Step into a fantasy with me, my sweet cuckolds. Your wife has the freedom to pursue her desire for other men. She’s made you her cuckold and you’ve embraced that reality. You want to be the best cuckold possible.

To be a good cuckold for your beautiful hotwife you must do as you’ve been trained on date night. You must embrace a cuckold’s duties. Are you ready?

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A Cuckold’s Duties Before the Date

To ensure your wife and her bull enjoy their evening to the fullest, you must embrace your role as her cuckold long before the date actually begins:

Prepare the Bedroom – Your wife and her bull are going to end up in your bedroom on date night, which means it’s your job to ensure it’s ready for them. You will put a fresh set of sheets on the bed, including new pillow cases. If they require lubrication you will ensure it’s available on the nightstand. Make sure the bedroom is clean, as well. Vacuum, dust every surface, and put away any clothes you may have left out.

Help Your Wife Get Ready – It is a cuckold’s privilege to help his wife get ready for date night with her bull. Your duties can vary depending on how generous your wife is feeling, but they can include washing her hair and body in the shower, shaving her pussy for him, gently patting her body dry with a freshly-washed towel, picking out lingerie and a dress for her to wear for her bull, and helping her get dressed.

If you’re a particularly dutiful cuckold, your wife might offer you the wonderful treat of letting you worship her ass while she does her hair and makeup. If she does let you drop to your knees behind her, make sure that you express your gratitude for allowing you the pleasure of worshiping her ass on date night.

Ensure the House is Prepared for Their Arrival – Your wife and her bull may choose to go straight to the bedroom after their date. If that’s the case, you’ve done your job. They might prefer to relax on the couch with a glass of wine or eat a lovely dessert before indulging in their desire for each other. If that’s the case, it’s your duty to make sure you’re prepared for that before the date.

It’s also important that your home be clean. It’s your duty to clean it. Vacuum and dust any room your wife and her bull might enter on date night to ensure a happy experience for both of them.

Act as Her Chauffeur – Your wife shouldn’t have to drive herself on date night and she should be free to fool around in the car with her bull when they’re together, which is why it’s a cuckold’s duty to act as his wife’s chauffeur on date night.

Open the back door for your wife and shut it gently once she’s situated herself in the car. Slip into the driver’s seat, start the car, and ask her if there’s any music she’d like to listen to. Once you’ve ensured she’s happy, drive to either pick up her bull or meet at the destination for their date.

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A Cuckold’s Duties During the Date

When your wife is on a date with her bull your job – above everything else – is to ensure her happiness. That means doing whatever you are told without considering your needs. Don’t be selfish.

Date night can mean many things for a wife and her bull, so your duties will almost certainly vary depending on your situation. Below are some of those duties.

Drive Wherever They Desire – You will continue to act as your wife’s chauffeur during her date. That means driving wherever she and her bull desire. It might mean taking them to a restaurant, the movie theater, a sporting event, or to a quiet spot where they can fool around in the car while you sit in the front seat with a throbbing erection in your pants.

Pay for Everything – As a cuckold, it is your duty to offer to pay for everything when your wife is on a date with her bull. Some bulls might turn you down, but you must offer. It might get expensive, but it should be your pleasure to pay as much as it takes to ensure your wife’s happiness.

Be Ready to Wait – It’s possible that you’ll end up waiting in the car for long stretches as your wife and her bull enjoy their date. If they go to a restaurant, they’re not going to invite you to dine with them. Instead, you’re going to wait in the car as another man enjoys dinner with your wife and does his best to romance her. You will likely experience jealousy, but it’s your duty to squash that feeling and remember your wife’s happiness. She wants to be on a date with her bull. She wants to be romanced. It’s your duty to make sure that she gets what she wants.

Drive as They Fool Around – If you’re acting as a chauffeur for your wife and her bull it’s almost guaranteed that they’re going to fool around in the back seat. Your duty is to restrain your desire to watch and keep your eyes on the road. You can look in the rearview mirror when you reach a stop sign or a red light, but you don’t get to pull over and over and you don’t get to turn around and watch. You’re the driver.

If your wife wants to go down on her bull in the back seat, you don’t get to watch. If she wants to fuck him in the back seat while you’re driving, the best you can hope for is to see her bouncing on him in the rear view mirror. Otherwise the best you can do is listen.

A Cuckold’s Duties After the Date

It’s the action that happens after the date that’s almost certainly going to be the most fun for everyone involved. The dinner, movie, fun at the park, etc, is all just an appetizer to the sex your wife and her bull are going to have. It’s what she wants, it’s what he wants, and it’s what you want.

Of course, as a cuckold, there are certain duties that come with that. Below are the duties you might be expected to attend to after the date:

Make Drinks – If your wife and her bull would like to enjoy an after dinner drink before the real fun begins, it’s a cuckold’s duty to prepare those drinks. As with any task, give it your best effort. You’re not just throwing ice and a bit of whiskey in a glass. You’re setting the mood for what’s to come and presentation matters.

Prepare Your Wife’s Pussy – A cuckold should always be eager to prepare his wife’s pussy for a superior man’s cock. When she desires it, drop to your knees in front of her and use your mouth to get her wet. Remember, it’s not your duty to make her cum, so this isn’t the same as when you worship her pussy with the idea of getting her off. This is about getting your wife wet for the man she’s chosen to fuck her.

Fluff Her Bull – A cuckold’s sexuality is of little importance. It’s his submission that matters. That’s why you should be willing and eager to get on your knees to fluff your wife’s bull. You should offer your mouth to get him hard. You should do so to show that you recognize his status as the superior man. You should suck his cock and get him hard to show that you’re dedicated to your wife’s pleasure above all else.

Watch without Masturbating – Cuckolding should be a mutually pleasurable part of a marriage. It should lead to deep satisfaction for both you and your wife. However, it is a cuckold’s duty to delay his pleasure until his wife has experienced hers. That’s why you should expect to watch without masturbating. You should concentrate on witnessing your wife’s pleasure and offering your assistance in any way she desires.

You may be called upon to clean her pussy juices off her bull’s cock or fluff him after your wife has climaxed and she needs a short break before taking him again. You may be called upon to worship her ass while her bull is fucking her. You may be called upon to suck his balls or worship his ass. You need to be ready to do all of those things and if you masturbate we both know you’re going to cum before they’re done and you’ll find yourself lacking the motivation required to serve.

Clean Up – You will clean up when your wife and her bull are finished fucking. If they’re using condoms that will likely mean disposing of the prophylactic and cleaning his cock afterwards. You might be required to use your mouth to suck the remaining cum from his shaft, but she might let you use a damp towel as well.

If they’re not using condoms you should expect to clean her bull’s cock and your wife’s cum-filled pussy. If he decides to cum on her body, you should expect to lick it up and swallow his seed. Doing so is a beautiful sign that you recognize your place in the relationship. A cuckold swallows the superior man’s seed.

Fluff for Another Round – Your wife and her bull might want to go again. If they do, you should expect to fluff him once more. Your job will be to get him hard so he can give your wife the pleasure she craves once more, no matter how long it takes. Expect your jaw to be sore.

Sleep in the Guest Bedroom – Your wife may invite her bull to spend the night so she can continue to enjoy his cock. In that case, it is a cuckold’s duty to spend the night in the guest bedroom (or on the couch if the guest bedroom isn’t available).

A Cuckold’s Ultimate Duty

Every cuckold relationship is different and what’s listed above is a fairly extreme example of this particular fetish. Ultimately, a cuckold’s real duty is to see to his wife’s pleasure in whatever way she sees fit. That’s where you’ll discover the true joy of this fetish. Put her needs before your own – and do so genuinely – and you’ll experience pleasure like you’ve never imagined possible.

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15 Replies to “A Cuckold’s Duties on Date Night”

    1. It’s both. Millions of men fantasize about it and a small percentage actually participate in it. It’s difficult to make it work in real life because it involves another person it tends to have emotional consequences that the participants are rarely ready for. So, if the marriage is on shaky ground cuckolding is a good way to further weaken it. That’s why I tend to recommend a slow approach (fantasize about it, use toys, do a little flirting, etc) before actually jumping in. You can have just as much fantasizing as you can actually doing it.

      1. I stumbled into cuckolding without even knowing the word for it. It began as random fantasies, not too detailed, but really kicked into high gear when a girlfriend I’d been living with moved to Costa Rica, broke up with me, and I began these long masturbation sessions every night and every morning–all focused on her being fucked really hard, legs spread. Oh my god, I would cum so hard but then forget about it.

        Not long after that I began to bring up the subject with a new girlfriend–getting her slowly aroused and gently floating the question about whether she would be turned on by an opportunity to have a weekend to “play.” With each girl they would steadfastly say “no,” but I would let the subject surface again and again as I got her more turned on. Eventually, I started making the offer when I KNEW a girlfriend had to be out of town for a few days. The rules were simple: Be safe. Be as sexy and free as you wish. And TELL ME EVERYTHING.

        And this is how I entered what can only be called a state of sexual frenzy. With her out of town and free to play, I could not stop masturbating. I mean, we’re talking like 50 times a day. At night I’d hardly sleep, especially if she called just before she hooked up.

        When a woman I was living with had to go to Europe to play a music festival for four weeks I gave her permission to play and surreptitiously slipped a box of condoms into her backpack.

        I’ve always been very secretive about this, even a little embarrassed. But honestly, I love the energy of it. And I’ve turned the tables on women–getting a girl right on the edge of orgasm, holding her arms in place and keeping her legs spread while I stimulate her clit. Then, striking a devil’s bargain: Permission for ME to fuck another girl. If she says no, that’s cool. And I won’t let her cum. But if she just can’t hold back and cums, well then, she’s made the deal. And she knows I’m going to fuck this girl. And I describe exactly how I’m going to fuck this other girl as I give her orgasm after orgasm.

        Curious to know what others think. This is my first time on this site.

        1. For me it’s just the opposite. 90% is authentic experience, 10% is fantasy–thinking about what happened or what will happen and it gets me hard every time over and over. I can’t help it.

  1. One time after I had completely prepared the house for their date, and he had arrived, my wife told me to go outside and spend six hours washing, and waxing his car. then I had to do the glass, and vacuum it out.
    Another time I washed, and ironed his pants and shirt while they fucked.

  2. Cuckolding may be a fantasy for some, to me is a reality for the last ten years, my wife make me a cuckold before marriage, I was a virgin two month after our wedding and after that, very few times with her, I’m the perfect cuckold she says.

  3. Women seem naturally designed for multiple partners–their ability to have multiple orgasms leaves them open to long-term play. And males are driven by a desire to spread their seed. This is what gets me so aroused. I am less interested in actually watching than I am knowing, in real time, what is happening and when. My girlfriend was out of town at a hotel. She came downstairs to the hotel cafe for breakfast wearing a thin blouse with no bra. She happened to start a conversation with a good looking guy at the coffee bar and they talked over breakfast. Caffeine is a known sexual stimulant–it always gets me hard–and their conversation turned more flirty as they talked. She texted me that she was getting really turned on–soaking wet, to be exact–and then the phone went quiet.

    They were in her room fucking hard for a couple of hours. She called me afterward, just after he left and she took a shower. I couldn’t stop masturbating for the next two days until she got home, at which point I made her tell me every detail again. We fucked so hard. This is why I can’t ignore this interest. Some girls are put off by it, others seem to embrace it. I’m a university professor–intelligent, well-traveled. Yet this remains a closely guarded secret among our friends. I a curious to hear from others who feel the same way–especially women.

  4. I’m a sissy tranvestite cuckold, I know of my inability due to premature ejaculation and small size but also know that my wife will never leave me because I been a cuckold before marriage and I’m very useful and obedient. My wife know I’m in love, I’m loyal and she is free.

  5. Becca, help me out, you had a blurb where you were lying on your back on your bed. You had your cuck with his head on your tummy with his mouth facing your pussy for easy access by your lovers cock. Your lover would saw back and forth in your cunt for several strokes then pull out feed your cuck his cock. After several minutes of this great action your lover finally empties his balls into your cuck mouth.
    I think this is the hottest of any thing you have written. I’m cumming in my pants right now just think about this excerpt. Can you direct me to where l might find it.

    1. I honestly can’t remember where you could find that. Sorry. There’s a chance it was on the old Tumblr, which is long gone at this point.

  6. To be a good cuckold – we must focus on doing anything that will make her happy including all the above items. Very nice story mmmmm

  7. I’m married, now, to a wonderful woman. To keep this short I won’t go into her reasons why, but she refuses to cuckold me. She knows she can do it any time she wants, with or without my knowledge. I even created a certificate/ permanent hall pass, that I framed, and now hangs prominently on our bedroom wall. Since she’s “not interested” in cuckolding me, I suggested taking it down. I’m a little nervous sometimes that someone else might see it, but she refuses to remove it. I wonder sometimes if maybe she is doing it, but just hasn’t told me?

    I would love to live exactly like this story goes and I hope someday I will.

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