The Ultimate Cuckold Training Guide

I believe it’s possible to train the perfect cuckold. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you train a man to be your ideal cuck, but I believe it can be done and you’ll find a detailed plan below. So, whether you’re here because you want to train your man to be your loyal, loving cuckold or you’re just looking to fantasize and have a little naughty fun, please enjoy the plan I’ve put together.

In case it’s not clear, this is mostly for the purpose of entertainment and arousal, though I do believe this would work. It should also be obvious that this is not to be done to a man that’s not interested in being cuckolded.

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Laying the Foundation for His Cuckolding

We begin long before you’ve cuckolded him. He’s almost certainly expressed an interest in cuckolding, because it’s almost exclusively a male fantasy. Lots of women get into it, of course, but they’re typically introduced to their idea by their husbands (or boyfriends, partners, etc).

So, he’s shared his fantasy with you. You’ve gone through the stages where you’re freaked out by it, you’re weirded out because you think he just wants to pimp you out to other guys to get his rocks off, and you think he’s a little bit of a freak. Now you’ve reached the state where you’re actually intrigued by the idea of getting to have great sex and make your husband’s biggest fantasy come true in doing so.

Now, I want you to imagine a scenario for me:

You make his fantasy come true. You fuck someone else. You come home. You tell your husband about it while giving him a handjob or masturbating with him or while he’s fucking you. He cums. He has the best orgasm of his life. Then, not long after, he feels a sense of shame because he got off on the idea of his wife fucking someone else.

He gets surly. He gets angry. He lashes out because of that shame. Suddenly you’re fighting. It’s no longer idyllic. Now it’s miserable. You never cuckold him again. He doesn’t stop fantasizing about it, though. He can’t stop fantasizing about it, even though it hurt when you made it a reality. He begs you to cuckold him again. He says he’ll be better this time. He’s lying, which is why you need to train him.

Ultimately, this first stage of training is about preventing the shame spiral. It doesn’t have to take a long time, but I believe it’s a necessity to a healthy, long term cuckold relationship. And, while it will take some work on your part, it should be fairly easy to do.

The basics of it are pretty simple. You’re going to use his overwhelming desire to be cuckolded – if he’s brought up the fantasy, I promise you that nothing in the world turns him on quite like being cuckolded – to assert just a little bit of control over him. Once you have that control, you can train him not to crash into a place of emotional agony after you’ve cuckolded him for the first time.

Orgasm Control

That control – and this is the part that might trip up some women – comes from taking control of his orgasms. This is important for one very particular reason: The hornier your husband is, the more thrilling he’ll find the idea of being cuckolded, and the easier he’ll be to train. Once he cums, it’s quite likely every bit of his desire to be cuckolded will drain away for some amount of time, and if he cums often enough it’s damn near impossible to train him, so you need to be the one in charge of his orgasms.

With any luck, you’ll be able to tell your husband – and future cuckold – that you’re now in control of his orgasms without him objecting too loudly. You determine when he gets to cum. Not him. That means no masturbation. No sneaking orgasms in the shower or when you’re out of the house.

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Some men will be happy to follow this rule because you’re going to make their fantasy come true. Some men, however, are exceptionally weak and they won’t be able to resist masturbating constantly. There’s a solution for those men, though: A chastity device. Lock his cock in a cage and you hold the key. He can’t even get hard, let alone masturbate. If your husband is willing, I’d recommend putting him in the cage no matter what, for it gives you a far greater sense of control and it’s quite good at building a sense of desperation in him.

Once you’ve seized control of his orgasms, your husband becomes very easy to train, and you can begin to help him understand that his cuckold fantasy is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a delicate balance to achieve. He wants to feel humiliation – that’s where so much of the pleasure comes from – but you want to stop it from transitioning to shame, because that’s an enormously destructive emotion. It takes some practice to get it right, but if you stay attuned to your husband’s needs, I’m certain you can do it.

Your Pleasure is His Pleasure

The first layer of the foundation of your cuckold/hotwife relationship is orgasm control. The second layer is to shift the way your husband thinks about your pleasure. You want him to take on the traits of a submissive, where providing you pleasure is what brings him pleasure. You’re looking to train the selfishness out of him, and you can achieve that in a fairly simple manner.

Essentially, he needs to earn his orgasms by doing things that make you happy. This is why you’re taking control of his climaxes. This largely comes down to what makes you happy, but I’d suggest mixing in both sexual and nonsexual behaviors.

It’s also important to note that pleasure doesn’t have to mean an orgasm for him. It could simply mean that you offer him a deeply passionate kiss, or that you cuddle up in bed while wearing lingerie he loves, or that you tease his cock a little without letting him cum. You do need to let him cum from time to time, though, as he’ll lose interest in the whole thing if he’s never permitted to climax.

A lovely side effect of your husband’s desire to be cuckolded: He really, really likes seeing you cum. It turns him on to see you cum, which means you can reward him by letting him get you off. If he’s good, you can spread your legs and let him eat your pussy. You can let him finger you or use a toy on you. He’ll be frustrated that he can’t fuck you, but he’ll find pleasure in your orgasm and it will be rewarding for him even if you don’t also grant him a climax.

You’re setting up a basic reward system. Your husband does something that you like and you reward him with a little bit of pleasure, thereby making it clear that he needs to earn his pleasure by making you happy. I know it doesn’t seem like this has much to do with cuckolding, but this is just part of the foundation.

It’s a necessity that his behavior be randomly rewarded. If he knows exactly what he can do to get a reward, he’ll only do those things. If he’s randomly rewarded for doing all manner of things that make you happy, he’ll start doing anything he can to make you happy. He’ll even start putting in a great deal of thought into what he could do that might bring you pleasure or make you happy, which is exactly the mindset you want to achieve before you delve into the real cuckold training.

If you want a few ideas on how to spice up orgasm control for the both of you, I’ve listed some below:

  • Make Him Work For It – Let him know that you’ve decided that he needs to make you cum 10 times (or the amount of your choosing) before he’s allowed to orgasm again. Then, make him work for the right to make you cum. You’ll be amazed at the lengths he’s willing to go just so you’ll welcome him between your legs to lick your pussy to a beautiful orgasm.
  • Tease and Denial – Work tease and denial into your control of his orgasms. Let him know you’ll be giving him a handjob that night but he has only five minutes to cum. Oil your hands up and make him feel good, but don’t let him cum. Keep him hard and mad with desire for the entire five minutes and then cut him off. Repeat as many days in a row as you’d like. You can do tease and denial in all kinds of ways, but it’s not fun for all men, so only indulge if your man enjoys it.
  • Lingerie Shopping – If he’s well-behaved, reward him with a trip to your local lingerie store. Let him pick out something for you to wear. Try it on for him. Buy it. Bring it home. Model it for him again. Excite him with a little kissing and touching. If he’s been particularly good, reward him by letting him fuck you. If you want him to be a little better, tell him that he can earn the chance to fuck you in the beautiful lingerie you just bought.

Once you’ve taken control of his orgasms and you’ve both found your comfort zone with that sort of play, it’s time to delve into the pleasures of cuckold training. Some of what you read below may seem crazy, but I promise that your husband – who wants to be cuckolded – will find it thrilling, and it should be useful for helping him be in the right mindset when you actually cuckold him.

Gently Deflating Your Would-Be Cuckold’s Ego

As I’m sure most women know, a man’s ego can be a troublesome thing. It can be far more troublesome when you cuckold him, for a man’s ego instinctively responds to his cuckolding with a sense of pain, sometimes causing him to lash out. That’s why you want to deflate his ego little by little through cuckold training. What’s great about this, though, is that he’ll find it hugely arousing.

There are several steps I’d recommend taking to do this and I’ve outlined them below:

Making it Clear Your Husband Isn’t Quite Good Enough and/or That You Need More

One of the underpinnings of a typical cuckold fantasy (and I’m talking cuckolding here, not stag/hotwife), is your husband’s belief (or desire, really) that he doesn’t fuck you the way you need/deserve to be fucked. It’s often related to cock size (would-be cuckolds tend to obsess over cock size), but it can also be related to stamina, or skill, or even looks/body.

Even if you’re satisfied with your sex life – and I’ll bet many of you are – you can use your husband’s beliefs to help train him into the perfect cuckold. You must start gently, though. I recommend doing so when you’ve got him in a state of desire and when you’ve decided he’s going to get to orgasm, as training a good cuckold is so much easier when he routinely cums while thinking about you having sex with another man.

So, let’s play out a scenario:

Your husband is naked in your bed. You’re naked, dressed in lingerie, or however you’d prefer to be. You’re next to him. You have his stiff cock in your hand. You’re stroking him slowly. You want to further his training, so you decide a little bit of dirty talk focused on his shortcomings (perceived or real) is the perfect way to do it.

“I’ve decided that I deserve to fuck someone with a bigger cock than yours,” you say softly.

With any luck, he moans and maybe you feel his cock get a little bit stiffer in your hand. That’s how you know you’re doing it right.

“You can’t satisfy me with this little thing,” you say. “Not like I deserve to be satisfied. Sometimes, when I’m really turned on, it’s like I can’t even feel you inside me.”

You’ll need to make sure you’re not being too harsh – some would-be cuckolds need gentler play – because you don’t want to destroy his ego. You just want to shrink it bit by bit.

You can also do something similar while you’re having sex with him:

You straddle your husband. You take him inside you. You smile as he fills you. It feels nice, but it could probably feel better. That’s not exactly uncommon. But, your husband wants to be a cuckold, so you can actually have a little fun with the notion that it could feel better. You can just tell him.

You ride him slowly. You bite your lower lip in that seductive manner. You moan a little and then say, “Mmm, I do wish your cock was a little bigger. I wish you were a little deeper inside me. I wish it felt like you were stretching out my tight little pussy.”

While you might not actually like the idea of your pussy being stretched – who would, really? – your husband will enjoy it, mostly because he’s thinking about how much you’d enjoy fucking someone with a bigger cock than his. You might very well bring him to a rather quick orgasm if you offer up that kind of cuckold-related dirty talk, and then next time you can reference the fact that he came so quickly as a way to shrink his ego just a little bit more.

If you want to come at it from a more positive place, you can emphasize your husband’s skill in other areas:

Get him all worked up. Hugely turned on. Desperate to fuck you. Maybe you even give him a little preview of your pussy by sitting on his cock, taking him inside you for a few short seconds, and then pulling off and sitting across his stomach.

“I know you want to fuck me, baby, but I’d really love it if you’d eat my pussy instead,” you say with a smile. “You’re just so good with your tongue. You make me feel so, so good. I know your dick is so hard and you’re so desperate to be inside me, but I want to have a really good orgasm and your tongue is the only way that’s going to happen for me.”

You’re not explicitly saying that he can’t fuck you worth a damn, but you’re implying it, and by doing so you’re helping to diminish his ego a little and you’re helping him focus on your pleasure, which is ultimately where you want your cuckold husband focused at all times.

Toy Play Brings Pleasure for Both of You

After you’ve gotten comfortable with dirty talk and the gentle deflation of your husband’s ego via that dirty talk, it’s time to introduce sex toys.

Now, I understand that most sex toys for women are designed by men and are deeply flawed because of that. After all, deep penetration with a massively thick dildo is generally not hugely pleasurable because it doesn’t also come with clitoral stimulation. However, a phallic dildo can be an exceptionally useful cuckold training tool, and for that reason I highly recommend its use.

If you’ve been paying attention, it will come as no surprise that you should purchase a toy that’s larger than your husband’s cock. If you want, you can get one that’s lifelike – with veins running down the shaft and the mushroom head and all of that – but it’s not an absolute necessity. Anything long, fairly thick, and phallic will get the job done.

As an aside, if your husband has a big cock but still wants to be cuckolded, don’t worry about the size thing. Just get a nice dildo – at least the size of his cock – and put on a naughty little show about how good it feels to fuck yourself with it while your husband watches.

The first time, I’d recommend using the toy on yourself while your husband watches. Fool around to get each other turned on, get naked, and then bring out the sex toy that you’re going to tease him with. If you want to make it even more potent, make the appearance of the toy a surprise.

Have your husband position his body so he can see your pussy. You want him to witness the penetration. It would be ideal if he can see your face, too, as you’ll be putting on a bit of a show for him and you want him to witness your pleasure.

Let’s play out how this might go:

Your husband is naked with his hand around his stiff cock. He’s sitting at the foot of the bed, as you instructed. You roll over, open the nightstand, and pull out the new toy you purchased. You hold it up and see your husband’s eyes go wide.

“It’s big, isn’t it?” you ask.

He nods and watches as you run your fingers up and down the shaft, much like you’re stroking a cock, only one that’s a great deal bigger than your husband’s.

“Would you like to watch me fuck myself with this big cock?” you ask.

“Yes,” your husband says. You can hear that his breathing has gotten a little heavier. His pupils are dilated. His cock seems a bit harder. He’s aroused at the idea of you fucking that toy.

“You know it’s a lot bigger than you,” you say.

He nods.

“When I went shopping for it, I couldn’t help but get the big one. I thought I deserved, finally, after all these years, to have a long, thick cock inside me, to fuck a nice big cock that could actually fill my tight pussy,” you say.

He groans. You’re saying exactly what he’s always longed to hear. You place the tip of the toy against your pussy lips. You gather some of your wetness to help lubricate the tip and then gently push it into your tight hole.

You arch your back and moan. You reach down and play with your clit. Your husband looks utterly mesmerized by the sight of you penetrating your pussy with the big dildo and you can’t help but enjoy that look in his eyes.

“Does it turn you on to watch a big cock fuck your wife?” you ask.

He nods.

You fuck yourself harder and faster. You rub your clit furiously. Your husband masturbates right along with you.

“You can cum when I do,” you instruct. “But only when I do. Only when I cum all over this big cock are you allowed to climax. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he says.

You fuck yourself hard. You can hear how wet you are and you know your husband can hear it too. You cum on the big cock in your pussy. Your husband cums with you. You watch his face and see the intensity of his pleasure. It makes you smile to know that you’ve made him cum so hard. Your orgasm feels damn good, too.

You pull the toy from your pussy. You hold it up so your husband can see that it’s slick with your juices. You smile at him and he smiles back, for you’ve both just had fantastically pleasurable orgasms while a big cock filled your pussy.

If you want to mix things up, you can ride the toy. You could have your husband lie on his back and then crawl up near his head, slip the toy into your pussy, and ride it while he watches from just a few inches away.

You could also – this might be a little more difficult to pull off – rest the toy against his stomach or pubic area and ride it, almost like you’re riding him, only his dick isn’t inside you and he’s instead watching you ride something far larger. If you rode it while sitting across your husband’s stomach, you could have him reach down and play with your clit, thereby helping you cum while someone else’s cock (in his mind, at least) is inside you.

It’s worth pointing out that the dirty talk can be a huge difference maker at this stage. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend talking about your desire to have someone else’s cock inside you – your husband might not be ready for it yet – but you can certainly do that if you think he’d enjoy it.

You could just keep it simple, though, and talk about how good the toy feels, and if it’s bigger than him, than how good it feels to have a big cock inside you. Even if doesn’t actually feel that much better – and it might not – remember that you’re training your cuckold here, and part of that training is to put him in a state of arousal while he’s thinking about being cuckolded.

At some point I’d recommend asking your husband to fuck you with the toy. It can be remarkably effective to have him use something bigger on you while his own cock remains stiff and denied between his legs. He’ll almost certainly find it pleasurable to be able to control the toy – or the other cock – fucking you, and he’ll appreciate the close up view. Word of warning: He might get too exuberant and fuck you too hard or too deep, so make sure to warn him to go slowly at first.

Introducing the Idea of Another Man

At some point you’ll need to advance your husband’s cuckold training to the point that you explicitly introduce the idea of another man into the conversation. The best time is once you’ve both had fun with the toy and he seems like he’s itching to expand to the next level of pleasure, which is when his fantasy takes one step closer to becoming reality.

There are a few options for introducing the idea of another man to your husband’s cuckold training:

The Nameless, Faceless Man

This is most easily done when using the toy. Instead of talking about how good the toy feels, start talking about how good ‘he’ feels, or how good ‘his’ cock feels.

“Baby, he feels so good inside me,” you could say as you’re fucking yourself with the toy. Or, even better, while your husband is fucking you with it. “His cock feels so good inside me,” is another good choice. If you feel comfortable dishing out a touch of verbal humiliation, you could also say, “His cock feels so much better than yours.”

Talk About an Ex-Boyfriend

This one is a little more dangerous, so be careful. It’s better if it’s an ex from a long time ago (college, perhaps) so it’s not realistic that you could fuck him again. I know that sounds crazy, since your husband wants you to fuck someone else, but at this stage he’s likely still dealing with heavy insecurity regarding his fantasy, and if it gets too close to reality right now it can blow up in your face.

That being said, if you can talk about actual memories of actual great sex you had with someone else, that will be a remarkably potent way to thrill your husband and aid in his training.

Here’s an example of how that could play out:

You’re curled up on the couch with your husband. You’ve both had a glass of wine. You’re feeling just a little bit buzzed in that way that puts a smile on your face and leaves you with that wondrous, slightly floaty feeling.

“You know what I was thinking about today?” you ask as you reach out and rub his knee.

“What?” your husband asks as he looks down and smiles. He can tell you’re in a little bit of a naughty mood.

“A guy I dated in college,” you say.

Your husband’s eyes go wide for a moment as it dawns on him that his fantasy is on your mind. “Oh, really?” he asks. “What…why were you thinking about him?”

You smile and your hand moves up his thigh, stopping short of his crotch but making your intentions known. “Well, this guy, he was the first time I had truly great sex in my life. It was so good that I can remember it even now. All I have to do is close my eyes and it’s almost like I can feel him inside me again, like I can feel his muscular body on top of mine, like I can feel how my body responded to the pleasure of having him inside me.”

You close your eyes, smile, and imagine your old boyfriend fucking you. You bite your lower lip in that suggestive way and then unleash a soft moan while your hand moves between your husband’s legs. Now he’s thinking about you fucking someone else and he’s getting turned on, which is exactly what you want.

You open your eyes as you find your husband’s cock – which is now hard – and you say, “He was much bigger than you. He filled my pussy so much better than you do, baby. Every time he fucked me I had an incredible orgasm.”

You can see that he’s turned on, that he wants more. It’s your choice how much you give him at this point. You can keep up the dirty talk and jerk him off, or (and this would be my choice) you can have him go down on you while you talk about sex with your ex and how good it felt. Honestly, it might be good for you to actually imagine having sex with another man while your husband goes down on you, because eventually you’ll be doing that very thing when you cuckold him.

Talking About Someone in Your Life That You Desire

The final option for introducing the idea of another man is to talk about someone you haven’t fucked but that could actually become your sexual partner. This could be a coworker, a friend of your husband’s (though that’s a little dangerous, so be careful), or a random guy you see in the grocery store.

If you feel like things are moving along well, it’s not a bad idea to start talking about random guys you find attractive, honestly. Say you’re at the grocery store. You walk by a gorgeous guy. You give him a smile. When you’ve walked past him, you could turn to your husband and quietly say that you’d love to fuck the guy that just walked by. It will be a small thrill for your husband, but the whole point of this part of his training is to offer up lots of small thrills to condition him to find cuckolding thrilling without completely crashing into a place of emotional despair once it happens.

Associate Your Husband’s Pleasure with Cuckolding

As you know, you should be in control of your husband’s orgasms at this point. You decide when and how he cums, which should make it easy for you to use his climaxes to benefit his cuckold training.

From this point forward, most of your husband’s orgasms should have a cuckold flavor to them. I understand if you want to make love to him from time to time and you don’t want cuckolding to have anything to do with it, but it’s important to his training that you begin to associate his pleasure – as much of it as possible – with his fantasy.

Now, I’m going to assume that you’re into the idea of having sex with other men. If you’re not, you really shouldn’t be training your husband to be a cuckold. If you are, then it should be plenty pleasurable to fantasize right along with him.

Some ideas for how to associate his pleasure with cuckolding (all of these are most effective as he nears his orgasm):

  • During sex, casually mention that you wish he had a bigger cock, that he could fill you better than he does, that he could reach deeper places inside you.
  • Say someone else’s name – perhaps the ex-boyfriend you’ve been talking about or someone else you’ve fantasized about fucking – while your husband is fucking you.
  • Get him really turned – close to an orgasm, in fact – before you take him inside you. Then, when it’s clear he’s going to cum too quickly, mention that you’d much rather be with a man that could actually last long enough to make you cum. You probably won’t get to cum until afterwards in this case, so you may not want to do it, but it can be a fun way to tease your husband.
  • A dirty talk handjob where you go on at length about anything cuckold related – someone else you want to fuck, an ex-boyfriend, the lack of size between your husband’s legs, etc – is a great way to associate his pleasure with cuckolding.
  • Have him go down on you while he masturbates. Make it clear that you’re thinking of someone else – that you’re actively fantasizing – while he’s licking your pussy. Let him cum while giving you head as long as he makes you cum too.

This is the most effective form of cuckold training. You need to lay the foundation before you get to this stage, but taking your time and having plenty of cuckold-fueled orgasms – for the both of you, in fact – before you actually sleep with another man is a great way to ensure that he’s both eager and well-prepared to see his fantasy come true.

However, it’s important to monitor his emotional state after his orgasms and engage in just a little bit of aftercare. At this stage that should be as simple as telling your husband you love him after he’s cum, as he really just needs a little reassurance that he’s not useless or incapable of making his wife happy. If you fail to offer that reassurance you may find that he sinks into a bad emotional place, and you want to avoid that at all costs.

It’s Time to Flirt with Another Man

Now we’re getting to the fun part. You’re not yet ready to cuckold him for the first time, but his training is ready to take the next step. It’s time to do a little flirting while he watches. It’s really a test for both of you. You need to make sure he can actually handle it – and not spin out emotionally and get angry – and you need to make sure that you’re actually interested in cuckolding him (sometimes reality isn’t as much fun as fantasy).

You’ll likely have a better sense of how to find someone to flirt with in your local area than I do – especially while your husband can watch from a distance – so I’m not going to prescribe something specific. I will give a few examples, though:

  • Go to a Bar/Club – Put on something sexy and head out to a bar/club. It’s best if you find a place that’s likely to be populated by the kinds of guys you’re interested in. Then, have a seat at the bar while your husband finds a seat some distance away (far enough that he can’t hear the flirting is the best option). You’re a sexy single woman at a bar, so people will flirt with you. The best part is, there’s absolutely no pressure on you, so you’re free to have fun, accept a few free drinks, and enjoy what it feels like to openly, gleefully flirt again.
  • Grocery Store – This might sound a little insane, but there’s actually quite a lot of flirting that goes on at the grocery store. You’ll need to dress up a little – men are visual creatures, after all – but in this case it’s a little more casual. Perhaps athletic wear – men love a pair of tight leggings on a lady – and then you’re good to go. Have your husband linger behind you as you’re in an aisle and chances are good someone will do a little flirting. If you’re on the shorter side and you spot a tall gentleman you’d like to flirt with, have him grab something from a high shelf for you as a starter.
  • Online – It’s not quite as fun as doing it in person, but you can make an account on a dating app and do a little online flirting. In this case, I’d avoid posting face pictures, but you can also be honest about the fact that you’re married and looking to have a little fun, and that your husband knows. So, you’ll get plenty of guys that are eager to provide you with exactly what you need. The bonus here is that your husband – and future cuckold – can read everything right alongside you. As you probably know, you’re more likely to run into complete and utter creeps with this method, but that’s life.
  • The Park – If you have a dog, leash them up and take them to the park. As always, wear something that makes you look good and then do a little flirting. Lots of guys will come up to pet your dog and then get in a little bit of flirtatious conversation. If you do it in the right location your husband will be able to listen while seeming like he’s just another park goer.
  • The Gym – If you don’t have a gym membership, get one. If you’re confident in your body, dress like it when you go to the gym. Guys will absolutely flirt with you. You’ll be beating them away with a towel, in fact. Plus, your husband can go with you. It can look like he’s a stranger working out next to you while some guy is busy trying to pick you up.

This step is about more than just the flirting, though. It’s about what you do with your husband afterwards, too.

Your best option is to do a little cuckold-fueled flirting with your husband. Ask him if he enjoyed watching you flirt with that hot guy. Ask him if it turned him on to think of you giving that guy your number. If the guy was bold enough to ask you out, let your husband know that was the case and watch him get turned on.

You can also work the flirting into the step above where you make sure all your husband’s orgasms are cuckold-fueled. If you flirted with someone particularly attractive – someone that you actually had a spark with – work it into a fantasy while you’re using the toy or stroking your husband’s cock. Ask him if he’d have enjoyed watching you kiss the guy, or take it further and ask him if he’d have enjoyed seeing you fuck that guy.

Ultimately, you want the flirting to do two things. First, you’re looking to further ease your husband into the notion of being cuckolded for real. Second, you want to boost your confidence for when you actually welcome another man into your sex life. Sometimes it will backfire – it doesn’t always go well – but most of the time you should emerge feeling really good about yourself, and eventually you’ll be flirting all the time and your body will be buzzing with those delightful sensations that come from feeling like you’re exceptionally attractive.

His Training Pays off When You Cuckold Him for the First Time

Now it’s getting real. By this point, your husband should be ready to be cuckolded for the first time. His training should have diminished his ego and prepared him for the emotional toll of his wife having sex with someone else. It should also have primed him to find it intensely pleasurable. In fact, if things go well, your husband will have the most incredible sexual experiences of his life after you’ve cuckolded him. And it goes without saying that you should also get to enjoy the best orgasms of your life.

At this point you’re free to cuckold him however you’d like, but I’ll lay out the process below with some tips that I think will help make it as smooth as possible.

Choosing the Right Guy for the First Time

This part’s actually pretty important, and it’s all about you, because you want to ensure that you have truly great sex when you cuckold him for the first time. If it’s bad sex, you certainly won’t enjoy it, but neither will your husband, because what he truly cares about – and craves – is his wife having genuinely great sex with another man.

How you choose is up to you. You’ve likely been doing quite a lot of flirting as you’ve worked on your husband’s cuckold training, so perhaps you have a few guys in mind that you know you’ll have sexual chemistry with.

I’d recommend involving your husband in choosing the guy. This could take the form of browsing guys on a dating app with him by your side, or having him take pictures (I’d recommend no face pictures, but that’s up to you) for you to send to another man. If you’re planning on cuckolding him with someone you already know, then talk to your husband about the guy, why you like him, and why you think the sex will be great. It can be very helpful for his training if both of you orgasm while thinking about the guy you intend on sleeping with.

It’s entirely up to you, but I’d recommend not having your husband present the first time you cuckold him. It can make it more difficult for everyone in a way that might hinder the pleasure of it. Your new partner might have trouble performing with your husband watching. Your husband might lose control of his emotions and interrupt and/or ruin it for you somehow. Plus, you might find it a little strange to have sex while someone is watching, even if that someone is your husband.

As a small bonus, you can thrill your husband by taking him shopping for your date. You can buy new underwear, a lingerie set if you’re feeling bold, or an entire outfit. Use it as a way to arouse your husband and to further his cuckold training. Ask him if he thinks your date would enjoy seeing you in a variety of outfits and/or pieces of lingerie. Remind him that it’s not about what he would want, but what the other man in your life would want.

Training Him on the Day of His First Cuckolding

Your husband’s emotions are likely to be heightened on the day of his first cuckolding. You can use that to your advantage, and to continue and deepen his training. Here are some tips for how to do that:

  • Frequent Check-Ins – Ask him early and often how he’s feeling. If he expresses nerves or anxiety, try and sooth it with a gentle touch, a soft kiss, and a few loving words. If you can, try and lure him to a place of arousal, as associating his cuckolding with his pleasure is the best way to ensure he remains well-behaved.
  • Involve Him in Getting You Ready – I wrote an entire article called a Cuckold’s Duties on Date Night (you can also read the story A Dutiful Cuckold). It’s certainly geared towards a more advanced form of cuckolding, but it lays out the many things a cuckold can do to help his wife get ready for her date. They range from showering with you – and doing much of the work of cleaning you – to dressing you or giving your pussy a quick bit of oral worship to leave you wet and excited for your date.
  • No Masturbation While You’re Gone – Before you leave, make him promise that he will not masturbate while you’re gone. If you have him in a cage, you won’t have to do that, of course, but this is hugely important. If he cums before you get home, he’ll have ruined your best chance to further his training and he’ll have done so because he was just too weak to resist surrendering to the pleasure of being cuckolded. If he masturbates, express your disappointment and then deny him any sort of cuckold-related pleasure for a certain period of time (a few days, a week perhaps) as a mild form of punishment.
  • Text Him While You’re Out – While you’re gone, your husband will likely experience a tidal wave of emotions. He’ll feel anxious and nervous and scared that he’s going to lose you. He’ll feel hugely aroused, too. The idea of texting him is to try and keep him aroused instead of anxious. Assuming things are going well, let him know. Tell him that your date looks good, that he just touched you, that you just kissed, etc. Let him know when you’re going back to your date’s place or the hotel room you’ve booked. Let him know you’re about to have sex with another man. Keep him focused on what’s happening on your date, not on his anxiety.
  • Make Him Cum When You Get Home – When you return home, your mission is to give your husband a great orgasm (assuming you’ve had one on your date). Draw it out if you can and fill his head with all the naughty details of the sex you just had. Let him ask questions if he has any and answer them in as lusty a manner as you can manage. If he wants to go down on you – he might – let him do so if you’re comfortable. You choose how he cums. Handjob, blowjob, masturbation, sex. It’s up to you. Just let him cum while you fill his head with erotic thoughts of the other man that fucked you.

Dealing with His Feelings and Aftercare

At some point after his orgasm, there’s a very good chance your husband – and now your cuckold – is going to experience a wealth of difficult, perhaps even unpleasant feelings. If you want him to be a well-trained cuckold going forward, you need to help him work his way through those feelings.

Thankfully, that’s fairly simple to do, especially if you’ve done the cuckold training I outlined above, as it’s almost all geared towards ensuring he maintains an even-keeled emotional state once you’ve actually made his fantasy a reality. You just need to engage in a bit of aftercare. Essentially, your task is to remind him that you love him, that he’ll always be the man you love more than any other, and that you thoroughly enjoyed making his fantasy a reality (assuming that’s the case).

It honestly shouldn’t take that much effort. Just make sure you’re monitoring his emotional state. As you know, men aren’t always good at expressing how they’re feeling, so your husband might be in a bad place but unwilling to talk about it. You might have to take the lead. Something as simple as a bit of physical affection – a hug and a kiss followed by a quick “I love you” – can do the trick.

Encourage him to talk to you, too, and whatever you do, don’t let him spin out into a place of emotional devastation because you’ve fucked someone else. It might seem insane that a man who fantasized about such a thing could then get sullen and moody because you did as he desired, but it can happen and it can be hugely destructive.

Letting Your Cuckold Watch

I wrote an article on the subject of letting your cuckold watch you and your bull have sex and it’s a great resource if you’re seeking more in depth thoughts on the matter.

In short, it can be exceptionally pleasurable for your cuckold to watch you have great sex with another man. It can also be used as a training tool in a variety of ways:

  • Witnessing You Have Great Sex is Great Training – If the sex you’re having with your new man truly is great, you can train your cuckold simply by having him watch. All he has to do is witness you having better sex with someone else than you have with him and it will help him embrace the cuckold mindset. Plus, it will really turn him on, and that’s the best kind of training you can do.
  • Hand Holding During Sex – Have your husband hold your hand as someone else fucks you. It helps him connect to you while another man is inside you and providing you with the pleasure you deserve. Look at your husband every so often, too. Stare into his eyes. Smile. Moan as you near your orgasm with someone else’s cock inside you. It will solidify his position as your cuckold.
  • You Can Cum Together – Your husband can never cum before you do if he’s watching. The chance of an emotional outburst is far too high. If he does, kick him out of the room. If he doesn’t, have him cum right along with you, especially early on. If the man inside you can cum at the same time, it’s perfect. Nothing reinforces your husband’s position as a cuckold more than watching you and your bull cum as a result of the great sex you’re having while he cums as a result of stroking his cuckold cock while someone else fucks his wife.
  • He Can Worship You Afterwards – If he doesn’t cum, your husband might enjoy crawling between your legs and licking your pussy after your bull has pulled out (this is a little more advanced, so I wouldn’t necessarily try it right away). It’s a good way to reinforce his position as a cuckold if you’re so inclined to do so.

Sex with Your Cuckold

After you’ve cuckolded him for the first time, having sex with your husband can be a great way to continue his training. It’s not necessary and I wouldn’t recommend you do it every time (you might not want your entire sex life to become about cuckolding), but it can be exceptionally useful in continuing to turn him into the cuckold you want him to be.

But how, exactly? Here are a few ways:

  • A Form of Aftercare – Having sex with your husband is a great form of aftercare. Make it free of anything to do with cuckolding and just connect with him. If he’s feeling insecure about the fact that someone else fucked you exceptionally well, this can be a good way to cure that (unless he’s crappy in bed, in which case it might only make that worse).
  • An Even Better Cuckold-Fueled Orgasm – This is almost the exact opposite of the recommendation above, because in this case you’re going to have sex with him while fueling his cuckold fantasies. If you’re interested in fucking him right after your bull has been inside you, go for it. Talk dirty to him about the fact that someone else just fucked you. If he can handle it, tell him that your bull was better, that his dick was bigger, that you wish he was still inside you. After your husband cums, tell him you love him.
  • Reinforcing His Desires and Your Pleasure Through Q&A – You get on top and take your husband inside you. You stare into his eyes. You tease him with your pussy. Then you ask him questions that probe his desires. “Do I deserve to fuck someone better than you?” “Do I deserve to enjoy [Insert Bull’s Name] cock instead of yours?” “Do I deserve to fuck him whenever I want?” “Do you think you can satisfy me with this cock of yours?” “Do you think you can fuck me as well as he does?” “Do you think you can make me cum as hard as he does?”
  • Sex Where You Don’t Cum – You may not be able to prevent yourself from cumming, but if you can, it can be fun and useful to have your husband cum without satisfying you. He might even find it arousing, plus, you can use it to reinforce the idea that you need someone else – the man you’ve been cuckolding him with, hopefully – to satisfy you.

You’ve Mastered the Basics of Cuckold Training

At this point, if you’ve followed that plan – and adapted it to fit your needs and the needs of your husband – chances are good you have a well-trained cuckold and a newly adventurous sex life that includes great sex with another man, better orgasms for you and your husband, and a great deal more excitement in your life.

Please keep in mind that the primary benefit of everything above is to help your husband stay in a happy, healthy mental state when you cuckold him. It can be emotionally wrenching experience and you don’t want your marriage to implode because of that.

It’s also to help keep you in that healthy mental state. Taking it slowly and following each of the steps – and staying in those steps for weeks or even months at a time – will let you learn about your husband’s fantasy and see that it can, in fact, be something beautiful that will benefit both of you in the long run.

Now, what if you want to go further? Cuckolding is a remarkably deep fantasy, after all. There are dozens of naughty avenues to explore, all of which can yield astonishingly pleasurable results. If that’s the case (or if it ever becomes the case in the future), continue reading for a wealth of ideas for taking your husband’s cuckold training into the advanced and extreme stages.

Advanced Cuckold Training

You’ve trained your husband into a happy, emotionally healthy cuckold. He loves the fact that you have a bull (or boyfriend, or lover, or fuck buddy, or however you want to refer to him). You’re both experiencing higher levels of sexual satisfaction than at any point in your marriage. In other words, cuckolding really works for you, so you’re interested in going a little deeper into this kinky fantasy. You’re ready to try the advanced version of the lifestyle.

Ultimately, advanced cuckold training is about further developing the cuckold mindset in your husband. In doing so, you’re freeing him to experience even more pleasure – and no matter how hard he cums at the basic kind of cuckolding, if he’s into it (and not all guys want the advanced play), the advanced kind will make him cum harder – and to let you have an even more fulfilling sex life with both your cuckold husband and your bull. In essence, the more advanced you get, the more comfortable you’ll both feel inhabiting your new roles in the sexual part of your marriage (though you might notice changes outside the bedroom, too).

Below are some general ideas to help further develop the cuckold mindset. Some build on ideas I’ve already mentioned and others are entirely new:

  • Have Your Husband Go Down on You Immediately After You’ve Fucked Another Man – Perhaps you’re already doing this, but if you want to advance his training, make it a regular thing. Ensure that your husband hasn’t yet had an orgasm and then welcome him between your legs to worship your pussy after you’ve been satisfied by someone else. If your clit is too sensitive, simply have him kiss and lick your labia or put his tongue inside you. Instruct him to use his mouth to sooth your sore pussy after you were fucked with such power and skill by the man that makes you cum so hard.Push the dirty talk as far as you think your husband can take it. Tell him that your bull fucks you better than your husband, which is why he’s licking your pussy while your bull gets to fill you with his big cock. Tell him he’s not worthy of your pussy. Tell him he doesn’t deserve to fuck you. If you want, deny him an orgasm despite how turned on he is. Or, let him cum with his tongue deep inside you, which is right where your bull’s cock was mere minutes ago.
  • Preparation Is Mandatory – Make your husband prepare you for your dates with your bull. Make him wash your body. Make him trim your pubic hair to your bull’s liking. Make him dry you off. Make him lotion your legs. Make him watch as you do your hair and makeup to ensure that another man – a superior man – wants to fuck you. Make him dress you in the lingerie and sexy clothes you’ve picked for your date. If you’re comfortable with it, make him worship your ass while you do your hair and makeup. Make him fully aware of the fact that you’re taking a great deal of time to get ready for another man while he’s eating your ass like a cuckold.
  • Have Your Husband Buy Condoms for You – You could buy condoms. Your bull could buy condoms. But, it’s so much more effective to make your husband buy them. If your bull’s cock is big enough to warrant Magnum condoms, even better. Send your husband out with a shopping list with just one item: “Condoms, so another man can fuck your wife like you’re incapable of doing.” Make him hold that note in his hand and read it before he picks out the condoms that someone else will use to satisfy you.
  • Make Your Bull Your Primary Sexual Partner – This will likely happen naturally, because if you’re with a man that fucks you better than your husband – and there’s no point in any of this if that’s not the case – he will eventually fuck you more than your husband does. This will help your husband’s training if you make sure to point it out as often as possible.Doing so in small ways and non-sexual situations can be effective, too. You could even do it while on a date with your husband. The trailers are playing in the movie theater and you just lean over and whisper, “Did you know that my bull has fucked me more in the past month than you do?” before giving him a kiss on the cheek and offering up a soft moan. He’ll love it.
  • Utilize Denial More Frequently – Your husband will enjoy you taking a little more control, and denial can be a great way to take control. You can deny him just about anything, too. Deny him the ability to watch. Deny him the ability to cum after you’ve cum with another man’s cock inside you. Deny him the ability to lick your pussy – which he may grow to love – after you’ve been fucked. Deny him the pleasure of fucking you. Deny him the pleasure of fucking you without protection and make him wear a condom. Use your imagination and I promise your cuckold husband will enjoy it.
  • Indicate Your Bull’s Superiority – There are so many ways to do this. You can tell your husband that he’ll be spending the night in the guest room while your bull sleeps in bed with you. You can give your bull things you don’t give your husband, like a long slow blowjob, or even, if you’re feeling bold, anal sex. You can deny your husband things that you give your bull. It can be whatever thrills you.Some women choose to reserve blowjobs only for their bull, or to swallow his cum and not their husband’s cum. You could even wear certain things for your bull that you won’t wear for your husband. The world is your oyster, and every choice you make will both thrill your cuckold and remind him of his place, which will aid in his training.

Training Your Cuckold Husband to be More Submissive

If you truly desire to venture into the advanced level of cuckolding, it will be helpful if your husband is more submissive. Thankfully, he’ll almost certainly find submitting to you in the bedroom a thrilling experience, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get him to embrace it.

Want a Kinky Thrill? Check out A Week in the Life of a Submissive Cuckold, a story for all the good boys that have become Patreon supporters.

Below you’ll find a list of ideas that can help make your husband more submissive. Please note that these go hand in hand with everything you’ve learned above, particularly your control over his orgasms. Remember that he’ll work hard to earn his orgasm and to please you, and don’t be afraid to make it clear that if he wants to cum he needs to do as you desire. Again, he’ll almost certainly find it thrilling:

  • Put Him in Chastity – If you haven’t already done this, now might be the time. This takes orgasm control to an entirely different level, as you’re now in control of his cock, which – if he’s like most men – is the center of his manhood. Lock it up and wear the key around your neck. Tease him with it constantly. Arouse him constantly. Make it obvious that he needs to do as you desire or he’s never come out of that cage.
  • He Must Consume His Cum – There are few things that make a man feel more submissive than having him eat his cum. He will not want to do so – not even remotely – so when he does, he will instantly feel a sense of submission because he’s just done something for you that he wouldn’t otherwise have done. It’s also a great way to help conquer the issues that can arise after a cuckold has an orgasm.
  • Have Him Go Down on You in Front of Your Bull – Order him to do so. Remind him that it’s his place to worship your pussy and that it’s your bull’s place to fuck you. Watch him fall to his knees. Watch him submit. Both you and your bull should watch. Remind him that he’s getting you wet for another man. If you want, tell him he’s a ‘good boy’ and see if that choice of words thrills him. If it does, use it frequently.
  • Have Him Watch in a Submissive Position – Believe it or not, having him watch while he’s on his knees by the side of the bed – instead of in the bed with you or relaxing in a chair, for instance – will make him feel more submissive. You can instruct him to keep his hands behind his back – even if he’s in a chastity cage – to further deepen his submission.
  • Put Him in Bondage While He Watches – Set him free from his cage, get him hard with touching, kissing, and dirty talk, and then either tie or handcuff him to a chair. You want him massively aroused while he’s watching. You want him to look down at his cock and wish he could masturbate but be unable to do so while you and your bull pursue your pleasure, preferably while your husband has a view of the other man’s cock actually moving in and out of your body.
  • Fuck in a Cuckold Sex Position – Put him beneath you in a cuckold 69 while your bull takes you from behind. Ride your bull in reverse cowgirl while your cuckold rests between his legs and watches from just a few inches away. Get on top of your cuckold and look down into his eyes while you get fucked from behind. Have your cuckold lie next to you while you have missionary sex with another man. If you’re feeling bold, sit on your cuckold’s chest and have your bull fuck you missionary style as you use your husband as furniture, though be careful you don’t hurt him.
  • Service During Your Dates – If you’re thirsty, have your cuckold get you a drink. If you need a towel to clean up after sex, have him get it. If for some reason you need lubrication, have him get it or provide it with his tongue. In general, you can train him to be a good submissive by having him serve you in every imaginable way when your bull is over, or both before and after he arrives for a date.

Introduce Bisexual Play

Imagine, if you will, convincing a straight man to suck cock for you. Imagine how much power and control you’d have to wield over him. Imagine how submissive he’d had to feel to be willing to do that for you. Imagine how well-trained he’d be if he was even willing to consider it, let alone do it. That’s why, if you want to embark on advanced cuckold training, you should consider stepping into the realm of bisexual play.

Now, please understand that this isn’t for everyone. Some cuckolds – and some of their wives – will absolutely hate this idea. If you’re one of those people, skip right over it. If not, read ahead.

Ultimately, bisexual play has nothing to do with his sexuality and everything to do with his willingness to submit. He’s not sucking cock because he wants to suck cock. He’s sucking cock because you want him to. That’s what matters, and for some cuckolds, that’s where the pleasure comes from. For some women – those that enjoy domination – convincing their husband to submit and suck cock is pure joy.

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You’re going to have the highest chance of success by slowly introducing the idea. Here’s how it could unfold, slowly but surely over the course of several weeks or months:

  • Licking and Sucking Toys You’ve Used – It can be great fun for your cuckold to watch you fuck a toy if you don’t have a bull available. His first introduction to bisexual play can be sucking that toy clean after it comes out of you. Help him embrace it by acting like it’s incredibly hot to watch him suck it clean.
  • Have Him Put a Condom on Your Bull’s Cock – You can do this together the first time, and the truth is it’s a really great way to enhance his cuckold training. He’s literally preparing the man you’ve chosen to fuck you – the man that should be better than your husband at fucking you – and in doing so he’s embracing that he is, in some ways, less than that man.
  • Have Him Guide Your Bull’s Cock Inside You – The next step is to have your cuckold grab your bull’s cock – ideally after he’s put a condom on it – and place it inside you. This is easiest if you’re on top, but it can work in just about any position. It’s a small, easy step forward in bisexual play that he shouldn’t have much trouble getting over.
  • Taste Your Pussy Immediately After Your Bull Pulls Out – Before he uses his mouth on another man’s cock, have your cuckold use his mouth on your pussy mere moments after your bull’s been inside you. When he does, ask him if he likes the taste of your bull’s cock, if he likes putting his tongue where a superior cock just was.
  • Kiss Him Immediately After Blowing Your Bull – You go down on your bull. Your cuckold watches right next to you. Pull off of his cock and then lean over and kiss your husband immediately. Put your tongue in his mouth. Then ask him if he likes the taste of your bull’s cock.
  • Have Him Kiss Your Bull’s Cock – The first time you should do this while you’re giving your bull a blowjob. Have your cuckold come a little closer and give the cock a kiss. Just a simple, quick kiss. Moan when he does it. Make it feel like it turns you on. If you want, stroke his cock a little while he does it, just to reinforce the idea that coming in contact with your bull’s cock should be arousing to him.
  • Do the Same Thing with His Balls – Have your cuckold kiss your bull’s balls. Again, do it together at first. Help him warm up to the idea of sexual contact with another man.
  • Blow Your Bull Together – Now it’s time for him to take your bull’s cock in his mouth. Do it together the first several times. Start with a kiss. Then a lick. Then have him take the head in his mouth while you offer encouraging, lusty dirty talk. Play with his cock. Make it obvious you’re turned on by it.
  • Make Him Fluff Your Bull – It’s time. He needs to suck cock for you. First, have him watch as you and your bull fool around. Kissing, touching, some fingering of your pussy. Then have your cuckold go down on you to get you nice and wet. Then, tell him he needs to prepare your bull. Tell him he needs to suck his cock to get it nice and hard for your pussy. This works very well if you’re both sitting on the couch while your cuckold is on his knees in front of you. He’ll feel more submissive, and thus be more inclined to do as you desire.
  • Pussy to Mouth Play – He’s well-trained as a bisexual cuckold at this point, but you can further his training. If you’re riding your bull, hop off his cock and tell your cuckold to suck your pussy juices off of it. If you’re having doggystyle sex, have your bull pull out and feed your cuckold his dick for a little bit. You can do the same in missionary. It all works really well.
  • Cleaning Your Bull’s Cock After Sex – Your bull’s cock will likely be wet, slippery, and perhaps even a little bit cum-covered after he’s fucked you. It will do wonders for your husband’s cuckold training if you have him suck that cock clean.
  • Creampie Cleanup/Cum Feeding – The previous idea leads naturally into creampie cleanup and/or cum feeding. It’s an extension of bisexual play to have your husband eat another man’s load out of you or off of your body, and in many ways it’s the ultimate form of cuckolding, so don’t be shy about indulging in it when you feel your cuckold is ready to handle such a thrilling/humiliating task.

Remember that you should have him indulge in each of those ideas multiple times. You’re trying to desensitize him to the idea of bisexual play – something he’ll almost certainly resist – so there’s value in really taking your time with it. And remember to make it fun and sexy since that’s the whole point of cuckold training.

Introduce Anal Play

Most straight men aren’t into being anally penetrated. The mere thought of it can be a little humiliating, and the actual act typically ranges from uncomfortable to painful. That can make anal play helpful for taking your cuckold even deeper into his training, though.

The goal here – as with all of the training tips I’ve given – is to make him a better cuckold. In this case, you’re asserting your control and helping to tame his ego, as that can become a recurring problem for a man who fantasizes about cuckolding, an inherently humiliating sexual kink.

If done right, anal play should be pleasurable, and when it is, your husband’s ego remain in a tamed place so he doesn’t get self-righteous or destructively petulant when you have lots of sex with someone that fucks you better than him.

Here are some tips for introducing anal play:

  • Rubbing His Asshole During Masturbation – Make it cuckold-themed masturbation. Have him stroke his cock as you talk dirty to him about the pleasure of fucking another man. Play with his balls. Let your fingers make their way to his taint – that space between his balls and asshole – and then finally move towards his asshole. Rub it in slow, small circles. Don’t penetrate him. Just tease him. Watch him have an orgasm. Don’t say anything about it. Just let him marinate in the fact that anal play made him cum. You can also do the same thing with a vibrator, which will almost certainly feel even better than your fingers.
  • Butt Plug Play – Get a small plug – or a package that includes 3-4 in increasing sizes – and slip one into your cuckold’s ass before your bull comes over. There’s no need to say why. You’re doing it because it’s what you want, and he’s going to wear it for the same reason. It’s just a tiny bit humiliating – or a lot, depending on how he feels about anal play – and that should translate to extra arousal for him, as a cuckold tends to enjoy humiliation. You can also use the plug if he’s being a bit petulant and you want to correct his behavior. Just make him bend over and slip it in his ass – him being bent over is a particularly effective way of plugging him – and give him a quick spank before he can go back to his day.
  • Dildo Penetration – Now it’s time to fuck his ass. Get a small dildo. Lube it up. Rub it around his asshole while you’re giving him a handjob or he’s masturbating. Then, slowly but surely penetrate him. Do it while he’s turned on or close to orgasm. Have him cum with the toy in his ass. Now he’s had an orgasm while getting ass fucked. How delightfully humiliating for him.
  • Pegging – You can take the previous step even further by getting a strapon and fucking your husband with it. The role reversal – you’re the one with the cock doing the fucking – should be a potent thrill for him and bring out his submissive side.

While it might, at first, seem like anal play with your husband and cuckolding don’t really go together, it can be useful in training him to be the man you want him to be. To put it simply: Anal play distances your cuckold from your bull even further, which will make your husband even better behaved, particularly if the anal play includes orgasms for him.

Mild Feminization

Yes, we’re getting pretty advanced here, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend this for everyone because it certainly isn’t for everyone. However, a touch of feminization can be a powerful way to ensure that your husband behaves exceptionally well both while you’re cuckolding him and during everyday life.

The mild form really just involves using panties as a means of humiliation for your husband. For instance, you could surprise him with a pair of panties and make him wear them when your bull comes over. Explain that a cuckold belongs in a pair of panties when a real man is in the house. This is best done when he’s been denied an orgasm for a fair amount of time, as it will be a significant source of humiliation for him and you want him in a place where he finds that humiliation arousing.

The panties should be used sparingly or they’ll lose their effect. I wouldn’t even use them every time your bull comes over. Just every once in a while, perhaps if your cuckold has been badly behaved in the previous few days. You can use them outside of cuckolding situations, too, if you’d like. Make him wear a pair of panties to work for a day if he’s misbehaved, or have him put on a pair before you go out on a date just to remind him of his place.

The style of panties you have him wear can significantly shift the level of humiliation. A pair of white cotton panties is a lot different from a delicate pink lace thong, for instance. Pretty pink satin panties with little satin bows at the hips would be even more humiliating for your cuckold, and at this stage you’re using humiliation to both arouse and train him, so feel free to build up a collection of panties you can utilize however you see fit in his training.

Involve a Friend

This one is challenging, because you need a very specific kind of friend to involve her in your husband’s cuckolding. But, if you have that friend, this can be a great way of deepening his training.

First, the fact that someone else – besides your bull – knows that you cuckold your husband makes the whole thing more real, which in turn makes it harder for your cuckold to engage in denial when he’s experiencing angst. It helps him accept that he’s a cuckold, that you’ve taken to his fantasy and that you now fuck your bull because he’s better in bed than your husband is.

If you have a kinky friend you might be able to interest her in cucksitting. You go on a date with your bull and she comes over to your house to spend the night with your cuckold, perhaps because you don’t trust him not to try and masturbate while he thinks about the fact that you’re out with another man, and a man that fucks you far better than your husband does.

His cucksitter can then spend the night working on his training. She can ask questions about you and your bull and why he likes the fact that another man fucks you. She can ask to see his locked up cock. You can give her permission to play with him, if you’d like. She could have him worship her pussy or ass, or do something far simpler like rub her feet. Offering his submission, even in a small way, to another woman can be hugely helpful in training him to be a good cuckold.

It might also be helpful for you to have a friend you can talk to about your new lifestyle, so even if you don’t want to go the cucksitter route I’d recommend finding someone you can share the details of your husband’s cuckolding with.

Extreme Cuckolding

You can go further if you want. I wouldn’t recommend it, honestly, because everything below is the sort of thing that changes your marriage and how you see your husband. It’s damn near impossible to come back from those changes, too, so while you both might find it arousing and while it will make him a better trained cuckold, I’d proceed with caution.

All that being said, here are some ideas for extreme cuckolding, should you want to explore an even kinkier version of this lifestyle:

Full Feminization

Making him wear panties every once in a while is nice for a touch of humiliation and ego control, but what if you want more? What if you no longer see your husband as a man and you want to make that clear? Full feminization is the answer. If you go this route, remember to constantly remind your cuckold that he’s no longer a man, which is precisely why he’s being dressed as a woman all the time. Here are some ways to begin full feminization:

  • He Shaves Everything – Your cuckold is now shaved from the neck down. Every bit of hair on his body goes, just like is expected of modern women.
  • Panties All the Time – Panties are no longer just an occasional thing. Now he wears them all the time. He only has one or two pairs of male underwear for occasions where he absolutely must wear them. Frequent panty shopping trips – that also include telling a sales person that you’re shopping for your husband – are a must.
  • Bras All the Time – Buy him bras. Delicate little bras with lots of lace. Buy matching bra and panty sets. Make him wear them. Make him wear them all the time. After all, he’s no longer a real man so he might as well wear women’s underwear.
  • He Sleeps in Lingerie – He now sleeps in delicate, feminine lingerie. Satin and silk nighties. Nightgowns. Camisoles and boyshorts. Delicate satin pajamas. Add a little spray of perfume to his nightwear to make it even more feminine.
  • Ear Piercings – Go ahead and get his ears pierced. Make him wear pretty, feminine earrings when he’s in the house.
  • Lipstick for Sucking Cock – He’ll likely be blowing your bull with great frequency now. Make him wear lipstick when he does it. Tell him his red lips look good wrapped around a real man’s cock.
  • Work Around the House in Women’s Clothes – Have him do his chores around the house in his feminine underwear or sleepwear. Or, buy him a pretty maid’s uniform and make him wear that.
  • Female-Style Masturbation – If his cock is locked in a cage, make it so that he can only masturbate and cum like a woman. Give him a vibrator. Let him use it on his locked cock. It might take some practice, but he will learn to cum like that, and he will enjoy it.

That’s just a handful of ideas. I’m sure you could come up with lots more if you were in the mood to completely eradicate your husband’s masculinity.

Move Him Out of the Master Bedroom

If you’ve gotten to this point it’s likely – even probable – that your husband isn’t having much sex with you. Perhaps none at all. At the very least, your bull has become your primary sexual partner. That makes it a good time for your husband to move out of the master bedroom and into the guest room.

You no longer see him as a man, so he certainly can’t be the man of the house. Doesn’t it make sense that he shouldn’t sleep in the bed that’s reserved for the man of the house? Instead, that bed will now be reserved for the man that meets your sexual needs. Perhaps you have one bull that you see or perhaps you have lots of sexual partners. Either way, the man that fucks you and makes you cum gets to sleep in your bed and your husband is relegated to the guest bedroom.

This is even more effective if you occasionally invite your cuckold to spend the night with you in your bed. It makes it a treat to get to sleep with you in the bed that you used to share together.

If you want to make it an even more effective type of training, you can have sex with your husband when he spends the night in the bed, only you can make it a lot closer to lesbian sex. Have him dress in pretty lingerie. Fool around with him. Masturbate together with your vibrators. Grind on him. Sit on his face. He’s not a man in your eyes, so treat him as such while you deepen your bond by engaging in intimate play.

Make Him a Pussy Free Cuckold

Most of the time, couples engaging in the cuckold lifestyle still have sex with each other. Sex with you can be a useful tool in training your cuckold, in fact, as there’s a very good chance he finds your pussy to be a massively pleasurable thing.

However, you can take his training to an extreme by making him a pussy free cuckold. You could inform him that he will never, ever be permitted to fuck you. His cock is not worthy of you or your pussy (or your mouth, for that matter) and so he’s fucked you for the last time. You only fuck real men from now on and your cuckold has proven that he’s not even remotely a real man, so he doesn’t get to have you anymore.

You might find it liberating to make him pussy free, but you’ll have to hold to your decision if it’s going to have any impact. If you’re making this decision, though, I suspect you won’t have any problem not fucking your cuckold, since he’s probably rather worthless in bed. Make sure that he gets to cum from time to time, though, as a total lack of sexual pleasure in his life will probably have a significant negative impact on him.

Aggressive Small Penis Humiliation

This only works when applicable, of course, but an all out assault on his cock can be a great way to keep your cuckold in his place and ensure that you successfully train him to understand that he has no business fucking you.

This kind of SPH is about more than a quick little comment about how you can’t really feel his cock inside you or that he’s quite a bit smaller than your bull. It’s about how his cock is completely and utterly useless. It’s about how he couldn’t please you or any other woman on the planet with the pathetic excuse for a dick that rests between his legs. It’s about making sure that he knows that.

You can combine small penis humiliation quite nicely with chastity, too. When he’s locked up he’ll be quite small, of course, and you can humiliate him regularly about that.

“Look at that worthless, locked up little dick of yours. Do you really think any woman would want that thing, cucky?”

“You know that tiny, sad, pathetic little dicklet of yours is never going to enjoy my pussy again, don’t you? I never should have let you fuck me in the first place – you’ve never been worthy of me – but I’m certainly never making that mistake again, you pathetic excuse for a man.”

You may not want to dole out such heavy humiliation and he may not be able to take it, so calibrate what you say based on what you think he can handle.

Your Bull Fucks Him

You’ll need a bisexual bull for this (or you can ask a helpful bi/gay friend or find someone online), but having your straight husband get on his hands and knees and take a cock up the ass is about as extreme as cuckolding gets.

It is, in a way, the act that will symbolically take the rest of his manhood, especially since it won’t happen unless your husband offers it up. He’ll willingly get in the bed and let another man fuck him. He’ll feel his panties being lowered. He’ll feel his ass being lubed. He’ll feel the thick head of someone else’s cock penetrate him. He’ll get fucked, and hopefully he’ll get fucked bareback and take a load in the ass, completing the total destruction of his manhood.

If you’re at this place you’ve already taken your cuckold far into the depths of humiliation, but this is an entirely different step, so be cautious before you do it. If you, your bull, and your cuckold enjoy this, there’s no reason you can’t do it multiple times, though.

Try My List of Cuckold Humiliation Ideas

I wrote a massive list of ways to humiliate your cuckold. Towards the bottom of the page you’ll find the more extreme ideas. Check out some of those for ways to take your cuckold’s training to its absolute extreme.

Oh, and always remember that a little bit of aftercare goes a long way. You shouldn’t be trying to destroy your husband, after all (if that’s your goal you should really just get a divorce) and a bit of aftercare will reassure him that you love him and is, in fact, the secret to a truly effective cuckold training routine.

I hope that some of the ideas above have been helpful (or at least entertaining) for you and that you accomplish your training goals, whatever they are. Thank you for reading 🙂

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