking.

Then, when we’re done, I want you to get between my legs and lick his cum out of me. You’re a creampie eater, after all, and I’ve worked hard to train you to be a little cum slut for me. You won’t hesitate to do your duty when I command you. You’ll lap lustily at my cum-filled cunt and make sure you don’t miss a drop. You’ll be a good boy because that’s what I want.

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