Captioned Cuckold Stories, Volume 1

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Enjoy a collection of 12 short cuckold stories, each with an accompanying caption that sets the tone for the lurid action that follows. Each story is written addressing you, the cuckold, and delves into a wide range of fantasies. They’re short, sweet, and meant to be wildly arousing. Fantasies covered include small penis humiliation, bisexual play, creampie cleanup, chastity and orgasm denial, your submissive wife being dominated by her bull, watching your wife have sex with another man, and more.

Embrace your cuckold desires. Read about your fantasies. Explore the intense pleasure that comes from being cuckolded by your wife. Find a comfortable place to read and don’t be afraid to do what comes naturally, cuckold. If thinking about your wife having sex with a bigger, better man turns you on then this is collection of cuckold short stories is for you.


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