The Corruption of Anna Lee

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One little conversation is all it takes to change Mark and Anna’s lives forever. Over lunch one afternoon, Anna discovers her friend Jamie has been working as a high-end escort and that she’s been having a great time. That simple revelation sets off a chain of events that changes the happy couple’s marriage in ways they never expected.

Suddenly, Mark can’t help but imagine his wife having sex with other men, and he can’t help but experience intense arousal at the idea. Anna discovers a deep-seated desire to explore her sexuality, including an attraction to her beautiful friend. With her husband’s permission Anna embarks on a career as an escort as they play with his newfound desire to be a cuckold.

She sleeps with other men and goes home to her husband to delight him with filthy tales of the great sex she had. He gets a chance to taste her when someone else has been inside her and so much more. When Anna meets Shane, an irresistible client, she goes deeper than she expected. Will she put her marriage at risk by taking things too far?


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